Modern alternatives to Christmas tree skirts


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I’m really excited about Christmas this year. You see, it’s my first winter in my house and that means it’s the first time I can have a fresh tree for Christmas. My apartment before (and most here in Michigan) did not allow them because of the fire hazard. In my jolly excitement, I’m trying real hard not to go overboard with ornaments, lights and the whole mess.

As I’ve enjoyed decorating my own home for the first time, I have had a real interest in minimalism. I am trying to incorporate that into my holiday decorations. I have an excellent vintage tree topper, some hand-me-down glass bulbs from my parents and the perfect hand-knit stockings. Simple and classic, that’s what I like. But there is one element, that for some reason, I cannot agree upon. Tree skirts.

I just don’t like them; and while I realize I can scrap the detail all together, I would like some element under the tree.

A few months ago we started working with an awesome manufacturer, Bungalow Flooring. Aside from their innovative photo-realistic rugs and padded floor mats, they make some really cool Christmas pieces. If you hadn’t already guessed, my favorite is fit for your tree. Buy Bridesmaid dresses NZ at discount price at

The Bungalow Tree Mat is a round rug designed to protect hard floors from tree stands. Available in multiple designs — and each in 19 different colors — these mats are a great modern alternative to your mama’s old tree skirt.

Patterns include snowflakes (at right), little Christmas trees or reindeer.

You can choose colors from purple to orange, from teal to yellow; my house is all reds and teals so I think I’m gonna go with the basics and opt for the bright, cheery red.

A polypropylene front and rubber backing is skid resistant as well as resistant to mold, mildew, rot, cracking and other wear. The wide border helps contain any spilled water and dirt, keeping floors clean.

Measuring 35 inches in diameter, this protective floor rug is great for any area of the home. Now that I can do a fresh tree, I just may consider adding one in the master bedroom too. Imagine waking up to the wonderful scent of blue spruce every morning. Does it get any better?

Better yet, Bungalow Flooring manufacturers all of their products right here in the United States. I love these mats and it makes me even happier to support a U.S. manufacturer.




Spruce Up Your Garden!

Happy Spring! Preparation for your garden should begin with cleaning up the space, eliminating old leaves and and debris, and checking the soil, then let the planting begin! Once your gardening has begun, here are some ideas to make the rest of this season a little bit easier on you and to make your garden space a little more fun!


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Smarter Hangers… for an Organized Closet

clutterfree-cascade-hangers.jpgWe are always looking for smart organizing tools for the home, and everyone’s favorite topic this time of year is the closet. Instead of looking for ways to add more storage to your closet this year, why not look for ways to use your closet more wisely? Enter these smarter hangers, the ClutterFREE Cascade Hangers. Available in packs of 50 or 100, these clothes hangers have thought of everything for you, truly one of the best closet hangers around.
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Ironing Board and Step Ladder, All in One Package

Ironing Board & Step Ladder ComboYou heard me right, this week’s featured product is two common household helpers packed into one design: the Ironing Board & Step Ladder Combo. It is great inventions like these that keep our homes tidy and clutter free. Whether you live in a studio apartment or a larger home but you simply want the laundry room to be tidier, this unique ironing board and step ladder combination helper is a wonderful tool you can have at your disposal. And the great design naturally takes space efficiency even further. Thanks to the extra weight from the step ladder, the ironing board can rest vertically against the wall when not needed, instead of leaning out into the room and taking up extra floor space.

What will they think of next?

Not Your Grandma’s Basket

While baskets may be one of the most versatile storage tools in your arsenal, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your modern style to reap the benefits! Neu Home has a wide selection of baskets that provide the same catch-all storage effect you are looking for around the home, but each boasts an updated style to match your contemporary lifestyle.

