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December 06, 2011

If You Only Buy One Thing to Make Life Easier…

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Jumbo Folding Shopping CartMake it a wire cart! Folding wire carts are not just for little old ladies. They make life easier for everyone, myself included. Most, like this jumbo folding shopping cart, are very sturdy – carefully crafted of metal and designed to last for many years. I promise you will never run out of use for a folding shopping cart in your life.

Here are some tips on what to do with a rolling cart and where to keep it:

1. Shopping: This is the most obvious use for these nifty wire carts. They allow you to easily get goods from the store to the trunk of your car – no more bags breaking and no more backs breaking! Especially useful for stores that don’t typically have shopping carts available, these rolling carts save your back, neck and shoulders pain and agony by doing the heavy lifting for you!

2. Laundry: Whether you do your laundry at home or at a Laundromat, a folding wire cart can help you. Many people have a washing machine set up in the garage. Instead of risking back injury by carrying heavy loads of laundry to and from, let the wire cart help you out. The wheels are rubber to protect floors and easy to navigate through doorways. If you travel outside the home to do laundry, keep the wire cart in your trunk to transport clothes with ease.

3. Sports: Soccer (and baseball, football, hockey, etc) moms and dads know that a folding wire cart is their best friend when coaching practices, clinics and games. You can keep the balls, pads, first aid kit, roster and everything in one place when you use these handy carts. Best of all, the large wheels easily navigate difficult terrain, from the tanbark under the swings to the mud on the field. And best of all, cleanup is a cinch – simply hose and dry off the cart as needed to keep messes to a minimum!

The Jumbo Folding Shopping Cart comes in many colors and is available at StacksAndStacks.com!

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