Quick Tip: Getting Ready For Christmas

Holiday Card KeeperWhen I wanted to write about Christmas this week, I wondered if it was too early.Then I saw two Christmas posts on a couple of my favorite “intentional living” blogs and I felt like I was in good company. So… onwards and upwards.

When you think about Christmas, what are the aspects that overwhelm you and stress you out?

For me, it’s not knowing what’s happening.

I’m a girl who loves a plan and I like to know who’s hosting the lunch and what I have to bring.

I also like to have clear in my mind what we’re doing about gifts and cards. Read more

Qhick Tip: Getting Ready For Christmas

Holiday Card KeeperWhen I wanted to write about Christmas this week, I wondered if it was too early.Then I saw two Christmas posts on a couple of my favorite “intentional living” blogs and I felt like I was in good company.  So… onwards and upwards.

When you think about Christmas, what are the aspects that overwhelm you and stress you out?

For me, it’s not knowing what’s happening.

I’m a girl who loves a plan and I like to know who’s hosting the lunch and what I have to bring.

I also like to have clear in my mind what we’re doing about gifts and cards. Read more

What to do when it all gets too much…

too muchI get so many emails from people telling me that it all just gets so overwhelming they don’t know where to start.One day everything is okay and the next it seems as if the paper is all over the place, they can’t find what they need on their computer, they have thousands of emails in their inbox and they’re paralyzed with overwhelm.

They can’t even get to urgent tasks, let alone the important ones that will help them reach their goals.

This is what I suggest: Read more

7 secrets of the Super Organized

PlannerWe all know people that seem to be Super Organised. They never forget birthdays, can find an email within seconds and know exactly where to find anything in their homes.The actual definition of organized is being able to find anything within a minute or two. These are items in your home to an email, document or photo on your computer.

Shhhh – I have a confession. Some people say this about me too, so I’m going to let you in on some of my own secrets and also those I’ve observed from watching fellow Born Organized people. Read more

Declutter Your Computer – Part 1

email iconToday I want to talk about an area of the office that may just be one of my favourite things to organise – your computer!

Because we can’t see computer clutter as obviously as we can see physical clutter, we often don’t realise it’s there but believe me, it’s still affecting you.

How does it affect you?

When you open your Inbox and feel drained at the sight of all your emails, when your computer runs slow because there are so many photos on there and when you click into your Google Reader and can’t BELIEVE how much some people post because you went through your blogs for 3 hours yesterday and now there are 127 unread items yet again! Read more

I need more time! Help for the overwhelmed

  • Do your to-do lists feel like they’re smothering you?
  • Do you feel like your head is full of noise and it’s so distracting?
  • Do you have bright ideas on your computer, on bits of paper, Post-It notes and in your Outlook tasks?
  • Are you spending too much time looking for things and not enough time actually doing them?
  • Is your disorganisation is holding you back and preventing you from doing your best work?
  • Do you regularly have to take a day (or half-day) just to get things back in control?

You’ll learn how to: Read more

De-cluttering Your Feed Reader

I have two gmail accounts – don’t ask, it’s a long story – and what I’ve been doing is using the one as my main Google Reader account and the other for some blogs I wanted to keep track of, but they don’t post regularly so those posts can pile up.

I’ve been subscribing like crazy to both my Google Reader accounts so they’re getting out of hand and it’s not uncommon for me to find 81 items unread, which is unusual for me. Read more

Paper, Paper and Still More Paper

pile-of-paperIf you’re ever going to keep up with all the paper in your life, you have to decide on a system and keep tweaking it.

Read more about how to deal with mail clutter and decide if my system will work for you as is, or if you need to make slight adjustments. I’m cool with that!

One of the biggest mistakes people make with organising paper is jumping to the filing instead of eliminating the source. Read more

Show me your desk – a challenge

I posted this picture of a minimalist desk on my blog recently and people weighed in with their comments – most said it lacked personality but some said they liked it and actually wanted theirs to look the same.

Read all the comments here 🙂

So I came up with a wonderful idea!

Let’s all show off our own desks – tidy, untidy, inspirational, messy, cluttered, minimalist, etc. Read more

Recycle Paper the Easy Way

I’ve always said that if you make something too complicated, it just won’t work, no matter how well-intentioned you are. That’s why it’s so important to make your systems easy, especially if you live with other people and you want them to live by your organising “rules“.
That’s true for designing a good flow for laundry in the home and also for recycling paper in the office. Read more

Here’s how to get BIG, juicy results

How to set and achieve BIG, juicy goals that bring BIG, juicy results – teleclass/ webcast

Thursday 23 October 2008

Did you know that there are just over two months left before the end of the year?

Last year, a friend and I participated in an online goals challenge at exactly this time of year. We set some goals and my “big thing” that resulted from the challenge was 7 easy steps to organise your office, which is now a bestselling product in my store. Read more

Maintaining Your Decluttered Space


We had a ball over on my other blog with the August Declutter Challenge last month.