Modernize your home with one of these trend-forward storage baskets:

Riviere Trapezoid Basket
The Riviere Trapezoid Basket is ideal for rolled up hand towels, magazines and more. Made of wood and canvas. Read more

Product of the Week: Over the Door Baskets for EVERYTHING

Over the Door 6 Basket UnitWell, almost everything anyway! This week’s featured product is a new take on an old favorite: The Over the Door 6 Basket Unit by Neu Home – A simple over the door rack with baskets! We’ve all seen over the door shoe racks, accessory racks, pockets and coat racks, but it has been a while since I have come across one of the most versatile styles of OTD organizers: the type that simply offers baskets for storage on the back of the door. This handy helper (also available as a 4 basket unit) is a wonderful storage solution for pretty much any space. Here are some great ideas for putting this Over the Door Basket System to work around your home: Read more

Furniture Sale – Two Weeks Only!

For two weeks, get the best pricing on select furniture from Wholesale Interiors at Known for its transitional to modern designs, Wholesale Interiors furniture company presents versatile styles to the busy, contemporary home.

Here are our top picks for every room:

Belden Linen Modern Slipper Chairs
Living Room: The set of 2 Belden Linen Modern Slipper Chairs features button tufting and wheeled front legs for a subtly classic look. Read more

Jewelry Storage (In Honor of Valentine’s Day)

With February, the month of love, in full swing, now is the time to take stock of your gems and your jewelry storage system (or lack thereof). We’ve taken some of the guesswork out of the process for you, with promotional (lowest!) pricing on the most popular Jewelry Armoires and boxes by Nathan Direct:

Hudson Jewelry Tower
The Hudson Jewelry Tower ($38.99 with free shipping*) is the number one choice for the vanity in the bedroom or bathroom. It boasts a mirror on one side and hanging necklace hooks on the other, with pink felt lined compartments on the interior. Read more

Vintage View Wall Mounted Wine Racks

Let’s get serious here. The wine craze is not going away anytime soon. Time to think about permanent storage solutions for your wine collection. And what better way, in keeping with the rustic wine country decor theme, than to use a wall mounted wine rack that allows you to see your whole collection? With Vintage View’s wine storage collection, you are one step away from easy wine storage in the home. Models range from 9 to 36 bottle capacity and are available in two finishes: platinum and black.

The benefits of this type of wine rack add up quickly: They take up no floor or pantry space, great for homes that are short on space. Plus they add a rustic wine country charm to your decor. Use them in your kitchen, dining room, study or anywhere else around the home!

Eighteen Bottle Wall Mounted Wine Rack – $89.99 with free shipping:
Eighteen Bottle Wall Mounted Wine Rack Read more

Organize ANY Space with Modular Storage Cubes – On Sale!

Modular Storage Cubes from Way Basics make organizing any space in the home a cinch! Our entire collection is on sale now up to 35% OFF! Even better, these storage cubes are made of 99% recycled materials and a cinch to put together. Sale Ends Feb 13th.

Start with cubes in an array of colors, from Kid-friendly to elegant wood finishes and two different sizes.
6 Stackable Open Modular Eco Storage Cubes Plus
Stack them however you want: Think square, rectangle, step-ups or a simple line up on the floor under a window. 6 Stackable Open Modular Eco Storage Cubes Plus – $118 with free shipping* Read more

Valentine’s Gifts for Everyone!

Whether you are shopping for your hubby, daughter or mother, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive list of Valentine’s Day Gifts that includes something for everyone:

For your Wife or Girlfriend:
Granada 5 Drawer Jewelry Armoire
The Granada 5 Drawer Jewelry Armoire is just one of many beautiful jewelry armoires for the home. Find them available in every style imaginable to match your home decor! Read more

Fresh Wine Bars: Two Options

This week’s featured product comes in two styles, each boasting clean lines and a crisp white finish. These white wine cabinets are designed with transitional style in mind, perfect for fitting into a wide range of home decor styles, from retro to contemporary. The white finish allows them to stand out against colorful walls, making an instant design statement by drawing in the eyes.

