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September 11, 2012

Cooking in the Dorm – Yes, You Can

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small-appliances-blendersI’ve seen some pretty creative uses for a George Foreman grill, mostly while I lived in the dorms. Cooking for yourself in a dorm is possible, and actually it is a great way to cut down on meal plan costs during that first year of school. Freshman dorms don’t typically come with kitchens. All you are going to have in your room is a sink (if you’re lucky) and some electrical outlets. But add a few small appliances to the mix and you can cook many meals from your home away from home! Before moving in, contact your roommates and see if anyone can bring any of the following items with them.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Microwaves – This is a no brainer, every dorm room needs one. Great for oatmeal, tea, healthy frozen meals, etc.

Coffee Maker – In addition to saving hundreds of dollars a year by making your own coffee, a coffee maker is also an instant water heater, great for heating up oatmeal packets and even cooking ramen.

Press Style Grill
– All you need is sliced cheese, whole wheat bread and non-stick spray and you’ve got a healthy protein and fiber packed grilled cheese to fuel those late night study sessions! Alternatively, tortillas, tomatoes, and salsa can be turned into a quesadilla in just seconds!

– Rest assured, parents, it’s not what you’re thinking. A blender makes it easy to take in those fruits and veggies. You can whip up a smoothie to replace any meal with just a few ingredients: Yogurt, fruit and orange juice are great starters!

Mini Fridge – Of course most of this (except the coffee, ramen and oatmeal) is not possible without the dorm refrigerator. Check with your school to see if there are rentals.
And, of course, always check first with your school to find out its policy on appliances in on-campus housing units.

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