Waste Cans As Decor – Who Knew?

Pebblz Wastecan by InterdesignA small dorm room can be a difficult space to add your own personal style to. Since dorm rooms usually come outfitted with beds and desks it takes the right dorm accessories to bring a one of a kind look to the cookie cutter dorm room. With so little space it’s important to add functional items, like desk lamps and bed linens, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring! Use these functional pieces as a way to add a fun color or texture to the room.

If you’re looking to inject a little fun and color, try the vintage style of the Retrobin. With a foot peddle design this trash can is perfect for keeping trash contained and also has a sleek bullet shape that gives it some style. Read more

Clip-On Lamps – A Dorm Necessity

clip on lampsIt might be the start of the semester, but it won’t be long before midterms and late nights studying are here. Having a comfortable and functional workspace is key for cutting down on stress. The right lighting is necessary for keeping tired eyes from getting strained. Whether you have a dorm room with lots of space for a large desk or a compact work area, a clip on desk lamp is a convenient way to add adjustable lighting wherever you decide to study. Read more

Coffee Makers – A Back To School Money Saver

Farberware Stainless 2-4 Cup Percolator“I never drink coffee at lunch. I find it keeps me awake for the afternoon” – Ronald Reagan

Perhaps as the president of the United States, Ronald Reagan was able to find time to take a nice long afternoon nap, but as a returning college student, you know sleeping through Philosophy 322 is just not going to get the job done (or the degree earned!). For many students that are preparing to head back to college for the semester, a piping hot cup of Joe can be the perfect antidote to a monotonous Geology instructor with a penchant for using the scientific name of every mineral. Read more

Easy, Quick Lighting Ideas

White+Toucan+Frosted+Glass+Smart+SconceOne of the easiest ways to give any room, inside or out, a makeover is to simply switch up the lighting. Lighting is one of the most important, and often one of the most overlooked, parts of a room’s decorative theme. Thankfully, it is also easy to tackle yourself, and very affordable.

Here are some easy, quick ways to freshen up the lighting around your home without the help of a contractor. Add one of these projects to your DIY short list for the summer! Read more

Window Box Planters Tips

Nantucket Window BoxFor me, nothing says summer like gardening. In the same way that fall would not be the same without raking leaves, summer would not be the same without watering, weeding, deadheading and fertilizing. Not surprisingly, container gardening has surged to new levels in recent years, as many people rediscover the joy of gardening. Gardening in pots and larger containers, like this large raised garden, has many advantages over ground level gardening. One of them is water conservation. Read more

Outdoor Furniture – Pick of the Season

Garden Leaves Park BenchIf you’ve got the outdoor space, you should definitely consider adding an outdoor bench to your patio furniture collection. Why? Because no other piece of furniture beckons you to come and sit, relax and enjoy a bit of nature like a garden bench does. Maybe it’s because we grew up sitting on benches at parks or at Grandma’s house, I don’t know for sure. All I know is that a garden bench adds charm and functional seating to any outdoor space.

My pick of this season is the Garden Leaves Park Bench, which features a beautiful cast iron leaf design on its back. Why? Read on… Read more

Create An Oasis With The Mandalay Wrought Iron Rocking Chair

Mandalay Wrought Iron Rocking ChairCreating an outdoor space where you can relax and unwind is a great way to make the most of your entire home, indoors and out. Unlike a living room that requires a lot of furniture to look complete, an outdoor space has the luxury of relying on it’s natural surroundings to create a cohesive style. Whether you want to create separate spaces for eating and lounging or keep it minimal, it’s easy to create an enjoyable garden. Read more

Keep Your Garage Neat With A Floor Mat

garage floor matKeeping your garage in working order doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be just as organized and tidy as any other room in your home.

No garage can go without some much needed storage to keep everything from gardening supplies to sporting equipment organized and quick to find. Though the garage seems to be a difficult space to keep clean, it only takes a few steps to ensure that any mess is manageable. Read more

Play Up Your Patio With Le Click Interlocking Teak Floor Tiles

le click interlocking teak floor tilesOutdoor Flooring: A Quick and Easy DIY Project for Anyone!

With Spring rapidly approaching, it’s time to start planning outdoor DIY projects , and I’ve come across one that is easy to do and easy on the budget. When we think of outdoor decorating, we often forget that what goes under our feet can make a great contribution to our outdoor decor.

