Reader Hack – Insight from Experience

lilyOh-so many of us try to "fill a hole" by purchesing stuff, only to learn the hole remains.
Our Son (42) passed away 2 years ago. Except for buying what do not need, I don't remember much else in these 2 years.

Now it makes me sick when I look at piles, knowing that they need to be somewhere else beside the floor! When we go out, I hate the thought of coming home. Read more

Reader Review – Modular Storage

corner-shelfAs a sewer/crafter, I seem to have so much stuff, but not enough room…. but about 4 months back I found this site!

I started ordering the modulars. Not only are they easy to put together, whenever I either feel like changing things around I can just flip them over and move the entire box with items already inside. !!!GRIN!!! They hold up to 200 pounds, and have so many styles and uses. But my favorite will always be the ones with a shelf. I can sit it staight up and now have all my patterns oganized. I used to have them all in a giant old brown box. It always looks neat and there's seiously a place for EVERY ITEM! Thanks so much fo such a terrific product!!!

Submitted by Kristen Breitweg Thanks Kristen!

Freak of the week Nomination: Shannon from Yellowfence Blog

workspaceI have the best FREAK of the WEEK! She is the most organized person I have ever met. I used to teach organizational classes for a living, and she makes me look messy. Very messy. Her closets in her house have EVERYTHING in labeled boxes. You could eat off the floor at all times. If I ask her what she is doing tonight, she checks her list and tells me.

She is my organizational hero! Read more

Reader Hack: Art Supply Storage

art_closetWhen the kids art supplies began to get out of control, I had to get the stuff off the floor and the kitchen table. I began to consider the unused spaces in my home, and came up with a solution that takes up very little space, but yields mondo storage capacity for small items. It is a behind-the-door pantry rack that installs in about 15 minutes. I think I'm going to install one on the back of every door in my house now!

Thanks to Gear Freak for submitting this tip!

Reader Hack: Taming Closet Clutter

neat_closetHere's a suggestion for keeping your closet and clothes under control:

When I buy a new item of clothing, I get rid of three items of clothing. This way my closet is not bursting at the seams. Generally, most people have clothes that they just don't wear or haven't even looked at for the past two years.

It's also a good way to donate or give away items that you're not using, can't wear, or don't wear. In Feng Shui practice, you must always clear out to receive something new!!

Submitted by Sandi

Clutter Hack: How You Can Make the Most of Your Small Space

oven-dishesAs someone who lives in Tokyo, small is the only way you can live. In general, I recommend taking advantage of "dead space" with rolling pieces of furniture. I also suggest using a few big pieces of furniture rather than a bunch of small ones.

Look for "wasted space' in less obvious places. If you have free space above your glasses in your cabinetry, for instance, you can hang items on hooks above them. If your shelves are tall, put in racks to divide the space efficiently. This will help you fit more into the space in a tidy fashion. Read more

Reader Hack: Trade in Your Books

bookswapI just moved to a much smaller house and have had to get just plain mean with myself regarding my CDs, books and clothes. I used to think I had to keep all books I enjoyed. NO MORE!

You can trade them at or for books on your list (which you can read and then trade or pass on!)

I figure if I give something away that I later want, I can always check it out at the library…happy decluttering

Submitted by Renee, publisher of Mom, Interrupted Blog

Freak of the Week Nomination: Charlene Anderson


Here's a photo that shows what I
did with some of the beads.

I have to nominate myself as Freak of the Week. I just got in a shipment of 25 pounds of glass beads, mixed colors, sizes and styles. You can imagine how many beads are in 25 pounds. Well, I turned on the Tivo, got a lot of small boxes, and sorted every single one of those beads.

If that wasn't obsessive enough, I then washed, with a sieve, each of the boxes I had sorted. After I dried them, I put them in clear zip top bags and stored them in my library card file (I purchased them when our library went computerized) by color, and of course the drawers are labeled with a Brother P-touch labeler.

Yes, excessive; yes, over the top; yes, even a bit freaky; but I can find just what I want in seconds! Here's a photo that shows what I did with some of the beads.

Submitted by Charlene Anderson

Reader Hacks – Purse Control

purse organizeFor my purse, I use zippered pouches with different colors and different textures. Black is a bad color, can’t find it! (And if you have the chance, get a purse with a light color lining.)

I have a little rubbery light blue pouch for pills, doctors’ business cards, insurance cards, cough drops, Pepto, eye drops, you get the idea. And I have a black & white silky pouch for toiletries. I can find them by sight or by feel.

Other stuff goes in designated pockets – I have to have pockets!

Submitted by Martha Bun

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Reader Hack: Make Your Grocery List Do All the Work

get beerHere’s one of my simple solutions that has paid off in happiness and convenience.

Several years ago, I created a grocery list on my computer of all the things I normally buy. The items are grouped by category and arranged in the same order as the aisles in my grocery store.

I keep several copies of the list in a binder, along with my recipes, list of favorite meals, a highlighter and a pen.

Once a week, I sit down with my binder and plan my meals for the following week. I highlight the items I need and write down any “special” items that aren’t listed. Read more