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June 25, 2012

Grad Life – Part Two: Life on Your Own

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end tablesFinding your style as you enter the real world can be exciting for some while overwhelming for others. This is true of both your clothing style, and of your home decor style.

The time after the academic years is one of major growth, and, naturally, a time of nesting. If you are confused about what type of style you would like to incorporate into your home, start by simply searching for different styles on the internet, specifically zeroing in on image results to get a feel for what is out there and what you like. Some terms to get you started are: “Modern Décor”, “Contemporary”, “Transitional”, “Tuscan”, “Classic”, “Country” and so on.

*Tip: While you are searching, start a file for yourself of your favorite looks. Pinterest is a great tool for this purpose.

Accent Tables, A great place to start! Accent tables offer a quick, easy way to give a room a finished look. Start in the living room, and then expand into the hall, entryway and bedside. Occasional tables come in all styles. For a classic look, the Favorite Finds Side Table is a great choice, it even has a distressed finish, and is also available in oak, see the Narrow End Table. For a more modern design, look for clean lines, glass and metal materials, as the Star End Table has.

Making the Most of What You’ve Already Got: New furniture not in the budget? No problem, there are dozens of easy DIY home décor and furniture refurbishing projects at your fingertips. Most projects require no more than paint, a screwdriver and elbow grease. Refinish wooden furniture by sanding, priming and painting over the old finish. Change the look of a room by simply re-arranging the furniture. Update couches and armchairs with slip covers. If you have a saggy, old sofa, make it comfortable once again with this quick fix: the Sofa Saver goes in between the couch and cushions to reduce that sinking feeling you get when you sit down.

*Bonus Tip: DIY projects are wonderful activities for parents and students to do together. It gives both parties a chance to learn more about each other.

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