One of the easiest ways to update the look of your patio, porch or deck is to add some kind of floor feature, whether it is an outdoor area rug, or floor tiles like the Le Click Interlocking Teak Floor Tiles! Read more

Greet Your Guests With Cheer!

bronze sun face door knockerThe sun is not just the star at the center of our solar system. When you think about it, its importance is really beyond our comprehension. Many early civilizations (and even people in our current one) such as the Aztecs and Incas worshiped the sun. Generally today, the sun represents happiness and hope. To some, it is not even worth getting out of bed if it isn’t a sunny day. And when you think about what the sun manages to accomplish in its day, it’s pretty incredible.

Why on earth am I romanticizing about the sun on a blog dedicated to home and personal organizing, you ask? Read more

Create Your Oasis

Agadir single bench by Zuo ModernThe Agadir Single Bench by Zuo Modern is the ultimate in multi purpose furniture! If you’ve been looking to update your outdoor decor to something more modern, this stool has you covered. With UV treated synthetic fibers and an aluminum frame, this stool is designed to stand up to outdoor conditions, but also works well inside at the bar or against the kitchen counter.

The other thing I like about this patio stool is the synthetic woven design. It makes me think of the kind of furniture you would see at a tropical resort, which is a style that I can certainly get behind in my own home! Read more

Deep Drawer Organizer – Perfect For Every Room

Deep Drawer OrganizerIf you’re like me, and staying organized doesn’t come very naturally, then you’ll understand what I just experienced upon looking for something in the infamous “junk drawer” of my kitchen. The junk drawer used to be a wonderful place for me. It seemed like a perfectly reasonable solution for any small item that didn’t have a place otherwise. And because it’s a drawer, I’ve been able to keep its unruly state out of sight and out of mind. Until it exploded in my face and nearly drove me crazy! Read more

Holiday Planning Overlooked

coffee cup storage chestWhen it’s time for holiday planning, we tend to think only about preparation. Planning menus, sending parting invitations, shopping for gifts, and digging out the decorations. I find myself so overworked getting ready for holiday gatherings, I forget about the aftermath. Particularly when it comes to my extra dishes. I’ve never had a proper way of storing them, so they tend to just get thrown in a box that gets stacked with other boxes in the garage.

Bad planning like this leads inevitably to the catastrophe I encountered last week. Read more

Start Your School Year Off Right!

White Dry Erase Monthly CalendarMany of you who read this blog have children or teens going back to school this time of year. Now is the perfect time to put together a Family Command Center.

Some time back, I gave some helpful Tips for a Family Command Center. Stacks and Stacks has a new product that is a great first step in creating your own command center.

It’s the  White Dry Erase Monthly Calendar – by Brewster Home Fashions. This is truly a gem! Read more

Product of the Week: For the Uber Organized

Fat Cat ChargerAnyone who knows me knows I like gadgets, organization, and ultimate efficiency. And what I DON’T like is clutter in any form, especially gadgets and cords. So imagine how excited I was to find the Fat Cat Solstice II!

It’s got everything!! The tough and efficient Fat Cat Solstice II is a versatile gadget charger that can operate through an included wall adapter or use solar power – which means you will never be stuck without a charge again!

Here’s the techie stuff: Read more

What’s Going On in the Kitchen?

blomusThere are some great new kitchen items out there, designed to make your job as home chef quicker, easier and more pleasant.  Many of these new kitchen accessories are inspired by the warm weather of summer, geared toward entertaining, while others will be year-round crowd pleasers in your home! 

These are the themes we are seeing this season from favorite kitchen organizers like Blomus and Interdesign.

Quality Party Gear   Elegant serveware replaces plastic and paper.  Unusual combinations like porcelain and stainless steel are as refreshing as a cool glass of water.  Serve up your favorite dips, oils and salsas in the Dip Bowl Set by Blomus.

Color!!!   Drab is out, color is in this season!  Everything from lime green colanders to ultra modern, bright, fabric bread baskets has been updated with cheerful colors to brighten up your kitchen. 

Don’t forget, all Blomus items are on sale through the end of July! 

Product of the Week: For a Beautiful Garden

june gardenI love June in Norther California! 80 degree sunshine every day, and my garden’s in full bloom – it’s lovely!

As most gardeners know, the secret to big healthy blooms is to feed your plants regularly. One way of doing this is through composting.

