Fabric Bins in Every Color – Product of the Week

Fabric BinsThese Non Woven Storage Cubes are brand new on the market, and are ready to solve storage problems throughout the home in every room! With colors ranging from neutral canvas to bright green, red and navy blue, these fabric bins can do any organizing job in style. Take a quick look around the living room, office or bedroom, and allow your eyes to settle on the first bit of clutter they come across. Read more

Product of the Week: Over the Door Jewelry Organizer

Over the Door Jewelry OrganizerWell this is the first I’ve seen of its kind! I have seen plenty of wall mounted jewelry armoires, in drawer jewelry dividers, and even come across the occasional closet rod jewelry pocket organizer, but this new Space Saving Over-the-Door Jewelry Armoire is [good] news to me!

As you know, the back of the door is a great place to find storage for a variety of items, from shoes to purses, accessories and more. This Jewelry cabinet is ultra smart because it features a mirror on its front which gives you a convenient place to get ready, and also gives it a finished look to reduce the cluttered look in a room. Read more

Color for the Patio (When the Flowers Aren’t In Bloom)

Outdoor Accent Pillows - Set of 2Is it just me or does it seem like winter will never end? Today is the first day of spring, so even though it is pouring rain outside right now, I refuse to give into this winter nonsense anymore. Time to start planning the garden, patio and other outdoor areas for me so that I’m ready when the clouds break! Adding color to the patio can be as simple as planting annual blossoms in small pots or along a path border. But this early in the season can be risky, with frosts still expected in much of the country. Read more

Food Storage, Stainless Steel Style

Stainless Steel 3 Piece Pop Container SetWhy store your food staples in dull containers when you can add food storage and style to your kitchen at the same time? This week’s featured product gives you the best of both worlds, kicking up your kitchen style a notch or two. The Stainless Steel 3 Piece Pop Container Set offers airtight storage of dried foods like beans, rice, pasta or flour and has a modern look, perfect if you are limited on pantry space and need to keep food out on the counters. The clear plastic containers are BPA, PVC and phthalate free and feature an updated stainless steel lid with a button to seal or open the container. Rounded corners allow for easy pouring without spillage. When space is at a premium in the kitchen, think outside the bag for food storage options. Read more

Going TV Stand(less) – Product of the Week

Tempered Glass DVD Wall ShelfIf you are ready to go completely “Stand-Less”, as in no more TV Stand, this will make your life easier in an instant! Many people are choosing to mount their flat screen televisions on the wall these days. But most of us still use a TV stand for storage and mainly as a place to set the DVD player, stereo and receiver. If you can do without the storage, why not mount a sleek, modern shelf, like this Tempered Glass DVD Wall Shelf to the wall to hold your components and ditch the TV stand? Read more

Indoor/Outdoor Accent Table – Product of the Week

18.5With SIX (!) color choices and a versatile style resume, the 18.5″ Metal spiral Accent Table is this week’s featured product! It’s almost time to dust off that patio and dress it up with color and comfort for warmer seasons to come. This table is a great addition to the patio, garden or inside the home. Use it in the entryway as a catch-all for keys and wallets, in the living room to rest the remote or even next to the bed. The style could certainly be characterized as modern, but it also has a vintage feel that works well in eclectic home styles as well. A powder coated finish ensures long-term use out in the elements, and the wire design makes it a cinch to clean and dust!

Love in Paris Desk – Featured Product of the Week

Love in Paris DeskIn honor of Valentine’s Day, this week’s featured product is all about love, Parisian style. For example, I LOVE these new printed glass top desks. What a fun way to cheer up the home office! The Love in Paris Office Desk features a clear glass top with pink, black and red printed words and figures, complete with the Eiffel tower. This is a great, compact desk that works perfectly with a laptop or flat-screen monitor, or simply as a writing (or homework) space. The clear top and streamlined frame are perfect for tight spaces such as the bedroom or a small corner of the office, unimposing and oozing with style! Oh, L’amour!

