Organized Medication Disposal

medsWhere or how do you dispose of expired or unneeded OTC (over-the-counter) or prescription drugs?

For awhile we were hearing to flush them or put them down the drain, and while this prevents any mis-use of the drugs, it also has adverse effects on water and the wildlife in it. Sometimes it can even cause unintentional ingestion if the water is re-used. (Check the drug information sheet that came with the prescription to see if it is safe to put down the drain.) Read more

Organized Winter Outwear…Or Is It??

entrywaySnow. I absolutely love it! We recently got close to a foot of snow in a few days time. Now considering that the last few winters have been so mild with no snow in Minnesota until January – this is awesome!

Along with the snow comes outdoor activities. I have four kids and between them, the dogs, and I we spend a lot of time outside. Dress appropriately and one can stay our for hours! Well, that’s where the problem comes in – the appropriate dress. Hats, mittens, scarves, snow-pants, boots, etc.

Now I can handle the whole organizational part of the clothing prior to it being put on. I rotate out the winter stuff and put the summer stuff into storage. Check. The kids are all assigned hooks and drawers for their stuff. Check. Hooks and drawers are labeled. Check. Read more

Planning For Next Year’s Food Clutter

scale2It’s official. I stepped on the scale 2 days ago. Not only do my legs barely squeeze into my jeans and my butt look a mile wide – I have the proof in the pounds, too!

I hate the holiday season in the food aspect. OK, no, I lied. I LOVE the holiday season in the food aspect, I hate the holiday season in the weight aspect! When it comes to sweets, I have no self-control. I spend November and December completely enjoying myself, eating whatever I want, whenever I want, and then January through October getting my weight back down. Read more

A Realistic Drive: Tips for Being On-Time

babyTwo of the major parts of being organized have to do with thinking or planning ahead and being realistic about time.

What does being realistic mean?

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, realistic is

  1. Tending to or expressing an awareness of things as they really are: She gave us a realistic appraisal of our chances.
  2. Of or relating to the representation of objects, actions, or social conditions as they actually are: a realistic novel about ghetto life. Read more

Breaking It Down Into Bite Size Chunks: Tips to Fix an Unraveling Day

cerealIt’s only 8:30 and I’ve had the morning from hell.

I wake up to my 3 year old in my face yelling at me to snap her shirt. Shirt snapped, we go into the kitchen to have a bowl of cereal only to see that a cup of milk that was left out after dinner last night has split – only it’s chunky by now and smells. It spilled all over the bag of cereal we’re about to eat, so I have to clean up the chunky milk off the counter and cereal bag while my nose is neatly tucked in my shirt. Read more

Why I Can’t Host Parties

cakewebIt’s my Dad’s 60th birthday and I’m hosting a surprise party.

My sister says she’ll cook if I host. Cool, only I make the wrong assumption that she’ll cook at her house and then come. It’s a major spaghetti dinner with bruschetta and stuffed mushrooms, Caesar salad and garlic bread – all from scratch because that’s the way she does things. (It was spectacular, though, I have to admit.) Read more

Say No To Procrastination: Just Do It Now

procrastinators_leapProcrastination is at the root of most clutter and disorganization. We put things off, say we’ll do them later, can’t make a decision, etc. I know this. But I don’t think I have been as aware of it as it was happening beforeā€¦

Pat came home with salt for the water softener yesterday. This is one of Pat’s sole responsibilities, one we don’t share or take turns with. It was in the back seat of my truck. He left it there overnight. This morning I asked if he’d take it out and he said he’ll get it tonight. Read more

Everyone Loves Sharpies: Another Sharpie Tip

wall_drawingThe Sharpie…don’t you just love ’em? I recently came across a new use for those mini’s that can clip onto keychains and stuff.

My family was at Chuck E. Cheese (or Chunky Cheese as my DH calls it) and all the kids had their own drinks as well as those plastic cups to hold the tokens. Well they couldn’t keep track of whose was whose, so I whipped out my Mini Sharpie and put their initials on them!

(By the way, if you are a member of the Chuck E. Club, you can get all sorts of good coupons!) Read more