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November 24, 2012

Something for the Birdies

Posted in: Best selling products,Clutter Control Products

Believe it or not, bird houses are actually great year-round gifts for many parts of the country. These have to be some of the most adorable birdhouses I have ever seen in my life. The birds may or not appreciate what they look like, but you sure will each time you step out into the garden. Here are some of my favorites:

Christmas Wren Cottage
Would look beautiful among green pines!

Hobbit House
Can you say "adorable" with me?

Victorian Manor
Only for the Finest Birds.

 Pine Shingle Roof Dream House Feeder
An open, airy feel.

Rapunzel House
Perfect for wall mounting outside.

Special Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale going on right now on select bird houses and feeders from Home Bazaar! Give your friends and family a gift that will bring them joy and little friends year-round!

    Shopping Guide:

  • Christmas Wren Cottage
  • Hobbit House
  • Victorian Manor
  • Pine Shingle Roof Dream House Feeder
  • Rapunzel House

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