Plastic Bag Dryer – The Recycler's Kitchen Friend

Plastic Bag DryerEvery time I go to my mom’s house, there is one thing that drives me crazy. No, not her infinite questioning, nor her ability to notice every minute thing that’s changed about me physically… she reuses plastic food bags. Which is not a bad thing, in fact it’s awesome! I too want to do all I can do be eco-conscious, but I haven’t evolved this far yet. In time I will. And it’s not the act of reusing plastic bags that bothers me; it’s what happens every time I go to the sink in her kitchen to wash my hands or rinse an apple. Read more

If You Only Buy One Thing to Make Life Easier…

Jumbo Folding Shopping CartMake it a wire cart! Folding wire carts are not just for little old ladies. They make life easier for everyone, myself included. Most, like this jumbo folding shopping cart, are very sturdy – carefully crafted of metal and designed to last for many years. I promise you will never run out of use for a folding shopping cart in your life.

Here are some tips on what to do with a rolling cart and where to keep it: Read more

It All Makes Sense With Galvanized Utility Bins

Galvanized Utility Bins - Set of 6I live in a house that has a lot of stairs, and it seems like I am constantly finding things that are supposed to be downstairs laying around upstairs, and things that should stay upstairs are always finding their way to the first floor – are you confused yet?

Imagine how confused I was when I discovered a set of measuring spoons, two weeks worth of mail, and seven and half pairs of shoes upstairs, and no less than four blankets and every Lego piece that's been manufactured since 1982 downstairs. Read more

Product of the Week: Luggage Rack to the Rescue

Designer Solid Oak Luggage RackWhen my mother-in-law gave us a Designer Solid Oak Luggage Rack for the guest room, I admit – I thought it was kind of a crazy gift. Even crazier than the ceramic chicken that she'd brought during her last visit.

I thought it was a strange thing to have, because last time I checked we didn't have plans to open up a hotel anytime soon, and I'd only seen luggage racks during business trips. The only time I'd seen a luggage rack ins somebody's house was during reruns of 'Mr. Belvedere'. To tell the truth, it spent it's first six months in our house buried inside the guest room closet. Read more

Tuesday Tip: The Amazing Flat Iron!

flat iron for wrinkles How many times have you been rushing around in the morning to get ready for work, only to find an annoying crease in the front button placket or in the hem of you blouse? No time to pull out the ironing board and heat up the iron? No problem!

Use your flat iron!

If you're like me, you have one hot and ready on the bathroom counter already. Just clamp it down on the wrinkle and smooth it out!

BONUS TIP for sewers & crafters: great for pressing ribbons or a quick hem! Read more

Top 20 Uses For Toothpaste – Who Knew!

toothpaste-usesToothpaste is for more than just cleaning teeth. Its amazing cleaning and polishing powers can help with everything from acne to piano keys! Read on for my top 20 uses for good old toothpaste:

1 – Clean silver and jewelry:
It will shine up the silver and take off tarnish as well. Toothpaste can also be used on copper and gold as well. Be sure to use a soft cloth so that only the gentle abrasive in the toothpaste is at work. Diamonds can also be shined up with a toothbrush and some toothpaste. Rinse them off with cold water and watch them shine. Read more

Eco-Friendly Shopping on the Cheap!

eco-friendly-productsMany of us really want to purchase environmentally sensitive products, but oftentimes they seem to be unattainable, financially speaking. But, if you arm yourself with careful research and a little patience, you will discover that shopping for eco friendly products doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are a few tips on how to do your part for Mother Earth while shopping on a budget:

Renewable Resources: When buying furniture, look for woods that are plantation grown, easily renewable and use little water to grow. Bamboo fits all of these categories, and since it has become so popular and is so fast-growing, it is also often less expensive than hardwoods, or even other eco-friendly woods like teak and eucalyptus. Read more

Kermit Was Wrong – It IS Easy Being Green!

ReduceReuseRecycleWe all want to do our share to help preserve our environment. Some of us just aren’t sure what we can do to help or where to start. Others of us feel that it takes too much time and effort to do anything significant. However, all it takes is a bit of planning and thought and you can recycle and reuse without much effort at all. Before you know it, it will be second nature.

Here’s a great project to help!

Find a sheltered are (garage or carport) to place some plastic boxes or bins. Make sure it’s a convenient location so you will be more likely to use them. Use bins or boxes that can easily be lifted and placed in your car, and that have a clear, visible place for a label. Divide and assign your bins as follows: Read more

15 New Uses for Newspaper

newspaperNewspaper is cheap and abundant and, as it turns out, quite absorbent of both moisture and odors.

Here is a list of some of my favorite uses for your old newspaper:

1. Packing for Storage or a Move- Wrap dishes and delicate knick-knacks with several pieces of newspaper. Wad up some extra pieces to fill and pad any extra space in the box. For extra strength, wet the newspaper before wrapping and let dry thoroughly before packing to create a protective cast! Read more

15 Creative Uses for Wine Corks

wine-corksLiving here in Wine County California, one ends up with a lot of corks. It’s hard to just throw them out when you know there must be a ton of creative uses for them out there. I did a search for creative uses for all these corks and found some great creative ideas!


Napkin rings – Drill a hole in the center, thread pretty ribbon through and tie. Read more

Where Did All These Shoes Come From?!

pile-o-shoesI did not know that a family of five could own so many pairs of shoes! I am always shocked at how many, and how quickly they pile up by the front door. And if you are one of the unfortunate ones (like me) who don’t have an entry way at the front of your home, the shoes wind up spread across half the living room if they aren’t kept in check. But how? With no entry way, I’ve had to get creative with our shoe storage.
Here are a few ideas: Read more

18 Amazing Uses For Baking Soda

baking-sodaWe all know that Baking soda is safe for the environment. But did you know it is also the basis for some of our top leading cleaners? So what makes us spend money on new items that are on the market today? Is it the advertising gimmicks, the idea that something might prove to be better? It is still known and proved that baking soda does everything that needs to be done as far as cleaning, freeing our clothes from odors and keeping our homes smelling fresh and clean.

Try some of these tips and see how great baking soda does the job:


Repurposed Item of the Week: Bill Organizer

114632-bill-organizerThis bill organizer is pretty spiffy on it's own, especially with the little drawer underneath. It has the days of the month numbered across the front so you can place your bills into the slots either on the day they are due or the day you need to mail them.

I found a different purpose for mine, though.

I have a lot of family and friends with birthdays and anniversaries to remember, not to mention Mother's day, etc. Read more

Repurposed Item of the Week: 18 Compartment Box

75074-boxI love these small compartmentalized organizing boxes. They’re not just for crafts!

I have two of these stacked in my top night stand drawer for my jewelry – top one for earrings, bottom one for necklaces. I took the lid off of the bottom one so I can access the contents without lifting it out of the drawer. They work great! I can always find what I need and they never get lost or tangled.

What else would you use these for?