6 Ways to Simplify Your Holiday Decorating

crystal-and-hollyIf you haven’t started your holiday decorating already (or even if you have!), here are a few tips to help you simplify the process, reduce stress and get back to experiencing the joys of your holiday decorating traditions!

1. Decorate less! This year, try using only half of your decorations. Spending less time displaying decorations will give you more time to enjoy them. You’ll also have less to put away after the holidays!

2. Don’t add to your decorations, REPLACE them! If you buy a new decoration, let go of an old one. Read more

7 Ways to Simplify Your Holiday Gift Giving

reg-1383767939-211790.jpgThe holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and sharing. But for some of us our gift giving traditions have become so stressful and budget breaking that it’s almost impossible to recognize the true meaning of the holidays anymore. Here are a few tips to help you simplify your gift giving!

1. Set limits on the gifts for kids. It’s so tempting to give your kids lots of gifts. But when you do, you are actually teaching them to expect that every year. The best gift you can give your kids is to teach them that the true meaning of the holidays is to give of yourself to others, be with people you love. It’s not supposed to be about how many gifts you get.

2. One of the biggest sources of holiday stress is overspending. Make a list of everyone you want to give a gift to and set a budget that allows you to celebrate the holidays without creating a financial hardship. Read more

De-clutter Your Holiday Greeting Card List

reg-15395.jpgTo simplify your holiday traditions so you can stress less and enjoy them more, a great place to start is to de-clutter and simplify your greeting card list! Here are some tips for choosing who to take off your list:

1. People who don’t send you cards. (including family members). Obviously they must not care about getting any if they don’t send any, right?

2. People who are business / school acquaintances. Does your doctor really care if you send a holiday card? If they display their cards, or thank you for it, or send you one, maybe they do. In that case, send one. Otherwise, take them off the list. Read more

7 Neat & Simple Ways to Reduce Your Holiday Stress

perfect_christmasDo you dream of having the perfect holiday and making your home look like those you see in magazines and TV? Then you probably suffer from holiday stress as well. If you would like to actually experience a relaxing and enjoyable holiday, it’s time to give up on the myth of the perfect holiday. It doesn’t exist! Here are some ways you can reduce your holiday stress.

1. Rethink your card traditions. Send fewer cards or perhaps none at all. Consider making phone calls instead of sending cards. Imagine how much nicer it would be to actually talk to the college roommate you exchange cards with every year but haven’t seen or spoken to in 20 years. You might also want to digitize your mailing list, or even convert to e-cards. Read more

Getting Started Letting Go of Clutter

costarica_cloudforest_monteverde_752101_l-step.jpg“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”
– Confucius

Starting to let go of clutter can feel overwhelming – especially if you have a lot. The trick is to get started.

A single step in the right direction may be all it takes to gain momentum you never even imagined possible.

Choose something easy for you. Start by taking just two minutes. Read more

4 Neat & Simple Tips to Help Kids Organize for School Success!

locker organizeSome kids seem to instinctively know how to organize themselves to succeed in school. They are never late, always get their homework done on time, and can find anything they need in their backpack.

Other kids need your guidance. Below are 4 ways you can help your child organize for success at school.

** Provide organizing suggestions, but let your child make the final decisions on how to organize.

The goal is to empower and enable them to maintain their new system, so they must be involved in the design and feel ownership. Being involved also helps them develop skills they can later apply to all areas of their lives.

** Help your child make an inventory of all the activities and items that need to be organized. Here is an example inventory you can use as a starting point: Read more

Neat & Simple Tips for Preventing School Paper Clutter!

It’s almost Back to School Time! Each new school year presents a fresh organizing challenge. How do you manage the constant flow of paper work – tests, homework, schedules?

Here are some tips to help you design a system to keep school paper organized and under control.

Set guidelines for what to keep and what NOT to keep UP FRONT. The best way to keep paper under control is not to keep too much of it in the first place. [LG]Here’s a great wicker file box![/LG]

Deciding up front what to let go of will:
o teach your child how to think ahead and clarify what’s important.
o make it easier for your kids to make decisions independently. Read more