The Make Room

room plannerI don’t know if I was a decorator or an architect in a past lifetime, but I have an irresistible urge to plan spaces. I cannot walk into a room, even if it’s already furnished, without rearranging the furniture in my mind. This can be a distracting and cumbersome characteristic, but it comes in handy when I really do need to plan a space. Moving, for instance. Every time I move, I try to plan out where everything is going to go ahead of time. It’s partially to save myself the hassle later and partially because I just can’t help myself! Read more

Fifty Ways To Leave Your Clutter: Part One

Fifty Ways To Leave Your Clutter: Part OneTime to date myself here – Do you remember the 1975 Paul Simon hit, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover? Well, Rita has come up with a clever de-clutter version: Fifty Ways To Leave Your Clutter!

Here are the first 10 – Check back in the weeks ahead for more!

~~ Take Time To Decide, Clyde ~~
The first step in leaving your clutter, before you even touch one things, is:
1. Decide where you’re stuff is going to, whether you want to donate it or sell it; how and where you will do that. Read more

Qhick Tip: Getting Ready For Christmas

Holiday Card KeeperWhen I wanted to write about Christmas this week, I wondered if it was too early.Then I saw two Christmas posts on a couple of my favorite “intentional living” blogs and I felt like I was in good company.  So… onwards and upwards.

When you think about Christmas, what are the aspects that overwhelm you and stress you out?

For me, it’s not knowing what’s happening.

I’m a girl who loves a plan and I like to know who’s hosting the lunch and what I have to bring.

I also like to have clear in my mind what we’re doing about gifts and cards. Read more

College Entrepreneurs Develop Hip, New Organizer

AccessiblesThis week, I was contacted by a very inspiring group of college students from Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering in Massachusetts who have developed Accessibles, a hip, new way to organize notebooks and planners.

Rui Wang, one of the students in this group of budding entrepreneurs, explained that, “We noticed that lots of people store their thoughts chronologically and subsequently made etched-metal monthly tabs to let you control how you organize…” Read more

Creative Cable Clutter Solution

Don’t you hate cable clutter!?! Not only is it unsightly, it’s also dangerous! Well, I think it can be – after all, haven’t you ever accidently started vacuuming up cables while you’re cleaning around your desk or entertainment center? I have, and it’s pretty startling! Luckily, the folks at have come up with a solution: use a simple towel rack to control cable clutter!

They even made a video about it! Check it out:

Pretty nifty, right? It’s also a great way to use an old towel rack that you have in your home after upgrading your kitchen or bathroom. (Pssst – and if you need that as an excuse to do a mini makeover of your bathroom or kitchen, don’t worry – I won’t tell!)

Clutter From Another Mother

rik-rak-sister KarenHere’s a post from my friend Karen over at – enjoy!

Oh yes, you know what I’m talking about. All that stuff that has been “passed down” by family. This is a Rik Rak Sister’s worst nightmare! Not only does it add to your pile of stuff, for which you need to find storage, but there are unspoken rules and strings that come attached to these items. One misstep could result in being banished from the family gift exchange. So what is the protocol for dispensing with these unwelcomed items? Read more

Making Travel a Little Sweeter – Suite Arrival

toiletriesI was so inspired by the post a couple of a weeks ago Ten Tips for Packing Light, I couldn’t help but start thinking about more ways to make traveling a little easier.

My biggest issue when I travel is toiletries! I have very sensitive skin, and that coupled with my contact lens necessities means I have an assortment of bottles and jars I simply HAVE to bring with me when I’m traveling. Read more

15 Creative Uses for Wine Corks

wine-corksLiving here in Wine County California, one ends up with a lot of corks. It’s hard to just throw them out when you know there must be a ton of creative uses for them out there. I did a search for creative uses for all these corks and found some great creative ideas!


Napkin rings – Drill a hole in the center, thread pretty ribbon through and tie. Read more