Organizing a Spouse: It Can Be Done!

hippo-cookie-jarPlease help me extend a warm welcome to a new contributor to the CCF blog, Kim Henson! Find out more about Kim and her work on our "bio" page. Thanks, Kim, for this wonderful contribution!

In from work every afternoon, my husband piled his jacket and hat on the wooden coat rack inside our living room door. He would drop his keys and mail on the dining room table. And then drape his work shirt over the back of one of the chairs. Into the next room, he dumped his change in a coffee mug he pulled out of the kitchen cabinet.

Some rusty nut, bolt or an old key, would end up in my favorite ceramic bowl on the island in our kitchen. Also lying here and there were nail clippers, his pocketknife, cell phones (he has two) and at least one pair of shoes. Read more