A TV Stand to Stand Up to March Madness…

Asher 50I consider myself to be a pretty avid basketball fan, particularly college basketball. So I am not sure what my excuse was last year when I was woefully underprepared for the year’s biggest basketball tournament, the NCCA Final Four. It all started when I basically ignored the regular season and had no idea which teams were looking strong heading into the tournament – my bracket ended up being a total mess. To make matters worse, I had no idea what weekend the first round of the tournament was, so my media stand was a mess and terribly inadequate for the task at hand. I did not have time to upgrade my stand in time for the big game, so we were left watching the game on a fold out table! Read more

Going TV Stand(less) – Product of the Week

Tempered Glass DVD Wall ShelfIf you are ready to go completely "Stand-Less", as in no more TV Stand, this will make your life easier in an instant! Many people are choosing to mount their flat screen televisions on the wall these days. But most of us still use a TV stand for storage and mainly as a place to set the DVD player, stereo and receiver. If you can do without the storage, why not mount a sleek, modern shelf, like this Tempered Glass DVD Wall Shelf to the wall to hold your components and ditch the TV stand? Read more

Indoor/Outdoor Accent Table – Product of the Week

18.5With SIX (!) color choices and a versatile style resume, the 18.5" Metal spiral Accent Table is this week's featured product! It's almost time to dust off that patio and dress it up with color and comfort for warmer seasons to come. This table is a great addition to the patio, garden or inside the home. Use it in the entryway as a catch-all for keys and wallets, in the living room to rest the remote or even next to the bed. The style could certainly be characterized as modern, but it also has a vintage feel that works well in eclectic home styles as well. A powder coated finish ensures long-term use out in the elements, and the wire design makes it a cinch to clean and dust!

Must Have Travel Gadgets

Whether you’re looking to escape winter weather with a tropical getaway or already planning your spring break family vacation, there are a few must have travel gadgets you’ll never travel without again.

Luggage Scale by Taylor Precision
For anyone who likes to buy souvenirs or do a little shopping while on vacation a luggage scale is essential. It might not seem like a must have item when you’re packing, but you’ll wish you had brought one when you find yourself at the airport with an overweight bag. Look for a compact luggage scale that won’t take up much room and you can ensure you save yourself both time and money at the airport. Read more

Love in Paris Desk – Featured Product of the Week

Love in Paris DeskIn honor of Valentine's Day, this week's featured product is all about love, Parisian style. For example, I LOVE these new printed glass top desks. What a fun way to cheer up the home office! The Love in Paris Office Desk features a clear glass top with pink, black and red printed words and figures, complete with the Eiffel tower. This is a great, compact desk that works perfectly with a laptop or flat-screen monitor, or simply as a writing (or homework) space. The clear top and streamlined frame are perfect for tight spaces such as the bedroom or a small corner of the office, unimposing and oozing with style! Oh, L'amour!

Photos in Limbo

Accordion Photo KeeperA month or two after the holidays, I always feel like I have been bombarded with stacks of new photos! Like it or not, these pictures are simply not going to make it into frame or album for a few more months to come. So I have a few boxes on hand just for these photos in limbo. Photo boxes are an inexpensive organizing tool and are also quite often pretty. As much as I want to frame every photo of the kids, there are simply too many to make that happen. The photo box allows me to keep those precious shots without the immediate pressure of having to display them. I also like to keep these excess photos to give away to family and I like to think the kids might want to take them with them someday into adulthood. Read more

Dogs and Cats (Solutions)

Cat WashroomAbout a year ago my wife and I decided to adopt a dog since we had become settled in our new apartment and figured it would add some companionship and a give us reason to get out and hike every weekend. There was only one small issue, which is that we have had a cat for about four years and she is certainly the “queen of her domain”. We were a little apprehensive bringing the dog home for a “foster” night to test the waters, but it turned out to be a great fit and the two animals have become fast friends.

