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September 13, 2013

Seasonal Clothes Swap Time

Posted in: Product of the week

Double-Door Wardrobe with Two DrawersWe are approaching that time of year again when weather takes a turn and we are forced to rethink our wardrobe. The seasonal clothes switch! And just in time for this event there are new clothes storage options fresh on the market to help! This week's featured product, the Double-Door Wardrobe with Two Drawers, is a wonderful choice and includes modern updates to traditional fabric wardrobes, garment racks and portable closets. This rack has doors that open just like a permanent wooden bedroom armoire – a fresh take on an old bedroom storage staple. Drawers at the base of this covered garment rack offer a place to store purses, socks, scarves, accessories or shoes. The heavy duty steel design ensures longevity whether you use this clothes rack in the bedroom or garage.

If you don't have space for a large garment rack, here are the top three best selling ideas in space efficient clothes storage for the home:

1. Underbed Boxes – A great way to utilize space under the bed. Look for one with hard plastic to protect from pets, insects and moisture damage.

2. Clear Vinyl Clothes Storage Bags are another great option! Stuff them in the back of the closet or stack them on garage shelves for space-friendly storage of out of season clothes.

3. Vacuum Storage Bags – suck the air and space out of your clothes storage bags specially designed to accommodate vacuum hoses!

Check back with us on Wednesdays and Fridays for more tips to take you into fall…

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