Paper Piles Driving you Nuts?

mail pilesDon’t let those piles get you down! One of the most frequent requests we get are tips on mail organization. Rest assured, there are some simple steps you can take to reduce those piles of mail that seem to pop up everywhere around the house.

Mail organizers come in all styles these days, with every home decor theme taken into consideration. From door entry mail organizers to magnetic models that stick to the fridge, there is truly something for everyone.

Here are some different types of mail organizers to consider: Read more

Plastic Bag Dryer – The Recycler's Kitchen Friend

Plastic Bag DryerEvery time I go to my mom’s house, there is one thing that drives me crazy. No, not her infinite questioning, nor her ability to notice every minute thing that’s changed about me physically… she reuses plastic food bags. Which is not a bad thing, in fact it’s awesome! I too want to do all I can do be eco-conscious, but I haven’t evolved this far yet. In time I will. And it’s not the act of reusing plastic bags that bothers me; it’s what happens every time I go to the sink in her kitchen to wash my hands or rinse an apple. Read more

Review: Scroll Letter Holder with Hooks

Scroll Letter Holder with HooksIn the even partnership I have with my wife, I am the lucky one who gets to be in charge of checking the mail and sorting it out. Our mailbox only has one key, and I was the one that got to hold it. That means I get to see the new magazines first, steal all the good coupons for myself and read all the thank-you cards, wedding invitations and postcards we get from our family and friends first.

Unfortunately that also means I am in charge of sorting the mail, which is something I am not very good at. Read more

If You Only Buy One Thing to Make Life Easier…

Jumbo Folding Shopping CartMake it a wire cart! Folding wire carts are not just for little old ladies. They make life easier for everyone, myself included. Most, like this jumbo folding shopping cart, are very sturdy – carefully crafted of metal and designed to last for many years. I promise you will never run out of use for a folding shopping cart in your life.

Here are some tips on what to do with a rolling cart and where to keep it: Read more

Product Review: Non-Slip Stair Treads

non slip stair treadsI absolutely love the hardwood floors in the entryway to my home. The floor gives the area great charm and really adds an air of sophistication to my apartment. The hardwood floors are easy to maintain and keep clean, but there was one slight issue. And that issue was my dog. When she is coming home from a walk, she is always in a mad scurry to get back, and sprints through the front door without abandon. The only problem with her exuberance is that hardwood floors and doggy claws are not a good mix at all. I started to notice a few severe scratch marks on the otherwise pristine wood floors. Read more

Inexpensive Decor Ideas for Any Budget

toilet paper holderIf your home is in desperate need of a decor-update, but the wallet just won’t allow for that costly remodel right now, never fear. We’ve got tips for decorating on any budget (yes, even if the budget is zero.) With a little creativity and a little elbow-grease, you can improve the look of any space in your home to meet your needs and brighten up your outlook instantly!

Here are some tips and rules to guide you on your affordable decorating journey: Read more

Spice Up Your Holiday Table

DinnerwareMixing up dinnerware is a great and easy way to create an interesting table top. Try using dinner plates from one set of china paired with salad bowls from another to create layers of pattern or color. Have a set of basic white dishes? Switch out a few pieces with dinnerware in a bold pattern and instantly create a one of a kind look!

From fine china that has been passed down through the family for years to a flea market find with a fun pattern to brand new plates with a modern shape, by pulling different elements onto your table top you can create a look that suits your style. Read more

Product Review: Hotel Style Luggage Rack – Foldaway Suitcase Stand

Hotel Style Luggage RackAn inviting and comfortable guest room should bring relaxing hotel touches to your home.  Create a casual yet stylish space for your guests by adding things they probably wouldn't have packed, like a robe or slippers. Scented candles or a cozy throw blanket are a good way to create a warm feel. Pick up some fresh flower at the store or grab some plush throw pillows from around the house to give the bed a decadent feel. These little touches are a great way to welcome your guest. Read more

It All Makes Sense With Galvanized Utility Bins

Galvanized Utility Bins - Set of 6I live in a house that has a lot of stairs, and it seems like I am constantly finding things that are supposed to be downstairs laying around upstairs, and things that should stay upstairs are always finding their way to the first floor – are you confused yet?

Imagine how confused I was when I discovered a set of measuring spoons, two weeks worth of mail, and seven and half pairs of shoes upstairs, and no less than four blankets and every Lego piece that's been manufactured since 1982 downstairs. Read more

Experience Your Dream Drawer!

