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September 06, 2007

Preparedness: Earthquake Kit … and Kaboodle

Posted in: Emergency Preparedness,It's That Time,Less is More,Living Simply,Organizeit Projects

earthquakeWhen I travel, and people find out that I'm from California – I inevitably get the same two questions: "Do you know any celebrities?" and "Aren't you scared of earthquakes?"

In answer to the first question, sadly – no (unless you count my friend who used to dress like Clo the Cow for the county fair). As for earthquakes, the best way to alleviate fears is to be prepared! Ease your own fears about disasters by having an emergency kit – and kaboodle.

Some people say that they don't have room for a disaster kit. To which I say -pish posh. A kit is important – and you need to find room! I keep mine in a large plastic box under my bed. Whether you keep yours in your closet, your garage, or even in the trunk of your car, make sure that everyone in your house knows where it is.

I've also divided the majority of the contents of my kit into two backpacks, so that if worse comes to worse, I can just grab the backpacks and go, and still have a lot of good essentials. And what is in my kit? Funny you should ask…

   • Water
   • Water purification tablets
   • First Aid supplies
   • Swiss Army Knife
   • Hand Crank Radio/Flashlight
   • Extra LED flashlight with extra batteries
   • Candles, Matches
   • Garbage Bags
   • Cat Food and Litter
   • Pet Carrier
   • Granola and energy bars
   • Assorted canned foods
   • Extra pair of eyeglasses
   • Copies of Drivers Licesenses, passports, and birth certificates
   • Silver space age blanket thing

And here's the 'kaboodle'. Things that may not seem essential, but that would definitely come in handy.

   • Candy
   • Playing cards
   • Travel Scrabble
   • Bottle of wine (wrapped in bubble wrap!)

I try never to "dip" into my kit, unless I'm replacing items.
How are you staying prepared?

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