Style Spotlight: A Classic Home Office

If modern decor is not your thing and you find transitional style uninspiring in the office, add a few classic pieces to your home office for a new look with an old fashioned vibe. Here are some great picks for adding a classic look to your home office:

The Candlestick Phone
The Candlestick Phone has a traditional look but offers modern conveniences like touch dialing, redial and ringer volume options. A truly fun way to style the office. Read more

Finishing Touches for the Garden and Patio

Although school starts in just days for many, there is still plenty of time left this summer to enjoy your personal outdoor space. This is the time of year to put those finishing touches on your garden, deck or patio. Here we’ve gathered some of best of this season’s outdoor decor and functional patio elements to give your outdoor space a finished look.

Stainless Steel Cube Planter
This Stainless Steel Cube Planter is the ultimate in modern, durable garden pots. Sleek and contemporary with a square shape, this planter brings a fresh look to the garden or patio. Read more

Back to College Gift Guide – Something for Everyone!

Whether your student is off to the dorms for the first time or back to the community college for a sophomore year, a back to college gift is a great way to spur motivation and help out with the tools he or she needs to succeed!

Here are some gift ideas for college students of any age with several price points in mind to keep everyone covered:

Under $60:
High Voltage Laptop Bag
The High Voltage Laptop Bag is one of many trendy, fun and functional laptop bags with a modern messenger bag look. Find leather models, classic felt and canvas options to suit any taste. Read more

Patio Blues… Ocean-Inspired Outdoor Furnishings

Fridays in the summer are all about preparing for a weekend of fun outdoors! In that same spirit, this Friday we are having fun with outdoor decor finds for the patio and garden, each designed with comfort and a commitment to summer-blues in mind.

Here you will find an array of seaside colors to add a cheerful, calming influence to your outdoor space:

Ravella Stripe Rug Denim
The Ravella Stripe Rug Denim reflects the darker range of ocean colors: true blues, browns, and sandy tans. A wonderful way to provide comfort under the feet and define a sitting area out on the patio or deck. Easy care and UV-stabilized. Read more

Patriotic Home Decor Finds – In the Unlikeliest of Places…

We’ve all seen our share of patriotic placemats, quilts and even dishes. But if you are looking to add a touch of patriotism to your home in a new way, check out these fun Patriotic Home Decor Finds that take their posts in the un-likeliest of places. Flag-decor not your thing? You’ll still get a kick out of looking at these bright, bold home accents and their far-out locations (laundry room, anyone?).

Patriotic Present Coir Doormat
The Patriotic Present Coir Doormat is full of fun and function but is subtle in its presentation with a navy blue background, stars and two stripes tied into a bow! A perfect alternative to (or addition to) flying a flag for independence day! Read more

Made in the USA – Homewares for the 4th of July!

In honor of Independence Day, we have lined up the best storage and organization products made in America just for you! Proving that American-Made counts, these creative manufacturers have been busy finding ways to make homewares better and more affordable by making them here, at home.

Here are our favorite picks of organizing products Made in the USA!

Jewelry Rax
Made in the USA and relatively new on the market, the Jewelry Rax is a true organizing hero. This handy jewelry organizer mounts to the wall and offers easy access to your most frequently used gems. Read more

Not Your Grandma’s Picnic Basket – Modern Picnic Gear for Summer Fun

With health front and center in our minds lately, many of us are discovering the benefits of simply getting outside! And nothing says outside fun in the summer like a picnic. Luckily, this happy change in pace for people has coincided with an upgrade in picnic gear that makes outdoor eating easier for all!

Here are our picks for the best in Picnic Gear:

Mesh Pop-up Food Covers
Flies be gone! These Mesh Pop-up Food Covers are simple to use and fold down, taking up almost no space in your picnic basket. Plus, they allow you to sit back and relax without worrying about swatting those bugs away! Read more

Outdoor Accents: Five Under $50

While the first official day of summer is still two days away, I think most of us have already dipped our toes into the waters of this favorite of seasons! Whether you have just dusted off your patio furniture cushions or have already started getting your annuals into the ground, you are probably ready for a little outdoor decor fun, just as I am.

Here are five great Outdoor Accents, all under 50 dollars…Enjoy!

Set of 2 Rectangle Outdoor Pillows
This Set of 2 Rectangle Outdoor Pillows adds fun style or a punch of color to your patio furniture, depending on your mood! Read more

Fun with Outdoor Lighting

Let the summer entertaining season begin! With Memorial Day behind us, we are taking stock of all that we have and all that we are lacking for the many months of outdoor parties to come. Outdoor lighting sets the mood for a great celebration (or everyday relaxation) and keeps it going well into the night. Here are some great finds in outdoor lighting to kick off the season:

Solar Classy Caps-Fencepost Cap Lights
Light up your fence posts in the front and backyard with Solar Classy Caps-Fencepost Cap Lights. They are easy to use and solar powered, perfect for warm, sunny summer months! Read more

Graduation Gifts get a Modern Twist

Whether you are attending a high school or college graduation ceremony, the same old standard graduation gifts still apply in today’s world. Just be sure to check out these finds to make sure your gift is still relevant in the modern world:

Ladies Computer Handbag
Briefcases are still a great gift for grads, just make sure it is designed to safely transport a laptop, which is an essential part of any student or professional’s world. This one has a feminine design and looks just like a handbag! Read more

Friday Fun with Beach Decor

It’s almost beach season! Whether you live on the coast or in the middle of the country, adding a touch of the beach to your home design can be fun and refreshing. As always when changing up your home decor, start small and work your way up to a fully redecorated room.

