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October 03, 2012

Decorate with Fall’s Bounty

Posted in: It's That Time,Just for Fun,Living Simply

decorating with fall leavesFall is such a great time to decorate, whether it’s just for the season or for expanding the long term decor plan in your home. Because of all the autumn beauty nature provides us at this time of year, it’s a cinch to get yourself in the fall-mood by simply looking at what is already around you. Here, we will focus solely on seasonal decorating, with the next post taking a look at what elements of fall you can incorporate into your home decor scheme to last a lifetime!

Fall Seasonal Decorating:

Pumpkins – Not just for carving or eating, pumpkins make great seasonal decorations inside and outside the home, and are a must-have at any fun fall get-together.

· Pumpkin Party Tub – this is one of my favorite fall party decorations. Simply hollow out your pumpkin, leaving the rind to keep the “bowl” sturdy, fill with ice and bottled beverages.    •Note: Smaller pumpkins work better (16” diameter or less) or they tend to mush and fall over.

· Pumpkins at the Entryway – as long as you don’t cut or carve into them, a real pumpkin can last for more than a month outside on your front porch – mix and match pumpkins with potted plants you already have for a fall themed look on your porch.

Leaves! A beautiful fall rainbow of leaves is plentiful (!) this time of year, as you probably already know.

· Leaf Garlands – tie leaves together to make garlands to hang from the banister or at the top or bottom of your windows. Use fishing wire for an invisible, floating-effect. (kid friendly)

· Leaf Wreaths – mix leaves (either real or fake) together with silk flowers and foliage for a beautiful, natural decoration on the door that will bring a smile to your face as you enter after a long, hectic day.

· Leaf Crafts for Kids – one of my favorite crafts as a child was to place a leaf under a piece of paper, and use an unwrapped crayon to gently brush over the top – this lets the veins and stems show through for a stunning effect.

Are you a fan of Fall colors? Take a look at our Fall Décor Guide for great ideas.

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