Accomplishing Christmas Cards While Watching TV

card_basketI love getting Christmas cards! Each day in December I dash out to my mailbox to see if any new card awaits me. I hold my breath as I carefully open each card in anticipation of what is by far my favorite part of the Christmas card tradition. The picture.

The family pictures make the card for me. Imagine my disappointment when I open a card and no picture falls out. It is so sad and disappointing but a letter makes up for it. Yet some don’t have that either, it’s just a card with a signature. Read more

Organizing Toys Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

cubbyWe have a playroom downstairs for the kids. I have tried so many different systems for containing all the toys to no avail. I’m not a fan of the toybox – except for dress up clothes – because toys seem to get buried at the bottom and it’s impossible to keep all like items together. And then I discovered the cubbie system!

I just wish you could know how exciting it is for me to experience the wonderfulness of a new shelf and the possibilities that come with it. This my friends has me dancing the JIG OF JOY! Yes, like the happy dance only better. I kid you not.

This particular cubbie shelving unit features nine cubbies, but you can also get it in eight. The fabric baskets are purchased separately so you can use as many as you’d like and they come in a variety of colors. Read more

Organizing Clothes for the Seasons

frostyThe weather here is getting cold. So cold in fact that my kids are already wearing their winter coats to school. You know what that means don’t you? Time for the seasonal clothes change out!

The only way to avoid over-stuffed closets and dressers is to store away the clothes I’m not wearing. The other day my girlfriend kindly pointed out to me that not everyone does this. Huh? How can anyone stare at sweaters and turtlenecks all summer? Or tank tops in the dead of winter? How depressing! Read more

Planning to organize: Baby Steps

messyThe first step in the organizing PROCESS acronym I created is the PLAN of attack.
First thing you want to do is to pick an area/room.

Look around your home and think about what areas/rooms are causing you stress. What areas immediately make you cringe, close the door and walk away to avoid the space altogether? Don’t feel bad about your space, that doesn’t matter now. The important thing is you are ready to make a change. Read more

How I Organized My Vehicle

bin1I purchased some baskets the other day that I thought would be perfect for my son’s toys in the van. I am so happy with it; it’s much larger than what I was using. Don’t these toys look organized and tidy sitting in their beautiful container like that…..yah right….don’t be fooled….by the time we get to wherever it is we’re going, you’ll find these toys thrown all over the vehicle…sigh….but at least clean-up is a snap.

Here’s a shot of the area between the driver and passenger seats. We have a mesh netting type thing that came with the van that hooks to the sides of the seats. Inside this I have three baskets. Two are for CD’s (one for grown up CD’s and one for the kid’s music) and one bigger basket for all the miscellaneous crap essentials that you need while driving.
Read more

Letting Go of Clutter is a Joy!

simple_flowersSometimes we need to step back and evaluate our spaces and see them with fresh eyes. Often we don’t see clutter until we are drowning in it.

Take a tour of your home and really look at everything. Find the joy and simplicity in everything you own (and do) and give yourself permission to let go of everything else.

I am really trying to simplify things as much as possible by making sure we are actually using and loving the stuff we own all of the time.

This past weekend we swapped beds in our girls’ rooms, which prompted a general re-arranging, over-hauling and purging of all our kids’ rooms. Read more

Closet cubbies and shelves: Simplify your life

closet_before2 closet_after2When I was visiting my sister I gave her an early birthday gift. Nothing says “Happy Birthday” better than brand new shelves to organize your front closet! Don’t you think?

I LOVE these cubbies and shoe stackers!! Look at how much room they create. I even have one in my own front closet if you remember.

I think my sister was most excited to finally have somewhere for her purse and a I’m outta here shelf! There is even a basket for ball caps and winter hats and mitts. Read more

Clutter Hacks: Consolidating by Keeping Like With Like

I don’t know if you’ve heard (he he) but I LOVE containers! What I also love though, and what you might not know, is that I love to use those containers to consolidate. I love just saying that word. Anytime I can consolidate many things into one, thereby taking up less space, makes me very very happy. Which is why I love grocery day. Well not the actual grocery shopping really, but the putting groceries away part. Again weird, trust me, I know!