Here are some great beachy-decor finds for every area of the home:

Coast Hook Single
What a beautiful alternative to a traditional towel hook! These Coast Hooks are made of natural sea stones which are then replaced for sustainability. Use them in the bathroom, kitchen or entryway to hang coats, towels and more. Read more

Get more “Zen” out of your Garden Decor

Whether you are are a student of meditation or simply like an Asian-inspired space to relax, there are ways to make any outdoor living space more “Zen”. You don’t have to say “om” or even incorporate Buddha into your design. Simple swaps for items you already have in the yard can be made for a more calming, spa-like feel.

Here are the Best in Asian-style Garden Accents for the Home:

Set of 3 Rock Cairns
Rock Cairns guide your way through the garden with peace and ease. Purchase or make your own! Read more

What’s New in Lighting Your Home (for under $100)

It really can’t be said too often that changing up the lighting in your room’s decor is one of the easiest ways to get a new, refreshing look. Fortunately, next to a good dose of new paint on the walls, it is also one of the most affordable.

Here’s what’s new in lighting, with each piece ringing in under $100* to keep you on budget:

Fedora Ceiling Pendant
Pendant Lights offer a unique opportunity to drop light down (literally), highlighting a particular area such as a kitchen island or dining room table. The Fedora Ceiling Pendant has great color too, and features a soft glowing red when lit from within.
Read more

Crown Molding: Drama Queen

Crown MoldingIf you’ve already painted the interior of your home and are looking for an additional upgrade that you can do yourself (or maybe you are just a DIY-junkie like me), crown molding is your next step. It is truly the icing on the cake when you are designing or redecorating a room, and is pretty simple if you have even mediocre sawing skills. (Fair Warning: You will mess up a few pieces at first so buy a little extra!) Read more

Chocolate Decor

Happy Valentine’s Day! What better way to celebrate this day blog-style than with a little Chocolate…Chocolate Decor, that is. Including browns in your home decorating is as easy as 1,2,3. Simply mix up textures and intensities and add the occasional pop of color to wake things up!

Art Glass One Light Brown Striped Pendant
A beautiful chocolate glass pendant light – perfect in the kitchen, dining room or bathroom! Read more

Winter Cozy Corner

winterAfter a brief tease of spring-like temps, it’s back to winter here. So what to do when you are stuck inside even though the sun may be shining outside? Why, get cozy, of course!

Here is your get-cozy list for this winter:

Throws – Nothing says winter cozy like a throw blanket or two. Keep stacks of them next to the sofa, or rolled up in a basket in the corner of the living room for on-the-spot warmth and comfort.

Excessive Amounts of Pillows – To fall back into a heap of pillows on your bed or sofa is coziness at its wintery best! Read more

Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts

There are still 8 business days until Valentine’s Day, plenty of time to pick up last minute gifts for your loves! We’ve got you covered with Valentine’s Day gift ideas here, something for everyone! Two-day shipping is available on most of these items if you are really crunched for time.

Universal Charging Tray by Richards Homewares
For him…Or her! This charging tray takes your mess of wires and electronics and transforms it into something more pleasing to the eye – perfect for the desk, dresser or kitchen counter.
Read more

Super (Organize Sports Equipment) Sunday

Sports OrganizerIn the spirit of the Superbowl, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight this Smart Organizer System for Sports! If you have kids or are into sports yourself, all of that sporting equipment is probably driving you bananas on some level. I like this sports organizer because it is wall mounted and includes a ball net, easy for everyone to use and it keeps equipment off the floor!

Weekend DIYer Project – Hide Pet Claw Damage

kittyEvery day at around 11 o’clock, I find my cat hanging from the outside of our dutch door with her cute little head poking up over the glass, begging to come in. [See photo of offender, left]. Cute, yes. But the claw prints she leaves behind? Not so much. Here is a great tutorial from the Family Handyman on how to repair those pet claw marks on a hardwood door. And yes, I did wake her up to take this picture, hence the cat-itude look on her face.

Happy DIY weekend, folks!

Easy Kids Duvet Tutorial

Pink Flower Girls Duvet DIY
I don’t know what it is with me and sheets this week. But I recorded this tutorial to share an easy sewing project, something I’ve been doing ever since my kids were out of cribs. The thing is, we don’t use top sheets in our house. We use comforter covers (duvets) instead, because they are easy to wash and eliminate the uncomfortable twisting and tangling that I feel top sheets create. So when I buy a twin sheet set for the kids, instead of wasting the top sheet, I use it to create a duvet with the help of an old sheet that I have lying around (see girly pink bedding set above), and then I have a perfect match for the included fitted sheet and pillowcase I’ve just purchased! It’s very simple to do, even for beginning sewers, and very forgiving (since it’s going to have a bulky comforter inside of it, you’ll never notice wobbly seams or cuts). And the great thing is that it can hold a twin (sometimes full but measure first!) size comforter inside. And the whole project takes me less than 2 hours from start to finish! Read more