Jewelry Rax – Featured Product of the Week (for Accessories-Lovers)

Jewelry RaxThis week’s featured product is the Jewelry Rax by American Innotek Wall Mount Jewelry Organizer. This handy rack gets high grades in design for several reasons: it incorporates both trays and long hanging storage options all in one piece! Usually you find one or the other (but not both): trays for the drawers or dresser top and necklace hangers for the wall, but this unique piece is designed to hold it all. Read more

Holiday Wrap Drivin’ you Nuts?

Gift Wrap OrganizerIf you find yourself at the end of the holidays with more ribbons, bows and tissue than you know what to do with, there are some easy and space-efficient ways to store it away for next season!

    Here are my picks for gift wrap storage systems this year.

  • Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer (shown). This is a new one this year and I just love it. Next to under the bed, hanging closet organizers are my favorite for extra gift wrapping supplies. This one is designed for wrap and accessories, and who doesn’t have a pile of those lying around? What a great idea and it only takes up a few inches in the closet!
  • Which brings me to my favorite wrapping paper storage method: Under the bed. It’s almost like rolls of wrapping paper were designed to slide under the bed. This new Holiday Green Gift Wrap Organizer with Handles is perfect for Christmas wrap or any other occasion!
  • And finally, a Greeting Card Box – such a cool idea. I love to buy funny birthday cards as I see them throughout the year. With this box you can organize them (plus all of your Christmas, Hanukkah and other holiday cards) for year-round use.

  • How do you keep holiday gift wrap under control at your house?

    Tips To Get Your Kitchen Ready For The Holidays

    holiday cookingWith the holidays on the way it’s the perfect time to get your kitchen prepped for all that entertaining. Get a head start and whip that fridge and those cabinets into shape by ensuring storage is organized and everything is easy to find so you don’t have to make any last minute trips to the grocery store.

    Making sure you have everything needed for a big family dinner can be daunting, but by stocking up in advance on the things you can you can means you’ll have less to buy at the grocery store right before the holidays. Read more

    Getting the Guest Room Ready for Holiday Visitors

    sofa bedLet’s face it, most of us do not have a room that is dedicated just to guests. More often than not, our guests are sharing a space with a computer, a treadmill, toys, or some combination of those items.

    During the holidays in particular, guest-stays tend to be longer and you want them to be comfortable, assuming you want them to come back, of course.

    Here are solutions to some common problems that plague the guestroom: Read more

    Give Your Guests The Spa Treatment

    down comforterHave visitors coming to stay this holiday season? Give your guests, and yourself, an excuse to indulge with some decadent items for your home. By choosing items for the guestroom and guest bath that you can enjoy too you’ll get the most for your money and have a happy house guest.

    On crisp fall days getting out of the bath to wrap up in a warm towel is a luxurious bathroom touch. The towel warmer is a convenient and portable way to keep towels toasty. Keep this warmer in your bathroom and then bring it in the guest bath filled with fresh bath linens so visitors can enjoy it too. This warmer is a great way to give any bathroom a spa like feel. Read more

    Lifestyle solutions – Wilshire Bedroom sets – sale ends 10/12/12

    Lifestyle solutions - Wilshire Bedroom sets - sale ends 10/12/12Get a great deal on the Wilshire Bedroom Set from Lifestyle Solutions while supplies last. This collection features a hardwood construction with a luscious 8-step cappuccino finish.

    One of my favorite things about this bedroom collection it is that it is 100% gender-neutral. Ladies and gentlemen happily agree on this set thanks to its clean, modern lines and dark brown espresso-like finish. Dress it up with linens of any kind to match your bedroom decor style!

    Available as a Four Piece Set for $50 off and as a Five Piece Set for $149 off (Queen or Eastern King).
    An easy update for your bedroom before the holidays kick into gear! Sale ends October 12.

    Walker Edison Furniture Up to 15% off thru October 22nd

    Walker Edison Bunk BedsSelect Bunk Beds from Walker Edison are on Sale! (Plus a few other pieces for around the house). Bunk beds are pretty hard to beat when it comes to organizing small bedrooms. And, contrary to popular belief, they are not just for kids rooms. Bunks are also a great choice for the guest room, especially this Metal Futon Bunk Bed which is running $50 off and has a twin bunk on top with a fully functional futon below.