I love the concept, but have always shied away from it because of it’s appeal to the local skunks and racoons. But I’ve found a composter worth trying! Read more

Give Dad a Relaxing Gift This Father’s Day

Vintage Bonded Leather Recliner with OttomanWondering what to get Dad this Father’s Day?

Try the Vintage Bonded Leather Recliner with Ottoman!

Stacks and Stacks is running a $100 OFF special on this fabulous chair through Father’s Day!

Dad can kick back and relax on this Euro style motion chair, designed with his ultimate comfort in mind. This is a stylish and comfy reclining chair that features a 360 degree pinion swivel with multiple reclining position adjustment. And it comes with an angled ottoman for lower leg support! Read more

Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts

cashmere-scarfWhat better way to make mom feel special? A personalized gift is a classy way to go! From apparel to serveware, we’ve got something for every mom out there.

Note: Because these items are personalized, you will want to order a few weeks in advance (Mother’s Day is May 8, 2011). And, you will get bonus points from Mom for thinking ahead.

For the Spa-Lover: Personalized Comfort Robe. Ultra soft cotton velour, available with single letter or monogram. Read more

Speaking Spring

Happy Easter Coir MatSpringtime is finally here! Although it’s technically been spring for a few weeks, the weather didn’t seem to think so. But finally things are warming up, we are getting out into the garden and enjoying this beautiful season and all it has to offer. Inside the home, too, we are changing with the seasons – I call this “Spring-izing” the home.

Here are some wonderful ideas and treats to welcome this new season into your home.

With springtime, my mind naturally drifts to textures and colors. Read more

Web Accessibility For All – We’ve Got It!

web accessibilityStacks and Stacks is doing something new to reach out to seniors and the disabled!

We have a new icon on our website that offers a link to a web accessibility tool for seniors and the disabled! The tool is absolutely free to download and free to use, and can help people with impairments navigate the internet and our website. Read more

Product of the Week: Dex Baby Nursery Organizer

Dex Baby Nursery OrganizerAll I can say is that I wish I had this when my kids were babies! The Dex Baby Nursery Organizer is a must have for anyone still in (or starting) the baby-stage.

Easy to use and full of organizational bonuses, it is a major step up in terms of storage from diaper holders of the past, which were designed to hold diapers… but not much else. Read more

Product of the Week: Sleep Tight

bed bug protectionWho hasn’t been disturbed by all the stories of bed bugs lately? I know I have! Once just a cute little rhyme whispered in bedrooms at night, the phrase “Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don’t let the Bed Bugs Bite” has taken on a different tone recently.

What to do? Luckily technology and innovation are keeping up with the troublesome little critters and their seemingly unstoppable infiltration into the bedroom, offering practical products to deal with these pests. Read more

Product of the Week: Shelves to Go

shelves to goOrganized Travelers, get ready for the newest and best thing to add to your packing routine!

Shelves-to-Go are the answer to many traveling problems – from lost garments to wrinkles, bugs and even germs.

These shelves fit neatly into your carry-on or checked bags, folding flat so that they don’t take up precious space in your luggage. When you get to the hotel, simply hang this travel clothes organizer up on the closet rod for instant shelves, without having to use dresser drawers or existing shelves in the hotel room.

Bonus Benefits: Read more

Product of the Week: Wrap-N-Roll Holder by Spectrum

Wrap N Roll Holder by SpectrumI’m all about using those unused spaces. You know, the ones you don’t think about; under cabinets, behind doors, under beds…

My product this week takes advantage of some of that space. The Wrap N Roll Holder by Spectrum is a great, inexpensive storage solution that you can hang on the wall, on the back of a door, or inside a cabinet door!

The Wrap n Roll Holder is 13.25″H x 13.13″W x 6.63″D and can hold a roll of paper towels, a box of storage bags, and a roll of plastic wrap or aluminum foil. All in one handy place and so easy to access! The durable white coating over steel means no rust and years of life. Read more

Product of the Week: Spice-n-Store Spice Rack – by TCD

Spice-n-StoreMy favorite products are the ones that make use of wasted space. Sometimes we don’t even realize we have wasted space until we see something that’s been designed to fit there, like the Spice-n-Store Spice Rack!

I could think of so many uses for this!!

I’d put a couple in my kitchen, of course, for spices. But I would use one in my utility room for crews, nails and picture hanging supplies. I’d mount one in my office for staples, paper clips and rubber bands. Read more