It All Makes Sense With Galvanized Utility Bins

Galvanized Utility Bins - Set of 6I live in a house that has a lot of stairs, and it seems like I am constantly finding things that are supposed to be downstairs laying around upstairs, and things that should stay upstairs are always finding their way to the first floor – are you confused yet?

Imagine how confused I was when I discovered a set of measuring spoons, two weeks worth of mail, and seven and half pairs of shoes upstairs, and no less than four blankets and every Lego piece that's been manufactured since 1982 downstairs. Read more

Product of the Week: Luggage Rack to the Rescue

Designer Solid Oak Luggage RackWhen my mother-in-law gave us a Designer Solid Oak Luggage Rack for the guest room, I admit – I thought it was kind of a crazy gift. Even crazier than the ceramic chicken that she'd brought during her last visit.

I thought it was a strange thing to have, because last time I checked we didn't have plans to open up a hotel anytime soon, and I'd only seen luggage racks during business trips. The only time I'd seen a luggage rack ins somebody's house was during reruns of 'Mr. Belvedere'. To tell the truth, it spent it's first six months in our house buried inside the guest room closet. Read more

iPhone Apps to Keep You Organized

iphoneThe iPhone is one of the most popular smart phones on the market today. If you have one, you already know that it helps control clutter – after all, it’s a phone, a camera, and a mp3 player all in one compact package. I know that since I’ve had mine, my handbag has become quite a bit lighter!

One of the great things about the iPhone is the multitude of applications (or ‘apps’ as they are commonly known) that are available. There are apps for nearly everything – including staying organized! Here’s some of the best ones that I’ve seen: Read more

Creative Cable Clutter Solution

Don’t you hate cable clutter!?! Not only is it unsightly, it’s also dangerous! Well, I think it can be – after all, haven’t you ever accidently started vacuuming up cables while you’re cleaning around your desk or entertainment center? I have, and it’s pretty startling! Luckily, the folks at have come up with a solution: use a simple towel rack to control cable clutter!

They even made a video about it! Check it out:

Pretty nifty, right? It’s also a great way to use an old towel rack that you have in your home after upgrading your kitchen or bathroom. (Pssst – and if you need that as an excuse to do a mini makeover of your bathroom or kitchen, don’t worry – I won’t tell!)

Making Travel a Little Sweeter – Suite Arrival

toiletriesI was so inspired by the post a couple of a weeks ago Ten Tips for Packing Light, I couldn’t help but start thinking about more ways to make traveling a little easier.

My biggest issue when I travel is toiletries! I have very sensitive skin, and that coupled with my contact lens necessities means I have an assortment of bottles and jars I simply HAVE to bring with me when I’m traveling. Read more

Thanks A Latte: Latte Art Makes a Great Gift!

latteartI am big coffee drinker, and love exploring new coffeehouses.  One of my favorite cafes would always mark my latte foam so that it looked like a shooting star. And while I realize that there was a good chance they do that for every customer, it never failed to make me feel like I was special. Of course, I just assumed that it was magic – but it turns out that everybody can learn to make artful lattes. I found How To Make Latte Art, and put an espresso machine on my wishlist this year! Read more

End The Awkward Pause: Fun Game For Get-Togethers

tabletopics1.jpgThis is a great time of year to get together with friends and family. But have you ever noticed that sometimes after a big dinner, everybody falls into a 'food coma' – and the television becomes the center of attention? Now, I am a fiend for board games, but even I understand that not everybody is up for a marathon session of Trivial Pursuit after a multi-course meal. However, experience has shown that everybody is up for some time with Table Topics. Read more

Junk in the Trunk? Product of the Week: Trunk Organizer

trunkorganizer2Sure, I used to live on the edge. The rock and roll lifestyle. I remember those days – driving home from the grocery store, with a carton of eggs and a huge bottle of detergent rattling around in the trunk of the car. Taking those turns, and hearing 'roll..roll..roll…THUNK!'.

