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Clutter Hacks

The best ideas, products, and tips on clearing clutter from your life from our experts and our readers.

Great Deals for the Garden from Griffith Creek

By Michaela Strathman

With Spring just around the corner, do you have that urge to get out in the garden like I do? We have gathered some great promotional items (and promotional prices!) from Griffith Creek to get you started on the path towards a healthy, productive and organized garden this year. Sale lasts thru May 31st.

Raised Garden Bed
With a planting depth of 15", this Raised Garden Bed is perfect for growing flowers and plants, but also vegetables. The elevated design means no bending over and allows for storage underneath, a great choice for apartment patios and small backyards. Includes a coconut fiber insert, as shown. $175 with free shipping.*
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Garage Ceiling Storage - Organizer's Best Friend

By Michaela Strathman

Telescoping Ceiling StorageWe all have our go-to tricks when it comes to finding extra storage space in the home. Maybe it is as simple as looking at the back of your door, or under the bed. Well it just so happens that one of my favorites also tends be one of the most overlooked. Maybe it is because it is because of its location: the garage.

Closets and shoes are fun to organize, as are bathrooms. Those areas bring instant gratification when organizing the home. But the garage? Not so much. We don't hang out in the garage, and we certainly don't expect it to be a place of calm organization. So why the focus on this boring, dingy space?
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President's Day Plans…Get Organized!

By Michaela Strathman

With a three-day weekend upon us, and the weather being unsuitable for outdoor play anyway, why not use this extra time to do a quick organizing job on those few hot spots around the house? Here is a list of the biggest clutter-complaint-filled areas of the home and some quick-fix organizing products to put to work for you this weekend!

Complaint: Entryway and Coat Closet Clutter.
Hi Lo Five Hook Coat Rack
Solution: An over the Door Hook Rack or Pocket Organizer, like the Hi Lo Five Hook Coat Rack, which staggers hooks high and low for space efficiency. Great for jackets, backpacks, purses and dog leashes. Also a big helper in the kids room.
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Jewelry Storage (In Honor of Valentine's Day)

By Michaela Strathman

With February, the month of love, in full swing, now is the time to take stock of your gems and your jewelry storage system (or lack thereof). We've taken some of the guesswork out of the process for you, with promotional (lowest!) pricing on the most popular Jewelry Armoires and boxes by Nathan Direct:

Hudson Jewelry Tower
The Hudson Jewelry Tower ($38.99 with free shipping*) is the number one choice for the vanity in the bedroom or bathroom. It boasts a mirror on one side and hanging necklace hooks on the other, with pink felt lined compartments on the interior.
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The Dreaded Space Behind the Door… And What to Do with it.

By Michaela Strathman

Just when we thought we had every available space in the house expertly utilized, the makers of the Heidi Shelf go and prove us wrong! This patented, unique shelving system by Foremost makes use of what may be the last wasted space in the home: Behind the door. As you might have already noticed, the space behind any door is tapered when the door is open, making it impossible to fit any substantial shelf back there. But the Heidi Behind the Door Shelving System solves this problem by using a tapered design itself (down to 2.5" deep at the corner), allowing it to fit seamlessly behind a door whether it is open or closed. Available in several colors and a junior size for the kids room!

Heidi Behind the Door Shelving System in Black:
Heidi Behind the Door Shelving System
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Two Valentine's Sales…Just In Time

By Michaela Strathman

If you want to shop online for Valentine's gifts, start now to avoid costly last minute shipping fees! We've got just the deals for you with these great promotions:

Red Vanilla Glassware: Elegant Glass Sets for both gals and guys! Starting at $35.49 with free shipping.*

Set of 6 Samba Martini / Dessert Glasses
Go modern with drinks, and classic for sweets! Set of 6 Samba Martini / Dessert Glasses - $38.99 with free shipping.
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Valentine's Gifts for Everyone!

By Michaela Strathman

Whether you are shopping for your hubby, daughter or mother, we've got you covered with a comprehensive list of Valentine's Day Gifts that includes something for everyone:

For your Wife or Girlfriend:
Granada 5 Drawer Jewelry Armoire
The Granada 5 Drawer Jewelry Armoire is just one of many beautiful jewelry armoires for the home. Find them available in every style imaginable to match your home decor!
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Floor Mirrors with Hidden Storage…Small Space Fix!

By Michaela Strathman

If you live in a small space or simply need more storage in a room, a full size floor mirror (with storage built-in, that is), just might save the day! Proman has a great line of these sneaky, storage-packed mirrors and right now, all of them are on sale! The styles range from classic to transitional which covers almost any home, and each has a unique storage method to suit a variety of needs.

Simply Modern Mirror Shelf
For the entryway: The Simply Modern Mirror Shelf is well suited to the entry of the home because it has both shelves and coat hooks hidden behind the full length mirror, which is great itself for a quick glance before you head out the door in the morning.
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High Function in the Home Office ON SALE!