Drawer Organizer - Dream DrawerI don’t know about you, but I like searching through my dresser for matching socks about as much as I like going to the dentist!  In this increasingly busy world, every minute counts, especially in the morning when I am shuffling kids, hairdryers and my own work clothes.  Have you ever dreamed of opening up your drawers and immediately seeing exactly what you need, right where you need it?  Sounds crazy, right?

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Lap Desk to the Rescue

mydesk lap deskAt the end of a long day, all my wife and I want to do is relax and watch a couple of our favorite television shows.  However, my wife is an elementary school teacher and she has work to correct at the end of the day.  One of the most difficult things for her to do is correct schoolwork and homework when she is trying to watch the television.  She is left with one of two options: either she would have to sit at the kitchen table, way-away from the TV, or she could use the coffee table, slumped over her work and with a sore back. Read more

Product Review: Lapp Topper Vinyl & Plastic Lap Desk

Lapp Topper Lap DeskWho among us haven’t been caught sitting on the couch, swamped by the day-to-day commonalities such as bill paying, assessing the month’s family food budget, or composing letters to love ones, while simultaneously attempting to enjoy not only a deliciously hot beverage, but also a favorite television program?

I know I have, and sometimes it is a real humdrum conundrum. There is just not enough space on my sofa for all of those activities, certainly not all at once. If only we as a species were gifted with more hands and arms! Alas, we were not. Read more

Product of the Week: For the Uber Organized

Fat Cat ChargerAnyone who knows me knows I like gadgets, organization, and ultimate efficiency. And what I DON'T like is clutter in any form, especially gadgets and cords. So imagine how excited I was to find the Fat Cat Solstice II!

It's got everything!! The tough and efficient Fat Cat Solstice II is a versatile gadget charger that can operate through an included wall adapter or use solar power – which means you will never be stuck without a charge again!

Here's the techie stuff: Read more

What’s Going On in the Kitchen?

blomusThere are some great new kitchen items out there, designed to make your job as home chef quicker, easier and more pleasant.  Many of these new kitchen accessories are inspired by the warm weather of summer, geared toward entertaining, while others will be year-round crowd pleasers in your home! 

These are the themes we are seeing this season from favorite kitchen organizers like Blomus and Interdesign.

Quality Party Gear   Elegant serveware replaces plastic and paper.  Unusual combinations like porcelain and stainless steel are as refreshing as a cool glass of water.  Serve up your favorite dips, oils and salsas in the Dip Bowl Set by Blomus.

Color!!!   Drab is out, color is in this season!  Everything from lime green colanders to ultra modern, bright, fabric bread baskets has been updated with cheerful colors to brighten up your kitchen. 

Don’t forget, all Blomus items are on sale through the end of July! 

Product of the Week: For an Amazing Garage

Ulti-MATE Garage PRO 8-piece CabinetsIf you've had your mind on a complete garage overhaul, I found an elegant solution for you!

The Ulti-MATE Garage PRO series modular garage kits are a fantastic solution to your messy garage! They come in a full array of over-sized cabinets – everything from on-the-ground to off-the-ground to fit almost every storage requirement. The flexible modular cabinet design allows for infinite customized designs – it's your choice and can be changed and/or added to at anytime.

Stacks and Stacks has several kits on sale now at a whopping 30% off the retail price! Don't miss out!

Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts

cashmere-scarfWhat better way to make mom feel special? A personalized gift is a classy way to go! From apparel to serveware, we’ve got something for every mom out there.

Note: Because these items are personalized, you will want to order a few weeks in advance (Mother’s Day is May 8, 2011). And, you will get bonus points from Mom for thinking ahead.

For the Spa-Lover: Personalized Comfort Robe. Ultra soft cotton velour, available with single letter or monogram. Read more

Tuesday Tip: Lose the Mothballs

cedar blocksDo you store clothing seasonally but hate the thought of mothballs? So do I. Here are a couple of great alternatives:

These cedar aroma blocks are nature's most effective way to protect and refresh fabrics. They can be used in storage chest and boxes, garment bags, drawers, sweater and shoe containers, closets and luggage. The natural cedar will absorb moisture and unpleasant odors and repel unwanted pests! Give them a light sanding to renew their scent and effectiveness. Read more