White 60″H Ladder Style Bar Unit:

White 60

At just 24″ wide, this wine bar has a significant presence in the room, yet can squeeze into tight spaces just the same. The open front allows for a view of your wine collection, set cubby style underneath built in stemware storage racks. A medium sized top allows for just the right amount of drink pouring and mixing space for you and your friends. Read more

Holiday Storage from Honey Can Do – On Sale for Five Days Only!

There are just four weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year instead of five. Many of us will start setting up Christmas decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving. Take this opportunity to take stock of your holiday storage needs so that you are ready for a quick and easy take-down come January 1st.

Right now, our complete collection of Honey Can Do home storage (including Christmas decor storage) is on sale! Sale ends November 24th, 2013.

If you purchase just one thing this Christmas that is storage related, let it be the 40″ Canvas Gift Wrap Organizer. Inexpensive and featuring a sleek underbed-friendly design, this gift wrap organizer has a spot for everything. Read more

Wrapping Paper Organizers for Any Room

Wrapping Paper CartIn just 3 weeks, my office will be looking more like Santa’s workshop than the calm workspace it is supposed to be. Wrapping paper, bows, scissors and, if I’m lucky and can find it, tape will be strewn about the office until Christmas day. Every year we get many questions about the best way to keep gift wrap and its assorted accessories organized. We’ve gathered some tips and advice to help you get through the holiday season with a few bows and ribbons to spare for next year. So whether you go with a full size wrapping paper cart (shown here, $155 with free shipping*) or a simple corner of your closet, we’ve got a solution for you. Read more

Wine Collections…Under Control and On Display

8 Bottle Dakota Wine Rack with Display TopWith the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s time to get that wine collection under control once and for all! If you are an entertainer by nature and plan on having friends and family over multiple times during this holiday season, a medium sized wine rack is the way to go! This week’s featured product, the 8 Bottle Dakota Wine Rack with Display Top is my favorite pick of the season, brand new. This wine storage rack combines the best of storage and appearance capabilities, ideal for leaving out in plain view of guests.

The eight bottle capacity allows you to put out your “party wines” and not risk accidental opening of the expensive stuff, which can remain safely stowed away in your permanent wine storage area. The top stores the bottles face up, just like you would see in a store, so that you can easily read the labels without even picking up the bottle! And it comes in beautiful finishes, including an unfinished wood that can be stained or painted to match your decor! Enjoy!

Have another size in mind? The Dakota Wine Racks are available in a variety of sizes, capacities and finishes:

The Organized Bedroom for Better Sleep

Bed Butler 16The bedroom should be a place of calm and peace. A spot where you can go at the end of the day to relax and unwind for the best deep-sleep experience. Similarly, the bedroom is the first thing you see when you wake up each day, so keeping it tidy (or cluttered) can set the mood for the rest of the day.

Here are some great tips for gaining control of clutter in the bedroom:

  • Bedside Caddy – In the past these were made of canvas or mesh, although a new product on the market, the Bed Butler 16″ Pro Bedside Caddy boasts a clear plastic design Read more
  • Overhead Garage Storage – MonsterRax Sale 3 Days Left!

    Monster RaxThere are just 3 more days in our Monster Rax overhead storage rack sale, any size just $199! Fall is a great time to get the garage organized, putting away all of your summer fun equipment and making room to park a car in the upcoming chilly months. Maximizing use of the ceiling is one of the smartest ways to add storage to the garage. It allows you to take advantage of space that you already own but that is commonly wasted and at the same time clear out the floor.