    Another choice is the Full Bunk Bed at $30 off which has a twin on top and full on the bottom, perfect for tweens and teens. Other deals from Walker Edison Furniture include a solid wood TV stand reduced by $30 with a chic, transitional look to match any home decor.

    Outfit your home with new affordable furnishings with these easy deals! Sale ends October 22.

    Oars Up! Holiday Cooking Time is Rapidly Approaching

    fall cookingFall is officially here, and the holidays are just around the corner! Do you have all the tools and gadgets you will need in the kitchen to whip up your favorite meals? Now is a great time to organize those cupboards and take stock of what you have and what you will need. If you keep a detailed list on hand, you can take advantage of those great grocery store sales as they pop up over the next few months.

    Get Your Kitchen in Order Read more

    Torino 68″ Flat Screen TV Stand by Sonax

    With lots of storage space and built in cord management, this Torino 68″ Flat Screen TV Stand by Sonax is perfect for the big game or a cozy movie night! On sale for three days only! $255, through September 30th.

    Are you a fan of Pinterest? See StacksandStacks pins here and share your pinterest page in the comments. We may share your pin next time!

    Fall Furniture Finds

    WB-1609 Washington 68Fall seems to be the time to update your living room, at least that’s what furniture manufacturers seem to think! To prove it, there is an array of living room furniture sales going on throughout the weekend, including these fun modern sofas and seating pieces from Diamond Sofa which are up to 10% off, but only through September 30th!

    If you like a look that is just a touch more classic, check out these deals: Read more

    Cooking in the Dorm – Yes, You Can

    small-appliances-blendersI’ve seen some pretty creative uses for a George Foreman grill, mostly while I lived in the dorms. Cooking for yourself in a dorm is possible, and actually it is a great way to cut down on meal plan costs during that first year of school. Freshman dorms don’t typically come with kitchens. All you are going to have in your room is a sink (if you’re lucky) and some electrical outlets. But add a few small appliances to the mix and you can cook many meals from your home away from home! Before moving in, contact your roommates and see if anyone can bring any of the following items with them.

    Here are some ideas to get you started: Read more

    Dorm Room Cooking 101

    Easy-Grip Silicone/Wood Handle 14Dorm room cooking doesn’t have to mean peanut butter sandwiches and ramen soup for dinner every night. Having just the right kitchen essentials can make it easy to whip up a meal just like mom makes but in the comfort of your own dorm room kitchen.

    No kitchen is complete without a nonstick skillet on hand. Perfect for making a stack of pancakes on the weekend or scrambled eggs before running off to class, a non-stick pan makes it easier to keep food from getting burned and, obviously, stuck, making it a must have dorm accessory. The Stainless 12″ Fry Pan – Nonstick combines the best of both worlds, with a sturdy stainless steel base and durable non-stick coating. Read more

    Waste Cans As Decor – Who Knew?

    Pebblz Wastecan by InterdesignA small dorm room can be a difficult space to add your own personal style to. Since dorm rooms usually come outfitted with beds and desks it takes the right dorm accessories to bring a one of a kind look to the cookie cutter dorm room. With so little space it’s important to add functional items, like desk lamps and bed linens, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring! Use these functional pieces as a way to add a fun color or texture to the room.

    If you’re looking to inject a little fun and color, try the vintage style of the Retrobin. With a foot peddle design this trash can is perfect for keeping trash contained and also has a sleek bullet shape that gives it some style. Read more

    Clip-On Lamps – A Dorm Necessity

    clip on lampsIt might be the start of the semester, but it won’t be long before midterms and late nights studying are here. Having a comfortable and functional workspace is key for cutting down on stress. The right lighting is necessary for keeping tired eyes from getting strained. Whether you have a dorm room with lots of space for a large desk or a compact work area, a clip on desk lamp is a convenient way to add adjustable lighting wherever you decide to study. Read more

