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December 14, 2012

The Dessert Table…(or is it?)

Posted in: Organized Entertaining

CandyFor most holidays, I go pretty standard with deserts. On Thanksgiving, we have pies. On Fourth of July, American flag cake. On Easter, sorbet shaped like a giant egg. But there's something about Christmas that always makes want to think out of the box when it comes to desserts. Maybe it's because by the time we get around to Christmas dinner, we've already had apple dumplings for breakfast and candy from our stockings. Or maybe it's because the few months leading up to Christmas are already saturated with pies and cakes, so I immediately nix those ideas out of sheer boredom. Whenever I host Christmas day at my home, I like to come up with a new dessert "genre", if you will.

    Here are some of the ideas I've used over the years, and some more for the future:
  • Baklava and other Sweets from Different Lands – This is great if you have a long guest list. Guests can bring something that was special to their family, home country or ethnicity.
  • Candies – I love the look of an array of colorful candies. Think ribbon candy, a traditional Christmas treat, boxes of truffles, a bowl of candy canes and even a dish full of gummy bears for the kids.
  • Cookies Only – This is particularly easy if you have a bunch of leftover Christmas cookies from a party, and it's fun for guests to share theirs.
  • A Spread of Chocolate – Mousse, Hazelnut Spread and Crackers, a variety of chocolates, both dark and milk, and a chocolate fondue to boot!
  • Cheese and Fruit Spread – This is a nice idea if you are, like many of us, simply tired of all the sweets by the time Christmas afternoon rolls around.
  • What do you like to have on your Holiday Dessert Table?

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