Do You Know What You’re Cleaning With?

toxic-cleanersAccording to the National Research Council, only 20% of chemicals have been tested for acute effects less than 10 % have been tested for chronic or reproductive effects and 80% does not have toxic information available and only 1% of toxins are required to be on a label. Yet, all of these things are on our grocery shelves, can harm us, our children and the environment.

We are constantly hearing about second hand smoke, smog, emissions from cars and factories ruining our air supply. Yet, the one thing that we use in our home to rid it of bacteria, mold and bugs, no one seems to question. Read more

8 Reasons To Keep A “To Do” List

to-do listTry it; When you’re done reading this, make a list of everything you want to do tomorrow and see how relieved you are going to feel and how relaxed your mind is going to be.

When we are constantly thinking ahead of everything that we have to do and hoping that we don’t forget anything, our mind becomes clogged and this causes stress.

Making a To-Do List will: Read more

Tuesday Tip: Cleaning up Pine Needles from the Carpet

needlesThe presents are opened, the tree is looking a little dry and we have all made more memories in our lives to look back on. All in all, we have had a great holiday with family and friends, now it is time to clean up the mess.

One job that we all hate to think of is taking down the tree. It seems that no matter how great we have planned, it doesn’t work out. There are still pine needles all over. So, is there an ‘easy’ way of cleaning this up and not make matters worse?

Try this and see if it works as well for you as it does for many of my readers. Read more

Create A Custom Coupon Organizer!

couponsI have spent more money on coupon organizers in my lifetime, just to have them all end up in the garbage. None of them has the descriptions and categories that I need and they do not hold all of the coupons that I use. It is hopeless trying to pull out the right coupon without all of them falling on the floor and they fall apart before they are a year old.

I have been so disappointed in the fact that no one has made an organizer that really works! Read more

Checklist for Home Maintenance

winter-houseNow is the Perfect Time for ‘In Home’ Maintenance Projects! The weather isn’t really good enough to do much outside and with the days getting dark early, we tend to get depressed by just sitting around. By the time we are finished eating supper at night, we feel like it is almost time to go to bed.

This is the perfect time to get some ‘in home’ projects done so that we can enjoy the good weather when it gets here.

The first tip:

Get plenty of light in the house, it will help to make the days seem longer, give you that extra boost to get something accomplished and will improve your disposition. Darkness is gloomy and lets depression take over…thus; we get the ‘Winter Blahs’. Make life brighter by adding more light to your life. Read more

Home Organizing on a Budget: Easier Than You Think

shoebox-organizingWhy is it that when someone thinks about organizing their home they think that they have to stick a lot of money into it in order to do it the right way?

When it comes to storage, there isn’t any right or wrong way of doing things or choosing the things you want to use. Sometimes a cardboard box works better than a plastic storage container, especially if the amount that is stored in that box changes frequently.

Here’s an idea of what I mean: Read more

Organize Your Mind

organize your mindBy organizing your mind, you get rid of clutter that fills the brain, which causes stress and anxiety. We all have enough things in our lives that are uncontrollable that can create problems, so why not organize the things that we can control, giving us a true feeling of accomplishment and stress free living.

These 10 tips will help you to keep your mind on-track and help you organize your life.

1. Make a note.
Always carry a pocket size notebook in your purse or pocket and when you remember something that needs to be done, the very best thing to do is write it down. Check your notes daily to help make your next ‘list of things to do.’ Read more

6 Steps to an Organized Home Office

computer_deskThere are so many of us that have offices in our homes, whether that is for work or for home budgeting and files. It is hard to keep this area organized when there is so little room, especially if you are trying to set up an office, computer, tables etc, in a small space. However, there are some little tips that can help you make things compact, but, within reach and organized.

1. Purchase a computer desk that has cubbies for papers (printer, envelopes etc.) Make sure that your desk also has; drawer for pens, thumbtacks, paper clips, stapler and staples and misc. It is also handy to have a filing drawer for those receipt files, so they are easy to get to in a moments notice. Read more

10 Easy Steps to Good Note Taking

note-takingTaking good notes can mean the difference between a passing and a failing grade. If your notes are lacking and don’t have confidence in what you wrote, chances are you will not read the notes or take them seriously and only skim over them. If you have good notes that you trust, you will concentrate on what you wrote and the information will become imbedded in your mind.

