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November 12, 2008

Does De-Clutter Equal De Stress?

Posted in: Clutter Control Products,Less is More,Living Simply,Organizing with ADD

getting-organizedFor the last couple of weeks, I have been under a LOT of stress. Sometimes my coping mechanism consists of spending all my free time in bed with the television and a generous helping of something calorie laden and delicious.

But I found a nice wallet/planner while shopping a few days ago and found that it was just as satisfying, if not more (and a lot less fattening!) to transfer all my addresses and phone numbers from the old one to the new one. I started a fresh checkbook register, put all my important dates into the planner, found a home for all my cards, change, bills, checks, etc.

I realized that when my life feels out of control, I like to take control of one small, personally satisfying piece of it and make it perfect. Now it's not quite the same to reorganize my kitchen cabinets. Although that does give me a sense of order and control, I know that it's public domain in my home and will probably get undone in no time at all.

There's something about putting in order something that no one else can undo; a purse or wallet, or my desk at work. Something that is all mine and gives me a sense of myself and the order I would like to have in the rest of my life right now. Is that as weird as it looks now that it's in writing?

Leave me a comment and let me know how you use organizing to de-stress. Or to let me know I'm strange. :)

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