6 Ways to Help You Be On Time

ClockOne thing I’m a stickler about is being on time. Early even. I went to the salon exactly at 12:00 to get my hair done. I had to be home by 2:30 so that Trevor could go to work. My hair stylist was running late. I ended leaving the salon at 2:45, meaning my daughter ended up with my sister. She threw off 4 people’s schedules by running late. What can we do to make sure that WE aren’t throwing off other people’s schedules by running late? Read more

5 Easy Tips for Organizing Your Media

CouchBeing the organized mom that I am we have to have our media collection organized and simple to use.

Universal Remote – When the babysitter comes over, does it take you twenty minutes to explain how to turn everything on? The best universal remote that I have found to get your remote clutter in order is Logitech’s Harmony Remote. Simplicity is the best thing about the Harmony Remote. You program it with your computer! Read more

Creating a Routine for Toddlers

maddiepaint2Kids crave routines. It helps them to feel like they have some control over their lives. When your children have no plan to their day they can get bored, and bored children will act out and misbehave. If you have things for them to do throughout the day they will stay happy and out of trouble! So here are my 6 simple steps for creating a routine for your child.

Start at the End – I always start creating a routine based on their bedtime. I figure out what time I want them to go to bed at night and schedule in a good 11-12 hours of sleep.  Read more

Mis En Place: Cooking Made Easy

Mis En PlaceYou watch the cooking shows, and then you try to do it… and you think to yourself… "30-Minute Meals?!? Yeah RIGHT!"

Why does it seem that the cooking show cooks can do it so much faster than you? Part of the reason, at least for me, is that I can't chop a carrot in 2 seconds flat. They are so much more skilled at preparing food quickly than we are. I should hope so, because that's how they make their living! Read more

Organized Shopping

supermarketI’ll be the first to admit that I have no business talking about cooking to ANYONE! I only started to cook when I became a stay at home mom a whole year ago. In fact a favorite story of my sister’s is the day that I called her wondering why my broiler wasn’t working. I told her that I took all the pans out of the drawer, but it just wasn’t heating up! Until I realized the broiler was just in the regular oven instead of the drawer below the oven. So as you can see… I’m NO expert, but I do know a thing or two about shopping. Here are some tips I've learned about going to the grocery store. Read more