Here are 10 tips on ‘note taking’ that will help you to study harder and more efficiently. These techniques are not only valuable for school, but for the rest of your life! Read more

Organizing Your Life on a Shoestring Budget

organized-closet“I don’t know about every one else in the world, but when it comes to all of those fancy storage containers and cutesy little baskets for organizing, I cringe at the thought of the extra expense and the dent it is going to put into my budget.

Who can afford all of that stuff at one time? Gosh, by the time I made my list, if I didn’t pay any bills and eat, I could only afford to buy two-thirds of what was on my list. Help me; give me a clue how to organize within my budget!”

This is what a reader wrote to me last week. I understand completely, it can get expensive if you are going to purchase all of the cute little organizers and storage containers. However, who said you had to? Read more

How to Organize Your Laundry Room

organized-laundry-roomWhy is it that this room always seems to have laundry soap in the wrong places, nothing is within reach and we never have enough room?

Probably because no one has ever really taken the time to decide what needs to be in this space and where it should be.

Should we have shelves, bins or storage containers?
Should we have good lighting?
Should there be a small clothes pole? Read more

11 Easy Ways to Store Kid’s Toys

toysKids will like to put there toys away where they can find them when they know that each one of their toys has its own ‘home’. Make it easy for kids to put their things away by providing hooks, shelves and storage areas they can reach easily.

1- Store toys with small parts (Lego’s, puzzles, building logs, cars, Barbie accessories etc.) in: see-through plastic containers, glad plastic containers, coffee cans or plastic ice-cream buckets with lids. Read more

10 Ways to Keep Clutter from Taking Over

organized-deskAs I was walking through a clients home the other day, I was amazed at the storage space that she had in her home. The only problem is that every inch of it was jammed full of clutter.

Clutter is things that take up space but you don’t use, is in the way and makes your house bulge at the seams.

When I walked into her house, it was really nice and homey looking and gave you an inviting feeling Read more

How Not to Feel Guilty About Disorganization

guiltHaving trouble keeping up with things that used to seem easy? Feeling guilty because you just can’t seem to handle what you could before? Everyone in this world is disorganized in one way or another, at one time or another, even Professional Organizers (gosh did I just write that). It is true; we all have days and sometimes weeks, when we cannot stay on top of things and our lives get chaotic. The good news – you don’t need to let guilt about it take over your life! There are things that you should be looking at that may be the cause of the problem.

Now these are causes of problems, not excuses that you can use just because you want to procrastinate and not get the job done! Read more

10 Tips to an Organized Mind

stickysrockBy organizing your mind, you get rid of clutter that fills the brain, which causes stress and anxiety. We all have enough things in our lives that are uncontrollable that can create problems, so why not organize the things that we can control, giving us a true feeling of accomplishment and stress free living.

These 10 tips will help you to keep your mind on-track and help you organize your life: Read more

Do Your Bad Organizing Habits Follow You to Work?

messy-deskGenerally, the organizing methods you use at home are the same ones you use to take care of your office, and probably every other area of your life.

Look at all of the things that upset your life such as not being able to find things when you need them, never having room to store things or having a closet that is packed so full that everything is wrinkled when you put it on. Now take a look at your office setting and I bet that you have the same problems. Read more

3 Scheduling Hints to Aid in Time Management

clockWe run out of time, have to change the day and times of various appointments or call ahead and tell people we are going to be late and this happens more often than we would like. Besides that, it is embarrassing to have other people know that we cannot be depended on to make the appointment at the designated time and now we have messed up their schedules as well.

Try these three steps to take control of your schedule once and for all: Read more

Spring Cleaning Your File Cabinet

messy-file-cabinetGenerally, we tend to think of organizing this monster only around tax time. And if you did that, then congratulations! But chances are, you are like so many others and once the chore of getting everything together for tax preparation was over, you forgot all about getting your papers in order. Organizing the file cabinet is a job no one likes to do, because we tend to loose track of our priorities and the job eventually causes stress and gives us a headache.

Here are some hints to get that terrible job under control:

1. Purchase some manila folders and hanging folders (if necessary)
2. Make a list of all of the categories and subcategories that you have i.e. Insurance; subcategories home, life, health, auto, boat, second home etc.
3. Now you are ready to set up your files; start with A; what do you have that starts with the letter ‘A’? Read more

8 Skills of an Organized Person

zenrocksDo you qualify to be added to the list of Organized People in the world?

There are some of people that are just born with the good fortune to be organized in every facet of their lives. Boy, I am envious of those people! I had to learn the hard way, by making tons of mistakes, living with clutter and junk that controlled my life, and no system to undo my mistakes.

