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April 01, 2009

Reader Hack – Insight from Experience

Posted in: Reader Hacks

lilyOh-so many of us try to "fill a hole" by purchesing stuff, only to learn the hole remains.
Our Son (42) passed away 2 years ago. Except for buying what do not need, I don't remember much else in these 2 years.

Now it makes me sick when I look at piles, knowing that they need to be somewhere else beside the floor! When we go out, I hate the thought of coming home.

So, STACKS and STACKS, I hope will help me with some products to organise my LIFE.
It will not take my pain away, but help me to cope being in the home
To others who hurt…no matter the reason, I want to say, if at all possible, make it easy on yourself…and the "clutter" control will hopefully help you a bit.

My Best Regards,

Submitted by Hilde Hilton

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