    Coffee Makers – A Back To School Money Saver

    Farberware Stainless 2-4 Cup Percolator“I never drink coffee at lunch. I find it keeps me awake for the afternoon” – Ronald Reagan

    Perhaps as the president of the United States, Ronald Reagan was able to find time to take a nice long afternoon nap, but as a returning college student, you know sleeping through Philosophy 322 is just not going to get the job done (or the degree earned!). For many students that are preparing to head back to college for the semester, a piping hot cup of Joe can be the perfect antidote to a monotonous Geology instructor with a penchant for using the scientific name of every mineral. Read more

    Easy, Quick Lighting Ideas

    White+Toucan+Frosted+Glass+Smart+SconceOne of the easiest ways to give any room, inside or out, a makeover is to simply switch up the lighting. Lighting is one of the most important, and often one of the most overlooked, parts of a room’s decorative theme. Thankfully, it is also easy to tackle yourself, and very affordable.

    Here are some easy, quick ways to freshen up the lighting around your home without the help of a contractor. Add one of these projects to your DIY short list for the summer! Read more

    Window Box Planters Tips

    Nantucket Window BoxFor me, nothing says summer like gardening. In the same way that fall would not be the same without raking leaves, summer would not be the same without watering, weeding, deadheading and fertilizing. Not surprisingly, container gardening has surged to new levels in recent years, as many people rediscover the joy of gardening. Gardening in pots and larger containers, like this large raised garden, has many advantages over ground level gardening. One of them is water conservation. Read more

    Important: Keep Hydrated This Summer

    5-Gallon Water Bottle Storage Rack, ChromeMy cousin is an office manager for a team of salt-minors just outside of Barstow, CA. If you know anything about that part of Southern California, it is one of the hottest, unforgiving climates in the country. For a point of reference, it is about 50 miles from Death Valley.

    Summers in Barstow can get up into the 100’s, meaning it is very important for the team of minors to stay hydrated at all times, especially because they are performing hard manual labor. Just a week ago, they had a scare when one of the guys passed out from heat stroke. He ended up being ok, but my cousin wanted to be sure that nothing like this ever happened again. Read more

    Graduation Gifts for Him

    Excalibur Wardrobe Valet - With 3-Outlet 2-Prong Extension CordIn keeping with our graduation gift theme (cuz it’s not too late!), here are some great gift ideas for guys! When a young adult graduates from college, you want to look for a gift that is truly special and, most importantly, useful. Theoretically, your student will be setting up a new life for himself, which may include moving out on his own.

    Here is a list of fun graduation gift ideas for that special guy in your life: Read more

    Old Faves Get a Modern Look

    umbrella standSometimes it seems to me that much of the good stuff has already been invented. I’m not talking technology here, I’m thinking more along the lines of stuff for the home. But many of us prefer a more modern look to our home decor style, so how can we incorporate these old fashioned items into our contemporary decor scheme? If you are a weekend DIY-er, you can certainly update the look of a piece of furniture simply by changing up the color. If you are me, you simply look for already -made fashionable upgrades to some old time favorite home accessories. Read more

    Outdoor Furniture – Pick of the Season

    Garden Leaves Park BenchIf you’ve got the outdoor space, you should definitely consider adding an outdoor bench to your patio furniture collection. Why? Because no other piece of furniture beckons you to come and sit, relax and enjoy a bit of nature like a garden bench does. Maybe it’s because we grew up sitting on benches at parks or at Grandma’s house, I don’t know for sure. All I know is that a garden bench adds charm and functional seating to any outdoor space.

    My pick of this season is the Garden Leaves Park Bench, which features a beautiful cast iron leaf design on its back. Why? Read on… Read more

    Bed Risers, Organizer’s BFF

    Black Bed Risers - Set of 8I think many professional organizers will agree with me that Bed Risers are a wonderful tool for getting the house organized, starting with the bedroom. Whenever a client has run out of room in her closet and is desperate for more storage space, the first place I look is under the bed. And if there isn’t any space down there, she is always relieved to hear that we can create that space in an instant.

    Bed risers come in all shapes and sizes, here are some of my favorite picks and tips on using them: Read more