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May 24, 2013

Garden on Wheels – Product of the Week

Posted in: Product of the week

LGarden Elevated Gardening SystemThis week's featured product will bring a smile to the face of all gardeners, beginners and pros alike! The LGarden Elevated Gardening System is literally a garden on wheels. This handy cart is great for apartment dwellers on their patios, or for enhancing an already busy garden area outside the home. With a powder coated steel frame and wooden accents to soften the look, this rolling planter looks great and boasts a 500 weight capacity rating (anyone who has ever tried to pick up a large bag of dirt will know why.)

Here, the top reasons why this handy garden helper shines:

  • Gives You More Sun Exposure - If you have a patio with a tree hanging over it and only have a few hours of sunlight during the day, you may have failed at (or resisted all together) growing sun-loving veggies like tomatoes. But with a portable garden, you can easily move your plants into (or out of) the sun as needed.
  • Great Depths – The center depth is 16", perfect for larger veggies allowing ample space for roots to stretch. And at the sides, smaller plants, flowers and herbs find just enough space for their less needy root systems.
  • Look – The combination of dark green and natural wood is a sure fit for any outdoor space.
  • Drainage – No soil drainage issues with this vegetable bed. Water naturally drips down and out through the poly liner with built in drainage holes.
  • Happy Gardening!

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