    There are many overhead storage racks, pulleys and other systems out there, but here’s why we love MonsterRax:
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    Seasonal Clothes Swap Time

    Double-Door Wardrobe with Two DrawersWe are approaching that time of year again when weather takes a turn and we are forced to rethink our wardrobe. The seasonal clothes switch! And just in time for this event there are new clothes storage options fresh on the market to help! This week’s featured product, the Double-Door Wardrobe with Two Drawers, is a wonderful choice and includes modern updates to traditional fabric wardrobes, garment racks and portable closets. This rack has doors that open just like a permanent wooden bedroom armoire – a fresh take on an old bedroom storage staple. Read more

    Artisan Hand Vacuum… Product of the Week

    Artisan Hand VacuumThat, ladies and gentlemen, is a vacuum. Quite possibly the most chic, elegant vacuum I have ever seen. When I saw it I had to feature it today. I just love how everything for the home, even cleaning products, is being made nowadays with serious regard to aesthetics. The Artisan Hand Vacuum by Kalorik takes an otherwise unattractive household appliance and brings it into the modern age with an updated, fresh look that is fit to be seen by guests and anyone who enters the home. Read more

    Closet Organizing Kit Does the Work for You

    Organization Kit by Honey-Can-DoThis week’s featured product takes the guesswork out of closet organizing, especially for the younger crowd (sending a kid off to college, anyone?) The Organization Kit by Honey-Can-Do is an all-in-one clothing organizer for the bedroom, dorm, studio apartment and more.

    Here is a breakdown of what is included with the set, and tips on how to use it:
    -Over the Door Shoe Rack – this handy, space-efficient shoe organizer can hold more than just shoes. Use it to organize scarves, jewelry, accessories and even school or office supplies – a multi-tasker, for sure. Read more

    Bed Bugs on the Brain – Back to School Solutions

    SecureTravel Bedbug & Dustmite Proof Dorm KitWhen I went to college, bed bugs were still just a myth, part of a cute little saying that started with “Good Night, Sleep Tight…However, any parent sending their child off to the dorms nowadays probably has bed bugs on the brain. Not only do you not want your student to get bit, you probably don’t want them to bring these little pests back home to you on those treasured weekend visits.

    Thankfully, this week’s featured product, the SecureTravel Bedbug & Dustmite Proof Dorm Kit has everything you need to protect your young student. Included with the set are a twin XL mattress zip up encasement, pillowcase and two special laundry bags to keep bugs at bay. They are also designed to help with dustmites, perfect for kids with asthma or allergies.

    So if you are about to send your teen off to the dorms for the first time, and you’ve got bed bugs on the brain, arm yourself with these great tools to bring peace back to your mind.

    Hangadoo Pet Organizer – Product of the Week

    Hangadoo Pets OrganizerDog lovers gather ’round! This week’s featured product is designed to make life with your pooch easier and more enjoyable! The Hangadoo Pets Organizer is a wonderful tool for organizing all of your pet’s stuff. This handy pet organizer hangs over a hook, closet rod and even comes with an over the door so you can grab and go on your way out the back (or front) door. The cute colors and paw print pattern keep the look fun and whimsical. This makes a great storage place for leashes, collars, medicines, treats and more!

    Made in the USA – Homewares for the 4th of July!

    In honor of Independence Day, we have lined up the best storage and organization products made in America just for you! Proving that American-Made counts, these creative manufacturers have been busy finding ways to make homewares better and more affordable by making them here, at home.

    Here are our favorite picks of organizing products Made in the USA!

    Jewelry Rax
    Made in the USA and relatively new on the market, the Jewelry Rax is a true organizing hero. This handy jewelry organizer mounts to the wall and offers easy access to your most frequently used gems. Read more

    Does Your Office Moonlight as a Guestroom? No Problem.

    Brenton DaybedThis week’s featured product helps you achieve the balance between office and guest room elegantly. When setting up a home office, you want it to be sophisticated, fresh, neat, tidy and stylish. So what do you do when your home office doubles as a guest room for out-of-towners? Futons and daybeds offer a simple fix for this dilemma. Instead of placing a whole bed in the office (when it will only be used sporadically), start with a sofa-like sleeper to give you a sitting area during the day, and a sleeping area at night.