I suppose I should be glad it all happened that way because now I can truly say that I am a Professional Organizer. I learned through mistakes, the same as the majority of the world. What I write is 100% fact, I know, I did it the hard way.

What are some of the skills of a truly organized person? Read more

18 Amazing Uses For Baking Soda

baking-sodaWe all know that Baking soda is safe for the environment. But did you know it is also the basis for some of our top leading cleaners? So what makes us spend money on new items that are on the market today? Is it the advertising gimmicks, the idea that something might prove to be better? It is still known and proved that baking soda does everything that needs to be done as far as cleaning, freeing our clothes from odors and keeping our homes smelling fresh and clean.

Try some of these tips and see how great baking soda does the job:


Finding Hidden Storage Areas in Your Home

109278-storage-cubeIt doesn’t make any difference if you have a small efficiency apartment or a large 2500 square foot home, we all run out of storage areas in our home. Do you know that you have a lot more room than you thought to store things and still stay organized?

The first thing that you should consider is your lifestyle. In what rooms do you use specific items, and where can you increase the storage in that area. Like in the living room – you may want a comforter handy for cold winter nights or overnight guests, tuck away magazines out of sight, or have a hidden area for toys. But unfortunately, you have no room to add a storage shelf or cabinet. These ideas may benefit you; Read more

Organizing Tips to Beat the Blah’s and Get ready for Spring

springcleaning.jpgDo you have the winter blah’s? Have cabin fever? Don’t know what to do?


• Paint the lawn furniture and fix the broken parts
• Paint the wheelbarrow, lawnmower and handles on the garden tools
• Give the garden tools a good coating of WD-40, this cleans them up and makes them easy to clean later
• Paint all of the lawn ornaments, flower urns etc. Read more

Create a Goal to Improve Your Lifestyle

goalsWe all have goals in life, it may be to purchase a car, finish school, own a home or countless other things that we want to achieve. Why is it that we don’t use that same drive and determination to accomplish our smaller goals in life? You know the things that really are frustrating, creating stress, crunching our time so that we cannot enjoy life anymore.

Somehow, we lose track of what is important because we are trying so hard just to keep up. Read more

Organize Your Life While Watching TV!

sewingYou can have all of those small chores that you don’t usually have time for finished in no time at all. It will be easy to do – instead of counting days to get a job done, you can count how many TV shows it will take for you to reach your goal!

How many times have you said, “I don’t have time to get all of the ‘little jobs’ done around the house?”
Just think of all of the things that you can do while watching your favorite TV show! You can have all of the little chores finished in a show or two instead of a week or two.

Sewing hems and small rips in clothing

There are some things that just hold up better when they are sewn by hand, but who has the time? You do! It will only take one-half hour show to get it done! Read more

Earth Friendly Cleaning

cleaning-suppliesWe all want to do our part in keeping the Earth free of bacteria and still have it smell fresh, and there are ways we can do just that without the dangerous fumes! Just think of all of the unnatural odors that we already contend with on a daily basis; gas fumes, cigarette smoke, pet odors, smells from outdoor wood furnaces, odors from factories.

Cleaning supplies on the market are too numerous to mention and all claim to be ‘bacteria cleaning agents’. I wonder how great, great grandma lived to be so old without having some of these in her cabinet. However, she must have used something to keep the houseclean and smelling fresh; I wonder what it could have been. Let’s see, there wasn’t any Lysol, any 409 or Mr. Clean, and Clorox with bleach wasn’t in existence. How did that woman do it? Read more

A New Year’s Resolution List That Sticks!

resolutionDo you ever wonder why you don’t follow through on your New Year’s resolutions? Do you ever wonder what happened to all of that determination that you had when you made your list?

If you’re like me, you tend to make a dozen New Years Resolutions and don’t really follow through on any of them. Why I can follow through on so many things in my life, make lists and get them finished, but I mess up on this, year after year. Actually, it’s very simple! None of the things on my list were really what I considered a priority in my life. Sure they all were things that I had thought about, or rather ‘wished’ about, from time to time, but none were going to make or break my life style. Read more

Keeping Gift Opening Under Wraps

christmasdayOpening gifts is one of my favorite times during the holidays. I not only love to get gifts, but I love to see the look on someones face when I have managed to find ‘just the right gift’. The highlight of the holiday is to see the kids jump for joy when they have something that they have wished and wished for. After a ton of Christmas’s, I have finally come up with a routine that keeps it organized and clean without creating stress and panic. Read more