Garage Ceiling Storage – Organizer’s Best Friend


Telescoping Ceiling StorageWe all have our go-to tricks when it comes to finding extra storage space in the home. Maybe it is as simple as looking at the back of your door, or under the bed. Well it just so happens that one of my favorites also tends be one of the most overlooked. Maybe it is because it is because of its location: the garage.

Closets and shoes are fun to organize, as are bathrooms. Those areas bring instant gratification when organizing the home. But the garage? Not so much. We don’t hang out in the garage, and we certainly don’t expect it to be a place of calm organization. So why the focus on this boring, dingy space? Essentially, the garage is the last stop for all of your stored items that you’re not ready to get rid of but that you don’t want in the house anymore. Therefore it easily becomes a dumping ground for out of season clothes, sporting equipment, home improvement tools and more.

If you want the inside of your home to be organized, you have to take a look at the systems that you have set up in your garage, or its bad habits will find their way back inside. So take a day this spring to get your garage under control. If you feel like you have already used up all of the available space in there, have you looked to the ceiling? Garage ceiling storage is a smart choice for so many different types of items. Ceiling hoists are great for items that you access semi-regularly, such as bikes and camping gear. And a simple plywood ceiling shelf is perfect for more longterm storage. You can use your own plywood that you have lying around with the Overhead Garage Storage Space Saving Shelf Hardware Kit. It turns any garage ceiling into extra storage space.

What is on your Spring cleaning list this year?

Shown: Telescoping Ceiling Storage


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