Clutter Hack for the Lazy Organizer

I ran across this photo on flickr the other day.


It’s such a simple idea but, why not? Those boxes, really are a pain when you’re rushing around in the morning trying to shove little crustless sandwiches into the zip lock baggies. This is a way to keep them catagorized, but neat. I also like the idea of putting several top-less boxes into one larger container. This way, you can grab the whole container and have them right at your finger-tips. Thank you flickr member, lazyorganizer

You’re So Clever: I’m Hooked

cleverhook.jpgClever, clever little hook. How do you do it?

Just throw your jacket at the clever hook and let it ‘grab’. So easy!

The secret is in gravity. It’s the law. Get hooked.

When something is placed on the hook the top arm automatically comes down to “pinch” the material in place. The heavier the material, the harder the “pinch”!!

So cool…and simple. Read more

“organized chaos” a.k.a. “children”

storagekid1storagekid2If you have children, organized chaos is about as good as it gets most days.

With the help of open storage bins like these, it can actually look pretty darn cute too. And they’re easy enough for the grommets to do for themselves. What i like is the dump and run concept. (no child i know has the attention span to spend time organizing). These were found at land of nod and Pottery Barn Kids

organized listening

stack_of_cdsCD BinderLiving in a small home, every shelf counts. As an audio-phile I’ve amassed hundreds of C.D.s. Storing them costs valuable closet space. So I’ve recently tossed all of those jewel cases and have organized all of my C.D.s by genre in one, large, binder. I’ve saved the liner notes with the C.D. and just slid the actual disk, right in front. This is a great solution for your D.V.D.s as well. And it’s portable! These albums can be found at most electronics stores.

Here’s a CD Binder from Stacks and Stacks that holds 128 CDs. They also have this great 100-CD Organizer with a 20-CD Travel Case.

hook-up your bling

bling2.jpgSo many jewels and baubles. What’s a girl to do? They’re so hard to organize. They get tangled, lost, forgotten.

I’ve found a way to showcase your treasures in an easy and art-directed way.

Decorative hooks meant for hanging dishtowels are a great solution to this ‘problem’ (*sigh* if only more of our problems were like these…) a great resource for these:
[LG]Try these hooks![/LG]