Smarter Hangers… for an Organized Closet


clutterfree-cascade-hangers.jpgWe are always looking for smart organizing tools for the home, and everyone’s favorite topic this time of year is the closet. Instead of looking for ways to add more storage to your closet this year, why not look for ways to use your closet more wisely? Enter these smarter hangers, the ClutterFREE Cascade Hangers. Available in packs of 50 or 100, these clothes hangers have thought of everything for you, truly one of the best closet hangers around.

Here is a run-down of all the perks:
1. Vertical Space Wizard – hanging one narrow hanger off of the other, as shown in the picture, allows for the best use of vertical space in the closet. Instead of hanging several garments side by side, each taking up two or more inches of closet space, the cascading method takes up just a few inches of space total while hanging many garments.
2. Non Slip – the velvety flock surface helps to grip garments and keep them off of the ground and on the rod where they belong.
3. High Shoulders – The gentle curves and extra high shoulders on these hangers keep your garments free from hanger damage which occurs when the pointier ends of a clothes hanger cause folds and creases in the shoulders of your garments.
4. Wet or Dry Hanging – the flocking is colorfast, so you can use these hangers to dry wet garments without worries of bleeding or stains.
5. Heavy Garment Hangers – flexible and durable, these hangers can hold even heavy winter coats securely.

Investing in the right organizing tools will always pay off in the end!


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