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July 13, 2012

Grad Life: Part Four – When Your Graduate Moves Back Home…

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Magnetic Board - by BlomusThere’s a reason that some refer to them as “The Boomerang Generation”. With a sharp increase in college graduates moving back home because of poor job prospects and rising student loan debt, parents are having to rethink their empty nest plans. All of a sudden, moms and dads are finding themselves in the situation of being roommates to their own children who are now young adults.

Moving back home is a great idea for some recent grads, as it allows them to get their financial footing, paying off some debt while searching for jobs in a tough economy. How can parents and young adults set up the home to make this tricky living situation more palatable?

Here are a few simple, inexpensive tips for harmony at home:

· Message Boards: A magnetic board is a great way to communicate with your child without making him feel smothered. After all, your student has just been away for four years with total freedom from parental interaction, so being back at home is likely to be a system shock. Simply leaving a written note in a common area that says “dad and I will be gone tonight” or “making lasagna, feel free to join us” keeps him informed on household goings-on without forcing him to reply to every invitation. This magnetic board – stainless steel is available in several sizes and has a modern look to match any home décor.

· In the Kitchen: Turns out that just like your student learned when living with college roommates, separation in the kitchen is the best policy when sharing a home with your parents as well. Use baskets in the refrigerator and pantry that are for use only by your grad. This gives her the space she needs and also keeps her from growing too dependent on your home-cooked meals. These wire storage baskets are a great example of what just a few dollars can do in terms of kitchen organization. They are perfect for use inside the fridge, freezer or cupboards, and can be repurposed when your little chick leaves the nest again someday.

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