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February 22, 2013

Bedroom Clutter Solutions

Posted in: How I de-cluttered

Nocce Bedroom CollectionThe bedroom seems to be the last place we ever think to organize, but let's face it, we all have clutter, even in the bedroom. Yet this is the last thing you see before you go to sleep at night and the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning, so clutter in the bedroom is a recipe for a big headache for many of us.

Here are some real solutions on where to find more storage in the bedroom for a more calming, relaxing environment:

  • Storage Benches and Trunks – Perfect at the end of the bed (what else can you really use that space for?), a bedroom bench with built in storage, like the Detour Leather Storage Bench gives you a place to get ready in the morning and also provides hidden storage for linens, toys, clothing, or whatever else is in need of a home.
  • Wall Safes – A built in wall safe is a great idea in every home, allowing you to protect valuables. It can also serve to hold your jewelry and any other important documents that are spilling out of your dresser or bedside table.
  • Speaking of Bedside Tables – a stack of books and a lamp is a charming look, but beyond that all personal items should be tucked away and hidden out of sight. Look for a nightstand with drawers or a cabinet style base to hide clutter.
  • Underbed Storage – Underneath the bed, a box can easily be hidden to hold out of season clothing, your purse collection (!!) or even shoes. If your bed doesn't have 6" of clearance, consider a set of bed risers which instantly give you a lift.
  • Utilize the Back of the Door – If you are really strapped for storage space, consider an over the door organizer to hold items that are spilling out of the closet, or everyday shoes and accessories.
  • Storage Beds – If you are looking to replace your bed anyway, you may want to update it with one that has built-in storage. There are many modern, sleek platform style beds nowadays that offer inconspicuous storage in the form of hidden drawers.

  • How do you deal with clutter in your bedroom?

    The image features the Nocce Bedroom Collection from Nexera.

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