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December 19, 2011

Wood Bed Lifters Could Be The Perfect Gift

Posted in: Best selling products,Clutter Control Products,Product of the week

wood bed liftersMy little sister is going away to college after the holidays, and I was contemplating the perfect gift for her going-away party. She is going away to a huge state college, one that is notorious for its particularly miniscule dorm rooms. My sister is majoring in fashion marketing, so she has tons of clothes, just mountains of them. She has racks and drawers and shelves and cubbies, all full of her favorite clothes. She wanted to take as much of her clothes as possible with her, so I tried to find a handy storage solution.

As the day of her going away party grew closer, I got nervous because I was having such a hard time finding the perfect gift for her. I decided to check out StacksandStacks.com to see if I could be inspired, and inspired I was. Instead of the typical storage product like bins or baskets or hangers, I found the perfect storage accessory for a cramped college dorm room: bed risers!

That is correct folks, the wood bed lifters ended up saving my day with their ability to add up to 3.5 inches of space to an under-bed area! The best part is that you can stack these wood risers on top of each other to create 7” of under-bed storage. Now my dear little sister has plenty of room to store all of her clothes in the dorm.

I will admit that my sister was pretty confused when she first opened her present; bed risers are certainly not the most typical of going-away-to-college gifts. But not a month later she called me up to tell me how much space the bed risers have saved her. In fact, she had so much space that there was plenty of room for all of her women’s field hockey gear. A field hockey-playing, fashion-marketing major? That’s a first for me!

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