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April 23, 2009

How to Organize Your Laundry Room

Posted in: Clutter Control Products,Clutter Hacks,Organizeit Projects

organized-laundry-roomWhy is it that this room always seems to have laundry soap in the wrong places, nothing is within reach and we never have enough room?

Probably because no one has ever really taken the time to decide what needs to be in this space and where it should be.

Should we have shelves, bins or storage containers?
Should we have good lighting?
Should there be a small clothes pole?

I say YES to all of these questions. Anyone that has ever done laundry knows how maddening it is to pull clothes out of the dryer, put the clothes on hangers so they do not wrinkle, and then not have anywhere to put the hanger!

I have concluded that whoever came up with the wonderful idea of every home having a laundry room never did laundry!

If they had, they would have given it some careful consideration and created an actual work area that was compatible with what the chore itself entailed.

So, let's organize your laundry and make it a workable room!

1. Place a shelf above the washer that has enough room for soap (the type with the spigot to fill the cup of soap), bleach, non-chlorine bleach, baking soda and liquid fabric softener. It is easier and takes less time to have everything within an arms reach rather than to have to go into a cupboard to retrieve the items.

2. Place one wall cabinet in the area in which to hold extras: stain releasers etc.

3. From this cabinet to the wall, have a short clothes pole that will extend over the back of the dryer area. You will want this to be above your dryer because it will take less time and movement to hang the clothes.

4. If you have the space, you may also want to have a table, cupboard top or work area that you can use to fold your clothes.

5. Underneath this area, have some open shelves in which you can store laundry baskets that are a different color for every family member. This way, everyone has a specific color and automatically knows when they have clothes to put away. Do not forget to have one basket for towels, sheets etc.

6. I also have a small basket on my shelf with the laundry detergent, which I use to hold little lingerie bags. These come in handy for throwing in small children's socks, slipper socks, nylons etc. They are thrown right in the washer and dryer – you never loose a matching sock or nylon and nothing manages to get snagged or wrapped around them.

Just imagine the time and steps you will save, not to mention the amount of stress and frustration that you can eliminate from your life by having organization take over the laundry room!

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