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October 14, 2012

The Land of No Dishwashers – Part One

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Bamboo Dish DrainerAs a life-long renter, I have lived in A LOT of different apartments, in law units, lofts, duplexes, houses, you name it. I have also lived in many cities up and down the west coast, and even in Nevada. My most recent move was to Los Angeles about two years ago. Before I go any further, I want to assure you that my intent here is not to complain about LA or the people who live here – I’m just sharing some observations.

Now, I’m a northern California girl. Born and raised, can’t help it. Folks back home warned me before I moved that things were a little different “down there”. And it definitely has a different vibe although, I’d be crazy to complain about SoCal because the weather is basically always perfect, there is so much to do and there is so much opportunity. But you know what I’ve noticed a lack of? Dishwashers. No, really. I’ve met a lot of people here, been in a lot of homes, I’ve even lived in three already, and I have yet to see a dishwashing machine. I’ve even visited some really nice, obviously expensive homes of people who I’m pretty sure make a pretty penny and yet… even they handwash their dishes. Is it a cultural thing? Is it a structural thing? No one seems to mind it.

I must have been spoiled because literally every single one of the 23 dwellings I occupied before moving here had a dishwasher. Even the dumpy places! So, finally, here’s the point. I have become a connoisseur of dish racks. I dream about dish racks. I research dish racks and think about designing the most awesome dish rack that ever existed! But my current apartment has presented me with the greatest challenge: only 7” of counter space on either side of the sink. And, those two 7” make up the ONLY counter space in the entire kitchen. Luckily, I found a bamboo dish drainer that is narrow enough for the space and it looks cute too.

But I still have unanswered questions regarding rental units in LA. Like the elusive dishwasher, it also seems common for an apartment to not come with a refrigerator and sometimes the stove too. Is this normal in most places and I was just living in a bubble where renters don’t have to schlep their own major appliances from home to home?

Have most of the places you've lived had dishwashers?

Stay tuned for further exploration…

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