By Michaela Strathman

Get your Office in Tip Top Shape for maximum efficiency with our Studio Designs Home Office Sale - Best pricing ever for the New Year!

Catalina Craft Table
The Catalina Craft Table makes a great laptop desk, with a center panel that lifts for painting, tracing and light-work. $122 with free shipping*
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What to do with all that Wrap?

By Michaela Strathman

This is the time of year when wrapping paper feels a little more like a nuisance and a little less like the symbol of joy it should represent. Whether your wrapping paper storage needs are great or small, we've got you covered with more than a handful of specially designed gift-wrap organizers.

Underbed Storage Container
In the Garage: A plastic storage box, like this Underbed Storage Container by Iris, is the way to go - offering moisture protection for year-round storage.
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Happy New Year!

By Michaela Strathman

Here's to a Happy, Well-Organized 2014!

Packing Up the Party

By Michaela Strathman

Plate ProtectorWith Thanksgiving and Christmas behind us, and New Year's Eve just a day away, it's time to think about packing up the party. Here are our best tools and tips on storage for all of your party gear:

Keep Linens Wrinkle-Free (and ready to go for your next get-together): For tablecloths that you will be bringing out again at Easter and those summer soirees, mount a tension shower curtain rod at the back of the pantry to hang tablecloths from, thus avoiding wrinkle-issues.
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Stock Up on Christmas Storage with Honey Can Do!

By Michaela Strathman

Our first sales event was so successful, we've decided to do it again! Find our lowest pricing of the year on all Honey Can Do products. From holiday storage to everyday household organizers, we've go you covered!

Large Adjustable Ornament Storage
Holiday storage is a no brainer with the space-saving, sturdy Large Adjustable Ornament Storage box!
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Holiday Storage Gear…All in One Place

By Michaela Strathman

Holiday Lights Storage Reels and BagBe prepared for the putting-away of the holidays with our great selection of holiday storage gear! We have everything from ornament boxes to zip up artificial tree bags and an easy roll up Holiday Lights Storage Reels and Bag (shown).

Happy Holidays!

By Michaela Strathman


Get Your Party Gear Ready!

By Michaela Strathman

Table Top Wine HolderMaybe you are hosting tonight's Christmas Eve shindig, or maybe you are hosting the big day tomorrow at your house! Whatever your current hosting plan is, here are some last minute tips to keep you on track and stressing less.

Things you (or your family) can do now to get ready for the party:

  • Get your Playlist Ready
  • Set the Table
  • Set up the Bar and Uncork Wine
  • Wipe Down the Bathrooms and Replace Toilet Paper and Towels

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    Last Minute Gifts from the Heart (and the printer)

    By Michaela Strathman

    Puerto Azul Jigsaw FrameLooking for a last minute gift that doesn't require shipping? Print one out right at home with these easy, go-to gift giving ideas:

  • Date Night: Give your spouse a "gift certificate" for a night out without the kids!
  • Babysitting Voucher: For those hardworking parents you know, a voucher for a few hours of babysitting is likely the best gift you can give them this season.
  • Donation: For that person that already seems to have everything, a donation to a cause they care about is a great way to go.
  • Photo Gifts: Many photo-gifts can be ordered online and picked up at your nearest store, it's not too late! Even an unexpected photo in a frame will work!
  • House Cleaning Service: Who wouldn't love to be treated to a housecleaning service in the new year?

  • It's never too late to find great last-minute gifts!

    Shown: Puerto Azul Jigsaw Frame

    Christmas Dinner Meal Shortcuts

    By Michaela Strathman

    Vintage Flatware SetEnjoy more time with family and keep things simple on Christmas with these meal shortcuts and tips from our kitchens:

  • Go with the casserole: A large casserole dish can feed 9-12 people with a main course. This can include everything from enchiladas and lasagne to your great Aunt's famous chicken recipe.
  • Salads as sides: Not only is salad healthier than, say, mashed potatoes, it's much easier to make, leaving your hands free for fun. To really save yourself some time, purchase a pre-made bagged salad that comes complete with toppings and dressing.
  • No Bake Zone:
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  • Guestroom Cozy Zone

    By Michaela Strathman

    Do you have relatives flying in this weekend? Make theirs the coziest zone in the house with these guestroom items:

    Kalorik Stainless Steel Jug Kettle
    Plug in the Kalorik Stainless Steel Jug Kettle and you have hot water for tea in a matter of minutes. Best of all, the kettle automatically shuts off once the water is heated for safety. Easy, cord-free pouring.
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    3-Day Express Shipping Gifts

    By Michaela Strathman

    Thursday, December 19th is the last day for 3-Day Express shipping! Here are some great items eligible to ship quickly to your home*:

    Clipa Instant Handbag Hanger
    The Clipa Instant Handbag Hanger makes a great gift for moms, grandma's or stocking stuffers!
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    Something for the Hostess…

    By Michaela Strathman

    128805.jpgWith all of the parties you are attending this time of year, it's important to stock up on great hostess gifts! We all know how much work it takes to host a party, so show your hostess some love with one of these fantastic ideas:

    Good Scents:
    -A beautiful, eco-friendly candle makes a wonderful present for any hostess.
    -Aromatherapy oil warmers, like the one shown here, keep her house smelling heavenly year-round.
    -A nice bottle of lotion or bath oil for those stressful evenings.