Everyone was so motivated and I just knew that if we didn’t do something, ANYTHING, to maintain those beautiful decluttered spaces, 80% of participants would fall back to the old ways.
It’s nothing against them, or you; it’s just a fact of life. Read more

A launch pad saves you 5 hours a week

That’s a picture of my handbag on my launch pad.

A launch pad enables you to hit the ground running every day.

In the office
Your launch pad is writing down your high priority items on your eat the frog form so you start off your day on the right note.

You can save TONS of time if you don’t have to think about your priorities every morning.

How much time could you save if you immediately started each day on the most important tasks? Read more

Get Back to Basics with Menu Planning

calendarWhen things start going a little bit crazy, the first thing I do is go back to basics.

Like when I feel overwhelmed with the business, I drag out one of my master to-do lists and start writing down everything.

In the same way, when if feels like things are too busy in my life at home, I get back to basics with a few things. I:

  1. write EVERYTHING down on our kitchen calendar
  2. clean my kitchen (I like a clean and uncluttered working space so this helps me feel centred; a friend of mine likes doing laundry – she is obviously crazy :)!!!) Read more

Everything You EVER Wanted to Know About Organising Your Computer


* Do you find yourself wasting time looking for files on your computer?
* Do you get frustrated because you just don’t know where to start?
* Do you know when and how often to do a back up?
* Has your computer ever crashed and you lost everything?
* Do you know how to organise and contain all those free things you keep downloading off the internet?
* Do you know how to name and store files so they’re easy to find?

We can help you! Read more

4 Tips to Tame E-Clutter

mailboxWell, what good is organizing your office and desk while your computer is spilling over with clutter?

Here are four helpful tips to move you towards electronic bliss!

1. Make time daily to delete emails. I’ve told you before that my goal is to delete 100 emails daily so I go through my inbox, sent items, folders, etc. every couple of days.

2. When you download photos from your digital camera, choose the best ones there and then and delete the rest. I don’t know about you but I usually take about 3 or 4 pictures if I can (if the subject is not moving) so that I can choose the absolute best pictures. Read more

Don’t get overwhelmed. Mind-map it!


Sometimes, when you’re not very far along on the Journey to Organisation, you may start feeling overwhelmed.

There are SO many places to start so you become indecisive.

Should I start in the kitchen? Should I start in the study? Should I start in my craft room? Maybe I should tackle the kids‘ rooms?


Okay, okay, re-lax…

Here’s what I suggest you do: Read more

Organising for Sentimental People

I am usually not a very sentimental person.

With letters, cards and notes, I restrict myself to a memory box which is the size of a big shoebox (the ones that boots come in).

When that box gets too full, I make myself go through it to throw out things that are no longer as meaningful for me. It’s amazing to me how something that you absolutely had to keep at the time can lost its sentimental value after a few years. Read more

Tweaking Your Organising Systems

daisyOne of the most important parts of organising is tweaking your systems.

It’s perfectly normal to organise a space and find that it’s not quite working the way you envisioned.

That doesn’t mean you throw out the whole thing! Please don’t do that.

All you need to do is a little tweak here and there.

Like this:
The other night I was doing my whole face routine and realised that I was slightly irritated by a tiny cabinet above my basin. Remember, I have the dubious honour of having the smallest bathroom in the world. My Private Platinum Clients actually love seeing it – I should charge admission. 🙂 Read more

Favourite Organising Tools #9 – Baskets (1)

17006-basketsBaskets make really good organising tools for containing items. When you’re organising, you always want to keep like items together and this is a great way to do just that.

It’s much easier to pull a basket off a shelf, remove something and then put it back instead of feeling your way on the shelf, messing up everything. When the basket has a handle, it’s also very easy to carry from room to room (like in the case of cleaning supplies).

They’re cheap and you can easily re-purpose if you outgrow the basket or it no longer suits the original purpose. Read more

How do you deal with all the paper?

“My husband has his own business and I’m the bookkeeper of said business. All this paper really does have a purpose, and to clean it up means I have to touch it all!! I cannot get motivated to do that.”

Here are a few quick ideas I thought of:

  1. Throw away any paper that does obviously not belong in the space (takeaway menus come to mind). The better you do this part, the easier the rest of the process will be.
  2. Decide what does belong there. Some things will be “keepers” but just don’t need to be in that space and can be moved to storage. Read more

Favourite Organising Tools #8 – Office in a Bag

129210-tote-bagAs some of you know, I work a full-time job, run the business after work and on weekends, and I do ministry work at my church. With all these things going on, I have to be quite portable because there’s nothing worse than not having something you need. Or having it, but in the wrong location!

So I have an “office in a bag”.

1. I use one of these book bags for my business & personal stuff to and fro work.

2. The pictures below show the one I use for the ministry work. Read more