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April 07, 2010

Got Your Eye on Green Cleaning? This Tip's For You!

Posted in: Clutter Hacks,Less is More,Repurposed Products

wandsAll the beauty experts say to throw away your mascara after 3 months of use. But doesn’t it seem like a bit of a waste to chuck something that seems like it must be useful – if you could just figure out what to use it for, that is!

Thanks to our friends at DIY Life, that old mascara wand can turn into a magic cleaning wand!

First off, you’ll want to clean off any old, clumpy mascara. To clean the wand thoroughly, fill a small bowl with warm water and two to three drops of liquid castile soap. None handy? Shampoo or eye makeup remover should also do the trick.

Separate and soak the tube and wand in the soap-and-water solution for about 10 minutes. Banish makeup that's still clinging to the sides of the tube with a cotton swab. If the wand still has residue, apply a couple drops of soap directly onto the bristles and lather up. Rinse well, air-dry, and get down to the dirty work.

Here are five hard-to-reach (and grime-attracting) areas where a mascara wand works its magic best:

   • Behind kitchen and bathroom taps
   • Around cupboard knobs and drawer handles
   • Between the keys on a computer keyboard
   • Along the edges of light-switch plates
   • Inside sink and countertop seams

It’s a mini brush that comes with its own caddy! What’s not to love? What other uses can you think of for your old makeup brushes?

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