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November 18, 2010

Checklist for Home Maintenance

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winter-houseNow is the Perfect Time for 'In Home' Maintenance Projects! The weather isn't really good enough to do much outside and with the days getting dark early, we tend to get depressed by just sitting around. By the time we are finished eating supper at night, we feel like it is almost time to go to bed.

This is the perfect time to get some 'in home' projects done so that we can enjoy the good weather when it gets here.

The first tip:

Get plenty of light in the house, it will help to make the days seem longer, give you that extra boost to get something accomplished and will improve your disposition. Darkness is gloomy and lets depression take over…thus; we get the 'Winter Blahs'. Make life brighter by adding more light to your life.

Checklist for Home Maintenance Projects:

• Update your Home Inventory Lists- Add Christmas Presents- Additional Assets-Etc.
• Archive Old Files and Create New Files for the New Year
• Get papers ready for the Accountant for Taxes
• Check the Medicine Cabinet for outdated medicine and replace with 'new'
• Replace or check hoses on the washer
• Check filters on the Furnace, Stove etc.
• Check the water heater for leaks and flush, don't forget to check the PTR Valve
• Wash walls and ceilings or paint as necessary
• Organize your garage
• Clean out the freezer and check gaskets
• Clean and freshen all drains, sinks, toilets, basement drains, garage drains etc.
• Check hoses that you use outside for leaks
• Check the dryer ductwork and make sure that it is free of lint.
• Check all receptacles in the home to make sure they are working properly (Fire can happen at anytime)
• Clean all of the fans and light fixtures in the house, garage and basement. Don't forget the ones outside on the house.
• Check the sump pump and clean the hole out so you are ready for spring rains
• Check all of the windows for air leakage- this is a good time of year, it is easy to tell when the cold is coming in
• Clean out the garbage disposal and add a piece of lemon to give it a clean odor.

There are many more things that I am sure you will add to this list, but this will start you off in the right direction. Please add your suggestions to the comments!
Good Luck, Happy Organizing and Easy Cleaning from Jan Hayner www.organizingandcleaning.com!

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