Are You Smarter Than Sophie?


Attention all Post-it Note junkies —

3M is sponsoring a contest called Sophie Smarts, which tests your Post-it IQ for a chance to win one of the prizes pictured here: Pop-up Notes in a Desk Grip Dispenser, Flag Highlighter, or a Note Holder Book.

Here’s the scoop, according to Sophie: “Sophie Smarts is a great way to test your knowledge about Post-it® brand products. There are 7 questions to answer before you can claim that you are as smart as Sophie…you need to answer ALL 7 questions correctly. If you get even one question wrong, you will have to start over. Answer the questions then spin for a chance to win…” Read more


What’s Under Your desk?


wiresHere’s a contest for anyone with major cord clutter under their desks. Looks like fun AND a good cause!

For those dedicated to wiping out clutter, GREEN PLUG’S Photo Sweepstakes offers a chance to be green – and get green:

WHAT: Spring cleaning comes just in time for Green Plug’s “What’s Under Your Desk?” sweepstakes, where you can post photos of power cord chaos for fun, a little profit and a cleaner, greener planet. Read more


And the Winner is…


congratulations1st place: Cubby Storage Bench goes to Holly for the picture of her kitchen sink – very witty!

2nd place: Stainless Steel Wine Rack goes to Marn with the wooden eye.

3rd place: Bath Shelf with Mirror and Trays goes to Haze for the mouthfuls of goose grain.

4th place: Blue Pebble Bath Mat goes to Lori for the little bag of dried mushrooms.

Thanks to all of you for entering our “What’s in your purse?” contest! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments every day. I’ll be contacting the winners by email.

Stay tuned for our next contest!


What’s in Your Purse? Contest Closes Friday!



Sorry – contest closed

I’ve been reading a lot of posts on purse organization lately. I guess the subject is on all our minds around this time of year since our hands spend so much time in there fishing out our wallets.

Brings to mind a silly game that my friend Jenn and I would play when we got bored (or strangely inspired). It’s the “Who’s Got the Weirdest Thing in Her Purse” game. Since she commuted an hour to work and had to bring half her house with her for the day, she usually won. Read more