How Setting Limits Creates Abundance

1. an extremely plentiful or oversufficient quantity or supply.
2. overflowing fullness: abundance of the heart.
3. affluence; wealth: the enjoyment of abundance.

Most of us already have abundance in one or more areas of our lives. If you have abundance in all the areas you want, good for you! If you don’t, try setting limits to help create it. It may sound counterintuitive, but I believe setting limits to create abundance is not only possible, but necessary, and here’s why… Read more

The Simple Secret of Professional Organizers’ Success

shredder2I spent about 2 hours going through old files this morning, shredding and tossing and making new files. I felt like I was my own client, and that felt great! In the midst of this happy toss-fest, I got to wondering why I was able to sit myself down and do the work alone, while so many people need the help of a professional organizer to accomplish the same result.

Most clients are:
** Overwhelmed; stuck and unable to make progress on their own
** Unsure of the decisions they are making in the process
** Have difficulty prioritizing and creating a plan of attack
** Don’t understand the basic principles of organization, storage, accessibility and usability Read more

MISSION:Organize a Craft Space – Before & After Photos

before1Atlanta’s Kim Banta has quite the creative eye. She used to do every craft under the sun, until I got hold of her. Kim’s 17 x 19 foot bonus room over the garage is her craft and project space. It looked like this (left) when I first saw it.

After many (MANY) hours of planning, elbow grease, both on-camera and off, as well as having just the right products, you can see the result below. Read more

Conquer Chip Clip Chaos

chipclips.jpgI’ve often said the best solutions are the simplest ones. Case in point: My “carbinet” at home is always a problem. We call it the carbinet because it’s the cabinet where all the carbohydrates live. Chips, pretzels, crackers, bread, and stuff like that is stored there.

Anyway, where there are chips, there are chip clips and we have a bunch of those in there too, which has been driving me nutty for months. Clips of all sizes end up all over the cabinet, underneath things, half the time they fall out when the cabinet is opened, and they’re just generally a pain in my behind. A few days ago I had enough, so I attached the little buggers to the inside of the cabinet door with adhesive Velcro and voila, my chip clip chaos is a thing of the past! [LG]Try these![/LG]

So quick, so simple and practically free, and best of all, I’m not annoyed anymore! And isn’t ending life’s little annoyances so much of what simple organizing solutions are all about? What simple organizing solutions have you come up with in your own life to eliminate those nagging little irritations at home or at work? I’d love to know!


Don’t Touch That Trash Can! Say “Open Sesame”

trashcan1.jpgYou know I looooove to throw things away! But it really bugs me to have to touch a garbage can in order to use it. The worst offenders are the large cans in public places that have the hinged front flap that you have to actually put your hand on and push to drop your trash into the can. YUCK. That’s a smart design… NOT.

However, I’m happy to say that Simplehuman has developed a really cool line of infrared trash cans that open when they sense your hand over them. This means no more foot pedals to snap off and break (like my cheap plastic kitchen can did years ago) and no more lifting the dirty lid with your clean fingers in the middle of food preparation. This might give me the chance to say OPEN SESAME a lot more often!


Tips for Packing Light

luggage-006.jpgOn a recent business trip, my airplane seatmate and I got to chatting (shocking, I know) and she thought it was amazing that I hadn’t checked a bag given that my trip would last seven days, so I thought I’d share a few tips with you for packing light.

This is what was in my rolling carry-on bag. There’s the large Eagle Creek Pack-It Folder which holds all my clothes (except the jeans, t-shirt and sandals I was wearing when I took the photo), the three smaller Eagle Creek zipper pouches which hold my underwear, my non-liquid toiletries, and my cords and chargers. Read more

Banish Refrigerator Science Projects

uses_food1.jpgI love leftovers! Cold pizza? Awesome for breakfast. Mashed potatoes? Awesome for breakfast! Risotto? Awesome for breakfast! (You seeing a pattern here?)

I grew up on leftovers and to this day, I eat them all the time. But I admit that as organized as I am, sometimes I don’t write the date on the container with a Sharpie. So then I’m stuck wondering if something is safe to eat or if I’m about to discover just how bad Botulism really is. Read more

Label Your Stuff!

I know I’m not the only one out there who lives and travels with a mobile phone, portable GPS unit, and an iPod (I used to have a PDA but I broke it!) Some of you have even more electronic stuff than that. I know between the car chargers, the wall chargers, and the computer and camera sync cables, you get sick and tired of having to think about which charger goes with which piece of equipment. Zoinks, Scoob!

You know the scenario… you’re driving down the road and you need to plug in your portable GPS unit so you can find your next stop. You reach for the car charger and plug it into the dashboard outlet, then try to connect it to your GPS but it won’t fit. You quickly realize you grabbed the phone charger instead, so you start feeling around on the floor for the GPS charger. They look similar so it’s easy to mix them up and grab the wrong one. Drat! Read more