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July 10, 2012

Bed Risers, Organizer’s BFF

Posted in: Best selling products,Clutter Control Products,Product of the week

Black Bed Risers - Set of 8I think many professional organizers will agree with me that Bed Risers are a wonderful tool for getting the house organized, starting with the bedroom. Whenever a client has run out of room in her closet and is desperate for more storage space, the first place I look is under the bed. And if there isn’t any space down there, she is always relieved to hear that we can create that space in an instant.

Bed risers come in all shapes and sizes, here are some of my favorite picks and tips on using them:

Extra Tall: The Bed Risers – 15" Legs set is an easy way to gain a ton of storage space under the bed. They are also simple to use and extra sturdy, because they attach to the bed frame (instead of the bed just sitting on top of them which would be too wobbly at 15 inches.)

Variable Height: These Black Bed Risers – Set of 8 are great because each one is only 1” tall, so you really get to choose the optimal height for your storage needs. Purchase additional sets to raise the bed up to 3” off of the floor. Note: 3” is not enough for most under bed storage boxes, but it still gives you some space for storage.

Stylish: These Wood Bed Lifters take the prize in the beauty category with ease. The beautiful wood finishes work with your bedroom decor instead of against it, and they are also stack-able allowing for some variation in bed height.

Tips on Using Bed Risers:

   • If you want to use traditional under-bed storage boxes, you will need at least 6-7” of clearance, so keep that in mind when shopping.
   • Bed risers aren’t just for storage, they are for looks too! An elevated bed gives your room a more polished look and allows for the proper use of bed skirts (so that they aren’t dragging on the floor).

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