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December 05, 2012

A Guy's Perspective on the Entryway

Posted in: Clutter Control Products

Entryway BenchIn the less-than-hospitable weather conditions of the winter and fall, I find myself spending a great deal more time indoors than during the rest of the year. This indoor living can be quite claustrophobic, especially because my home can get really cluttered with everyone stuck inside.

One place I find gets particularly cluttered this time of the year is my entry hallway. Everyone passes through this area multiple times each day, and it seems as if they leave something in the wrong place every time they go through. Between all of us, by the end of the day the entry is a stressful mess. And of course guess who gets to put everything back in order? This guy (you can’t see me but I am pointing at myself with my thumb).

Jackets get tossed on the floor because the wall mounted coat rack is filled to the brim while scarves and mittens form a nice thick layer around the front door. For me, there is nothing more stressful than coming home from a long day of work to find that your home looks like a late-season tornado rolled through.

So this year I decided to get myself an early Christmas present in the form of entryway furniture to eliminate this unacceptable disorganization. I figured that with a hall tree or an entryway console greeting my family as they enter the home, they will get the message and utilize the storage features of the furniture.

My early present ended up being a durable wood hall tree that included a padded bench, which was perfect for our entryway. Not only does it provide under-bench storage for items like scarves and gloves, but it also provides the perfect place to put your shoes on in the morning. It also includes a few extra hooks for coats, which eliminates the problem of coats all over the floor.

Now if I could only find a way to organize all the shoes that are left on the floor…

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