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February 28, 2013

Spring, Spring, Go Away… I Haven’t Tackled the Garage!

Posted in: How I de-cluttered

Garage Gator PlatformFor those of us who live in Southern California, spring may as well be here already. But I haven’t forgotten that most people around the world are still dealing with harsh winter climate. Believe it or not, I’m a little envious of those who are. I love winter and see it as a time to turn your energies inward and tackle the indoor projects. I really don’t want to be lured outside by the sunshine and warmth; I’m actually longing for a cold, rainy day where I can put on some records and organize my photo boxes.

So if I were to write to you about gardening or decorating your patio, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to hear about it. Instead, I will do my best to avert my attention from the warm air blowing through my screen door and put my mind in winter mode. As I said before, this is the perfect time of year to take care of all those tasks you won’t want to do when sunny weather says, “Come out and play!” In particular, this is what I like to call “Garage Season”. When you’re in that transitional period between winter and spring.

If you have a garage, you know full well just how easy it is for the garage to get out of hand. You’re probably in need of a better organizing system. You may need bins to store things, and then for the bins you need shelves to keep them tidy. Maybe you need more floor space in your garage, so overhead storage is necessary. Undoubtedly, the holiday boxes are now in front of the sports equipment and you don’t want to wait until the last minute to dig that out. The point is that you can pass the time easily by doing some indoor work this time of year, and when that thermometer finally does hit 72 degrees, you’ll thank yourself for being prepared!

Shown is the Garage Gator Platform, a hoist system for easy ceiling storage!

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