    Feast your Eyes
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    Cleaning Tips, Shortcuts and Tools for Christmas

    By Michaela Strathman

    reg-1352936067-200692.jpgWhether you are hosting friends and family at Christmas or not, it's a great time to do a quick refresh on your spring or fall cleaning so that the house is sparkly for the big day and the new year! And with just one week away, it's time to pare down the list to what is necessary and what works fast.

    Here are some important tips, shortcuts and our favorite tools for cleaning the house before Christmas.


  • Write out all of the cleaning jobs you can think of onto small sticky notes
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  • Unique Gifts for the Guy's Guy

    By Michaela Strathman

    Whether you are shopping for Dad, hubby, brother or a work buddy, we've got a great selection of unique but useful gifts for the man in your life!

    Kooler Klub Golfer's Drink Dispenser and Cooler
    Bring comfort out on the course with you with the Kooler Klub Golfer's Drink Dispenser and Cooler! This fun faux golf club holds 48 ounces of hot or cold beverages, ready for action anytime!
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    Best Selling Gifts for the Kids!

    By Michaela Strathman

    We've got something for every kid of every age in our kids store! Here are some of our top sellers to get you started:

    Princess Rocking Horse
    Giddy up with the Princess Rocking Horse! This beautifully designed rocker features elegant, soft pinks and whites, so sweet for the nursery!
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    Reclaim Christmas (with Recycled Gifts, that is)

    By Michaela Strathman

    Shopping for an eco-conscious pal this year? We've got you covered with six great gifts below, each made from reclaimed or recycled materials. If you don't see what you're looking for here, check out our enviro-friendly products shop!*

    Steam Punk Barrel Mirror
    Add spunk to any wall with the Steam Punk Barrel Mirror. This beautiful piece of art is made from reclaimed steel drums with a pop of acid blue to highlight your style! $219 with free shipping
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    Holiday Party Must-Haves

    By Michaela Strathman

    Planning a shindig sometime this month? Now is the time to stock up on the best party gear, and we're not just talking paper plates here. We have selected five timeless pieces that enhance any party whether your guests gather in the kitchen, living room or dining area!

    Dig in!

    3-Bowl Bamboo Entertaining Set
    The 3-Bowl Bamboo Entertaining Set allows you to get creative with dips, sauces and their "vehicles" (bread, crackers, pita, etc). Set up a mini sandwich bar on this cutting board with mustard, mayonnaise and oil/vinegar in the bowls, and a selection of deli meats and tiny slices of artisan breads on the board itself so guests can play with flavors.
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    Bring Sanity to the Video Game Room

    By Michaela Strathman

    Whether your "Game Room" is a room all of its own, or simply a time slot in your family room, there are many ways to bring sanity and civility back to that space. It all starts with a game center, which works to keep games and equipment neat and tidy. Video game organizers make great gifts for kids and teens (while benefiting the grown-ups in the house at the same time).

    Read on for our best picks to help you take back your family room!

    Centipede Game Storage and TV Stand
    If you are lucky enough to have a space just for gaming, you will need a place to put the TV (or monitor) as well! Choose from a wall mounted TV contraption or an all in one Centipede Game Storage and TV Stand like this - perfect for the corner of the basement or the kids room.
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    Christmas Birdhouse Sale!

    By Michaela Strathman

    Christmas Cottage BirdfeederThese adorable Christmassy birdhouses and feeders from Home Bazaar make wonderful gifts for friends and family! Starting at $39.99 with free shipping! On Sale thru Monday, 12/9.

    China and Dinnerware Care

    By Michaela Strathman

    reg-1252550867-17853.jpgBreak out the China, the Holidays are here! And while you have it out give it a swipe with the Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for China and Crystal (shown). In addition to that, this is a great time of year to assess what you need in terms of China storage. Right now, our entire China Storage line is on sale!

    Wall Mount Desks for the Small Home Office

    By Michaela Strathman

    Evo Wall Mount DeskLet's face it: Most of us don't have an entire room in our home to devote just to a home office. In fact, many of us would settle for a desk tucked into the corner of the bedroom just to get a quiet workspace. If this sounds familiar to you, then a wall-mount desk just might be the right tool for your office-at-home. These handy, space efficient desks come in a variety of sizes and with varying accessories so you can choose the amount of storage that suits your needs. From the Evo Wall Mount Desk (shown) to the almost full size Designer Floating Desk, there is something for everyone.

    The former features a slim, modern design that includes shelves for printers and even an iPad mount.
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