    The Brenton Daybed with Trundle fits the bill perfectly. Read more

    Garden on Wheels – Product of the Week

    LGarden Elevated Gardening SystemThis week’s featured product will bring a smile to the face of all gardeners, beginners and pros alike! The LGarden Elevated Gardening System is literally a garden on wheels. This handy cart is great for apartment dwellers on their patios, or for enhancing an already busy garden area outside the home. With a powder coated steel frame and wooden accents to soften the look, this rolling planter looks great and boasts a 500 weight capacity rating (anyone who has ever tried to pick up a large bag of dirt will know why.)

    Here, the top reasons why this handy garden helper shines: Read more

    Finally, a Shoe Rack for Boot Lovers

    Adjustable Boot-Shoe TreeWhy hasn’t anyone thought of this before? We ladies love our boots, and so does this week’s featured product! The Adjustable Boot-Shoe Tree can hold up to 6 pairs of boots, or a combination of boots and shoes (3 pairs of boots plus 12 pairs of shoes). With a customizable design, this shoe and boot rack is the ultimate in versatile apparel organizers, taking you through the fall and winter months with ample space for your tall boots, and then allowing you to swap some of that boot storage out for shoes when the weather heats up and the flats and sandals come out.

    The makers of this shoe rack have thought of everything: Read more

    Bronze Takes the Bathroom by Storm

    Bronze Cameo Bowl BrushOut with the new, in with the old? Bronze, a color we think of as coming from a different, long-ago time, is finding its way into modern bathrooms in the form of accessories and organizers, taking center stage! Chrome is still the number one choice for many bathrooms, followed by brushed stainless steel, but if you are tired of the cool metallic finishes and are looking for something a bit warmer, bronze is your new best friend! This week’s featured product, the Cameo Bowl Brush is part of a collection of bathroom accessories, organizers and cleaning tools, all with a bronze finish.

    You may think bronze is an old fashioned color that will give your home an unwanted antique look, Read more

    Outdoor Storage Cabinets for a Resort at Home

    Montego Bay One Door Multi-Purpose Storage CabinetThis week’s featured product is designed equally with storage and style in mind. The Montego Bay One Door Multi-Purpose Storage Cabinet is a true show-stopper, with a spa-like resort feel! This outdoor cabinet, part of a collection that includes a deck box and a patio bar, is made of beautiful eucalyptus with a rich, warm brown finish. The shutter like door and accent pieces are reminiscent of tropical decor, perfect for the home with a pool or even just a patio in need of storage. This model and stands tall and narrow, a great space-saving design for modern storage needs. Removable shelves on the inside allow for a variety of items, from stacks of beach towels to extra throw pillows, patio furniture cushions or even toys.

    Here are some new and fresh ideas to best utilize this handy patio storage cabinet: Read more

    Wall Mounted Drying Rack – Product of the Week

    Telefix 100 Wall Mount Laundry Drying RackWith the weather warming up, air-drying your laundry takes center stage! This week’s featured product calls on a space efficient design and sturdy construction to make the grade (and better). The Telefix 100 Wall Mount Laundry Drying Rack looks just like a simple, wall hugging towel rack when it is recessed. But with a simple sliding action, it becomes a laundry drying wonder with 26 feet of drying space. Eight bars pull out to hang anything from towels to delicates, linens and more. The materials are durable and rust resistant, ready for use inside or outside the home. As we all know, drip drying laundry helps take a load off the environment, and preserves clothing for longevity. Read more

    Convertible Coffee Table: Product of the Week

    Altra Coffee TableWe’ve all heard of convertible furniture, as in sofa beds and sleeper chairs, but have you ever seen a convertible coffee table? The Altra Extension Coffee Table is both accent table and laptop workstation! Such a great idea for those evenings where you have some work to finish up or personal business to take care of on the computer but are tired of sitting at your desk. This handy table features a center section that lifts up to the perfect height for writing, typing, and can even be used by kids for drawing and playtime. Read more