Seriously though, this consolidating thing is addictive. I’m obsessed with it. And don’t even get me started about how snakey I get when there are TWO boxes of the same thing opened at the same time! I MUST pour one into the other and shove the whole thing back into ONE box. I MUST or I can’t go on with my day. I’m like that when I lose my favorite pen too but you’ve probably heard enough “freakness” for today:)

I turn this (L) into this(R):

Now come on doesn’t that just say fun to you?
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Uncluttering: You’ll Soon Be an Addict, Like Me

Sometimes just getting started is half the battle….My brother and sister-in-law have a nice bookcase in their living room that holds books, photos and toys. It had gotten overly cluttered and was driving them crazy. With two young kids in the house, it was just one more thing in their long list of to-dos. Yet everyday there it was, mocking and frustrating them.

bookcasesOnce you see how easy and rewarding it is to tackle one small space, the impact of those results will make you want to do it over and over and over again….until you become an addict like me. Read more

A day in the life of an organizing junkie….

It had to be done. I mean I’m here at my sister’s on vacation for a whole month after all. Much too long to be away from my beautiful friends. I miss them so much when I’m away from them.

You see my sister kindly had some empty drawers waiting for me when I arrived so I could unpack some of my stuff but, honestly, I didn’t know how to unpack without my trusty friends. That first night it was hard to sleep knowing those drawers were….naked!

[LG]Drawer Nooks called my name.[/LG]My second day here found me where some new friends found their way into my cart. I have no idea how it happened either considering I had told my Dad to keep me on track…..I just needed a new bathing suit for my daughter, nothing else. How I ended up walking down the aisle….you know the one I’m talking about. I swear I tried to block the voices that called out to me. I covered my ears and sang “la-la-la-la, I can’t hear you” but the pull was just too strong for me, I am weak, I couldn’t hang on. Read more

Organizing your gift collections

Throughout the year as I see something go on sale that I know a particular family member or friend would like, I purchase it and put it aside for when I need it. My dilemma was I needed somewhere to store these items.

One of my big pet peeves is when “like” items aren’t stored together. I have a two door pine armoire in my study that, although full, wasn’t being used to its maximum potential. I emptied that space and reworked it for my gifts and wrapping collection. Finally, here is what I came up with:

Since the bottom shelf is so deep I found that if I just put baskets on that shelf there was a lot of wasted space above them. Luckily I was able to find these two plastic drawer units yesterday and they work perfectly. Read more

Organizing your lightbulbs and batteries

Lightbulbs and batteries….we all have them…we all need them…but where to keep them so you can find them is the question.

Ideally you would want to store such things in a central part of the home so they are easily accessible. I have always stored lightbulbs and batteries together… just occurred to me that one doesn’t need the other BUT….somehow it just makes sense…..they are both things that have to be replaced often.

In my old home I had a closet where I kept these items tucked away in baskets. In this home I don’t have that luxury on my main floor so instead I do this….. I LOVE these drawer units. Not only do they hold a lot but they are clear so you know what you have! Read more

Steps to organizing a lazy susan

cabinet beforeThis morning I tackled my lazy susan. I use the top shelf in this cupboard mainly for spices and the bottom cupboard is my baking shelf. However I haven’t organized it in over a year and it was definitely due to be done.

I always have to laugh because for a person who doesn’t enjoy baking I sure have a lot of baking supplies…what’s with that?! You can’t say I don’t try…lol.

Whew…definitely overflowing with stuff spilling out everywhere and clearly no boundaries present anymore. I couldn’t stand it a moment longer so I set to work. First I pulled everything out onto the counter. The mess got so much worse before it got better. Read more

Small clutter hacks lead to big organizing results

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Looking to get organized? Start with a small task and work up.
Small tasks will allow you to feel a sense of achievement sooner which will motivate you to keep going.

The secret to organizing success is feeling and experiencing the organizing euphoria that you get when you accomplish an area that has been cluttering your physical and mental space.

Pure and simple. It is a great feeling! Take pride in your accomplishments and the feeling that comes with being organized. You can do it! Read more

15 reasons why menu planning is a good organizing idea

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketSo many people want to get organized but are overwhelmed and just don’t know where to start. My answer may surprise people because what I suggest has nothing to do with your stuff but everything to do with managing your household… planning.

It takes a small amount of time but the impact is huge. The time you free up can then be used to make a difference in other areas of your life.

Here are 15 reasons why menu planning works for me: Read more