Unfortunately we ran into another little problem with the relationship our dog has with the cat – (brace yourself because it is gross) – she loves to raid the cat’s litter box. Read more

Jewelry Rax – Featured Product of the Week (for Accessories-Lovers)

Jewelry RaxThis week’s featured product is the Jewelry Rax by American Innotek Wall Mount Jewelry Organizer. This handy rack gets high grades in design for several reasons: it incorporates both trays and long hanging storage options all in one piece! Usually you find one or the other (but not both): trays for the drawers or dresser top and necklace hangers for the wall, but this unique piece is designed to hold it all. Read more

What is a Snobby, French Press Drinking Coffee-Lover to Do?

Coffee Picture - courtesy of nomilknocryIf you are like me, every day has to begin with a piping hot cup of coffee. Without that hot libation, my day simply is shot – and on a few occasions I have had to go without. Blurry-eyed and in a daze, I set about my daily tasks as if I was moving in slow motion. My wife and I prefer to brew our coffee using the French Press method because it is quick and (in my humble opinion) yields an exponentially tastier cup of coffee. Read more

Super (Organize Sports Equipment) Sunday

Sports OrganizerIn the spirit of the Superbowl, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight this Smart Organizer System for Sports! If you have kids or are into sports yourself, all of that sporting equipment is probably driving you bananas on some level. I like this sports organizer because it is wall mounted and includes a ball net, easy for everyone to use and it keeps equipment off the floor!

4 Weeks to an Organized Home: Week 4 – Conquer Those Cabinets!

4 Weeks to an Organized HomeCabinets are an ongoing battle for most of us, and I’m going to risk alienation on an organizing blog by saying: maybe that’s not such a bad thing. So go ahead and prepare yourself for a yearly visit into the depths of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. It’s a good exercise anyway because you can pull older canned goods forward so they don’t expire, and the same goes for medicines and toiletries in the bathroom. Plus you can dust and check for signs of mildew or pests while you are in there.

So grab a damp cloth, a recycle bin, and join me in this last step on our journey to an organized home.

    Here’s what works in cabinets:

Read more

4 Weeks to an Organized Home: Week 3 – Closet Mania!

organize the closetFear not my friends, closets are easier than you think to organize. They have something going for them that you might not have thought of: they don’t have to be pretty. When you are organizing any other area of the home, you have to consider aesthetics, but with the closet, not so much. This allows you to search high and low for unused storage space and to make use of inexpensive storage items (plastic). Read more

Finding the Right Jewelry Storage

Finding jewelry storage that’s fits your collection as well as your décor can be a challenge. With so many different types of jewelry storage to sort through it can be hard to find that perfect jewelry box or armoire. Here are a few jewelry storage options to help you store and display all your favorite pieces.

Neatnix Jewelry Stax - Four Compartment Organizer
If you don’t usually wear a lot of jewelry and have a small collection then in-drawer storage is the way to go. Taking up minimal space a tray with built in storage compartments is a compact way to store your jewelry, just clear some space in your dresser or nightstand drawer. Read more

Must Have Laundry Accessories

Keeping clothes looking their best requires a well outfitted laundry room, with everything you need to care for your wardrobe. From laundry storage to tools, there are all sorts of items that protect your clothes and make doing the laundry a little easier.

Mesh Laundry Wash Bag - Set of 2
Mesh bags are a must for washing delicate items that could easily get snagged on a zipper while in the wash. Simply throw items in, zip it up and you can wash without worry. Read more

4 Weeks to an Organized Home: Week 2 – The Office

Week 2 - The OfficeMake your office work for YOU. Another major source of headaches in the home, the office can be a place of calm function, but more often than not, it is the center of the perfect storm of the entire house. It’s important to remember that 90% of what is bothering you is the actual desk TOP, because, well, it looks messy! If you can keep that desktop free of clutter, you are well on your way to making peace with your office space.

    Now, a list of what really works in the office:

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