Change of Season Brings Another Closet Clean Out

autumn_leavesNow that fall is here, it is time to go through my closet again. In addition to removing the summer clothes, I have the chore of getting rid of clothes that are too big. Since the beginning of the year I have miraculously been able to stick to eating well and have lost 20 pounds. I haven’t done as well with my commitment to exercise. Now that the weather is cooling off, maybe I can start that goal again.

One thing that will effect my closet organization is the show What Not to Wear on TLC. I have watched it enough to have a better idea of the things I should not wear and some pieces I need to add to my wardrobe. Read more

Gorgeous Sexy Clutter

Have you ever wondered why you have never seen the words in the title together? Clutter is not sexy. It will not improve your love life.

If you are in a committed relationship, clutter is likely to start an argument instead of amour. If you are single and things progress to the bedroom, who wants to hook up with someone who can’t manage to put a bathrobe on a hook? Your bedroom is the easiest room to gauge your current level of organization. Read more

The Difference Between Cleaning and Organizing

Office Chaos

Cleaning and organizing are not the same. When you have stashes of stuff spilling into living space not intended for it, you need to organize. When your flip-flops stick to a bathroom floor that’s coated in residual hairspray, you might want to consider cleaning.

Each is a separate task requiring separate actions. To get organized you have to make decisions about what to keep and why. And, decide how to utilize your things and make them work within your environment. To clean means, well, to clean. To run the vacuum, wash the dishes, do the laundry, dust, mop, take out the trash and scrub the tub. Read more