Mel Says: Why is Susan Lazy?

sleepyheadEver wonder why a Lazy Susan wasn’t named a Rotating Rita, or a Carousel Carol? Well I really don’t know either but always wondered where the name came from.

Apparently it was “coined” in a 1917 Vanity Fair Magazine article. The product had been around since the 1700’s but no one can authoritatively say why Vanity Fair selected the name. Why not Lazy Louise? Read more

Mel Says: Here's a Closet Epiphany

messy_closetNo one has enough closet space. But I can show an easy way to double yours.

When we started Stacks and Stacks back in 1984, I had an epiphany of clutter reduction. I came home and told my wife that we could easily double our closet hanging space.

We were newlyweds and she immediately thought that she had made a tragic mistake in taking the vows with me. “Have I married an air-head!?” she undoubtedly wondered.

Undaunted, I made the simplest change in our limited apartment closets. She reconsidered and thought I was brilliant. (That has since reverted back to somewhere between air-head, and brilliant, but all of you have probably have had those marital swings.)

Read more

Mel Says: I'll Give You Something to wine about

herman making wineAs you may know Stacks and Stacks is located in the San Francisco Bay Area about a half an hour from the Napa Valley and some of the finest wines available in the world. We take our wine seriously!

I guess if we were from Texas we could discuss gun racks, from New York City; storage of our stock certificates, from Colorado; ski racks. But today we’ll try to talk about wine storage without slurring our words.

There are thousands of wine racks; from milk crates to walled units to refrigerated wine coolers. Read more

Mel's View: Why Do Jewelry Cases Keep Getting Bigger?

jewelry doggieWho’d have “thunk” years ago that women would one day need armoires, to store all their baubles, and gems?

My mother wore her wedding band and engagement ring 24/7, and any thing else she had probably resided in her top drawer (she didn’t have much!)

Today, many women have a treasure trove of jewelry. Whatever the source of acquisition, or however much one possesses, there are now all sorts of storage cases, from decorative to mundane, from small to humongous, from felt-lined to bare plastic. I’ve seen them all in the last 24 years of owning Stacks and Stacks and attending hundreds of trade shows.

The cases keep getting larger and I keep getting older, that’s the way it goes! Unlike my normal organization mantra of if you haven’t worn it in over a year get rid of it, you may want to keep and protect your jewelry.

I've featured a few of my favorites for jewelry storage, including a safe to store the real gold and diamonds, not the cheap stuff!