Yep, I was a slave to the rock and roll of loose bags of groceries. In a way, it was a time-saver to have my tomatoes turned into sauce while I drove home. But with this trunk organizer, I'm saving myself from white-knuckle driving, and wincing whenever the car turns or stops. Read more

Dance This Mess Around – Music To Clean By

funclean2As a child of the 80s, I believe that there is no ill in this world that a good mix tape cannot cure. Whether I was trying to impress a new crush or preparing for a road trip, I would take great pride in creating a musical masterpiece.

I’ve also started using the power of the mix tape to get myself to do those things that I otherwise have a hard time getting fired up to do. The best thing about creating your own list of songs to enjoy is that you don’t have to waste time (or get distracted by) skipping tracks on CDs, or be bored by radio commercials. Since I’ve had great success using a personal mix for jogging (which I used to hate to do, and now I kind of look forward to), I figured it was time to start using a mix for cleaning! And it works like a charm! Read more

Preparedness: Earthquake Kit … and Kaboodle

earthquakeWhen I travel, and people find out that I'm from California – I inevitably get the same two questions: "Do you know any celebrities?" and "Aren't you scared of earthquakes?"

In answer to the first question, sadly – no (unless you count my friend who used to dress like Clo the Cow for the county fair). As for earthquakes, the best way to alleviate fears is to be prepared! Ease your own fears about disasters by having an emergency kit – and kaboodle. Read more

Cleaning and Caring For Your Wooden Cutting Board

When it comes to chopping herbs and vegetables, I think a wooden cutting board is ideal. I love mine, but it drives me crazy when I chop a bunch of basil, and am left with a huge green spot on my board. Here's Rachael Ray showing a quick, eco-friendly way to clean your wooden cutting board!. She also shows you how to keep the board from warping.

There's been a big debate over what makes for a better cutting board – wood or plastic? I say both! I think you need two – a wooden one for vegetables, bread, and herbs – and a plastic one for meat. I like using a plastic one for meat, because I can use hot hot HOT water and lots of soap, and really sanitize the heck out of it. And sometimes the wooden one pulls double duty as a trivet, or as a cheese board. Even cutting boards can be multi-taskers!

Here's something I found for organizing my cutting boards upright like Rachael recommends. It fits in a cabinet out of sight.

A Crafty Way to Get Organized

crafty.pngDo you need to organize your craft area, but lack the motivation – and the inspiration? I've just found an awesome group on Flickr called "Craft Rooms". You'll find over 2,000 gorgeous pictures of neatly organized craft rooms and corners. It's like touring a thousand houses, without ever having to leave your own!

Take a look at this one. Forget just spending time there crafting – I'd love to live in it all the time! That's the great thing about organizing your craft area – when it looks good, and it's a pleasure to work there – you'll want to spend more time crafting and creating.

It's another example of how organization can set you free, and let you do the things you really want to do!

Photo Credit: Lovely Days

Donate Old Newspapers To Your Local Animal Shelter

dog papersStop putting your newspapers in the recycle bin! That's right, you heard me! No, you don't need to send Al Gore after me, though I'd love to meet him. (Call me, Al!)

I've stopped putting my papers in the recyling bin, but they are going to a good cause – my local animal shelter.

Many shelters are in constant need of clean newspaper – which they use to line cages. Best of all, a lot of shelters have outdoor kiosks for donations, which means that you can donate anytime during the day.

This is a great way to get rid of the stacks of newspapers that are piling up at your home or office, while helping out animals in need. Read more

If Only I’d Known How to Organize My High School Locker

messylocker.jpgWhen I was in high school, most of my fellow students went to their locker between classes. Not me! I knew that the three minute ‘passage time’ we had was not long enough for me to conquer my locker.

Locker 613 was a declared avalanche zone – every time I opened it, I would need two of my friends to help shore up the mass while I rummaged around for a book.

I’d totally go back
Ah, things would have been so different if I had this Locker Organizer. It adds some much needed shelving to the open expanse of a locker. If I could time travel, I’d totally go back and give this to my younger self. And then I’d tell myself not to try to dye my hair platinum.