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January 03, 2013

DIY Cedar Closet… A Saturday Project

Posted in: How I de-cluttered,Organizeit Projects

cedar closet DIY projectHappy New Year! In true clutter-control-freak style, I spent the weekend before the New Year cleaning out my bedroom closet. And at the same time, I decided to install cedar planks because I’ve always wanted a cedar closet. Nothing drives me crazy faster than pulling out a quality dress or sweater that I’ve “invested in” and finding moth holes in it, and cedar helps immensely with that as a natural insect-repellent. Installing a cedar closet is easier than you think.

It is a great beginner's 1-day DIY project. You can get cedar closet kits from most home improvement centers, and you should be able to do an average sized closet for under $100. My closet took me about 8 hours, and, for your reference, I would say I am an “intermediate” when it comes to using power tools. The most time consuming part is the cutting, for which you will need some sort of saw (I used a circular saw, the only kind I know how to use that has a cord, but you could hand-saw the planks). The rest is just hammer and nails!

A fun DIY project for your home and a bonus upgrade as well if you ever choose to sell it.

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