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February 17, 2009

Space Treat: Are you energy efficient?

Posted in: Clutter Control Products,Clutter Hacks,Living Simply,Organizing with ADD

TornadoTazYou may already be composting in the backyard, showering with a low-flow shower-head and installing CFL bulbs in every light fixture but are you efficiently using your biggest resource… your very own built-in natural energy?

Energy – we all have our very own unique cycles of high and low energy. When we sync these cycles to our daily tasks, projects and activities we become more energy efficient and as a result we can get more done in less time with less stress.

Do you spring out of bed at 6:30am raring to start your day or are you more of a night owl, who just begins to really wake up at 10:30pm? Perhaps you're like me, my best writing hours are between 8-10am and that's when I try to write these Space Treats whenever possible.

You may have already noticed that at certain times of day you have more energy than at other times. Whether you're diving into a new organizing project or just trying to schedule a consistent time to process your mail and papers, it's time to look at your natural energy highs and lows.

When you're embarking on a hard-core organizing adventure like revamping your paper system, clothing closet or garage, schedule these organizing hours during your high-energy times. Incorporate the more mind-less activities like on-banking, bill paying and paper shredding during low-energy times. This way you'll get the most bang from your time with the least pain.

Begin to play around by pairing your actions to your natural highs and lows and be sure to enjoy the stress-saving benefits.



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