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October 28, 2008

Where Did All These Shoes Come From?!

Posted in: Clutter Control Products,How I de-cluttered,Organizeit Projects,Product of the week,Repurposed Products

pile-o-shoesI did not know that a family of five could own so many pairs of shoes! I am always shocked at how many, and how quickly they pile up by the front door. And if you are one of the unfortunate ones (like me) who don’t have an entry way at the front of your home, the shoes wind up spread across half the living room if they aren’t kept in check. But how? With no entry way, I’ve had to get creative with our shoe storage.
Here are a few ideas:

Shoe Cabinet – These are great because all shoes are out of sight. You can even put something decorative on the top to help disguise it's function, or place baskets on the top to organize smaller items like hats and gloves.

Tilt-Out Shoe Cabinet - This works much like the regular shoe cabinet with the same benefits of 'hidden storage', but the doors tilt open. I kinda like these!

Shoe Cubby -These are great if your family has smaller feet. :) Perfect for women's and kids shoes, the cubbies make it easy for kids to participate in keeping shoes looking neat and organized.

If you just don't think the family will make the effort to open and close a door to put their shoes away (hey – you gotta choose you battles, right?) then try a big decorative Bin or Basket. Even a Laundry Hamper will work well here. Mindless convenience that still looks nice.

If you don't mind the openess of it, a Bookcase works well and takes a minimal amount of room space as most of the storage is up against the wall. This is good for small rooms or in a hall way.

I hope this gave you some good ideas! Any other ideas out there??

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