What to Get for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is not like any other gift-giving holiday (Christmas, Birthday, etc.) – it’s a holiday all about love. Not just romantic love for your spouse or significant other, but for your mom, your dad, your siblings, your children, your best friend. So when you’re giving a Valentine gift, you want to really pamper someone, not just give them something they need – give them something they want. Here are my Valentine’s Day gift suggestions for everyone in your life.

Driving Range Leather Caddy
Show your man you genuinely take an interest in his favorite hobby (even if that’s a stretch for you); it will make him feel understood and appreciated which equates to love. If he’s a golfer, treat him to something extra special like this Leather Driving Range Caddy. Read more

Decorate Your Winter Blues Away!

winterThis time of year can be a bummer for some of us. The holidays are over, but it’s not quite spring yet, so where does that leave us? We have our eyes on the prize – warmer weather, sunny days, outdoor activities – but the weather is not ready to permit such activities. I understand the winter blues. If you too suffer from them, then I suggest you go with the flow and focus your energy on indoor decorating. Read more

Standing Workstation – DIY-style

standing workstation

I know, it looks silly, but don’t laugh at me just yet! I’ve taken enough grief from co-workers over the years, anyway. But I prefer to stand up a few hours of my work day while on the computer.
It may sound odd to some, but it’s actually very comfortable, and not an unheard-of practice in the working world. I like to switch back to sitting after a while, though, as it’s not good for the back to stand absolutely still for prolonged periods either. My solution is a workstation that can go both ways. As you can see in the picture, I use a file box, stepping stool and photo boxes to achieve the right height for monitor, keyboard and mouse. It takes me about 15 seconds to switch from one to the other. The benefits of standing while working are better alertness, reduced strain on the back and neck, and even enhanced functioning of the lymphatic system (really, look it up!) It also has completely eliminated that 3 o’clock dip in energy for me. If you use a notebook computer, this system is also easy to achieve with a height-adjustable laptop stand (this one goes up to 39″).

Happy typing, worker bees!

Style Spotlight: A Punch of Color

We all get tired of seeing the same old decorating styles in our homes at some point. But instead of going for a whole re-design or room makeover, sometimes all a room needs is a little punch of color to liven things up! Here are five easy ways to add a little drama to your decor:

60's Mid Century Rocking Chair by Control Brand
I love the green and the retro look of this chair. It’s also a great choice for smaller rooms and areas in the home. Read more

DIY Backsplash – Stencil those Boring Tiles!

tileMore weekend DIY madness for me! White, boring tiles got you down? This looks so easy I will have to try it. You could do it anywhere in the house where you want to add a little style-pizzazz. For me that is the master bathroom. It is literally floor to ceiling beige tiles from the 80’s’. Since I have no plans to re-tile the bathroom anytime soon, I think I will try this simple project from the DIY network. Plus it will give me a reason to scrub down those tiles for once.

What are you working on right now at home?

Resolve to Get Organized…

OrganizedOne room at a time. (Or maybe just one room total this year?) Whatever small steps you can take to get organized at home, on the go and at work will do wonders for relieving stress in your life all-around. I always say the turn of the year is a great time to get organized, and not just because you are “starting new” or fresh.

    Here I offer further justification as to why winter is a great time to organize the home:

1. The weather outside is lame. This is the time of year where we often find ourselves stuck indoors much of the time. Why not use some of that cooped-up time to accomplish something useful, like tackling that mess of a hall closet once and for all! Read more