Christmas Decorations, Old and New… from Tag

This year, have fun with your Christmas decorations by quietly mixing old pieces in with new. People always ask me “Is your Christmas decor more traditional or more modern?” To that, I say “Both!” Incorporating classics like the Magical Christmas Beverage Server and more modern pieces like the Woodland Reindeer (both shown below) gives your home a cozy feel with a new edge and room to grow every year.

To make it easy, these new collections from Tag offer both classic and contemporary pieces, an easy way to set up your holiday decor scheme with little effort.

Snowflakes 3-Tier Glass Stand
Serve up cookies or savory appetizers on the beautiful Snowflakes 3-Tier Glass Stand. Classic snowflakes and colored backgrounds show through the glass plates for an elegant buffet. Read more

Fall Fun with Stacks on Pinterest

Autumn Mist Wall Decor by Yosemite Home DecorThe unofficial holiday season, although at the end of the year, always seems to inspire all things new and fresh. It’s the time of year when you find yourself saying “Oh, I’d better get on that!” over and over again. And we all know that there’s nothing quite like spending some time to gather new ideas, recipes and inspirations. Pinterest is a great holding tank for all of the things that you want to try. If you are in the mood for fall like we are, check out our Stacks pinterest boards, all of which we have organized and reshuffled, bringing the most seasonally relevant boards to the top: Fall Colors, Fall Decorating, Getting Cozy for Fall and Fall Cooking. It’s a great place to start when forming your own boards as we have already collected some of the season’s best offerings for you!

Image: Autumn Mist Wall Decor by Yosemite Home Decor

How to Revamp the Bedroom for Winter

Guest Post by Tiffany Faming

Winter is a great time to revamp your bedroom.
Traditionally in the winter you want to go with darker colors and heavier fabrics as opposed to the lighter designs you would use in the summer. Pick out your favorite color or pick a favorite painting and plan your entire room from there. You may want to paint, but you can get by without painting if your room has a neutral color base. As you plan out your room, it helps to have an overall design in mind or at least a basic color you want to go with. Some people will go with traditional deep reds or greens, but a dark purple or grey can also make great colors for your bedroom in the winter.

Purple Bedroom
Image courtesy of MAZZALIARMADI.IT via Flickr (CC by 2.0) Read more

Affordable, Fun Lighting for Every Room!

An easy way to give any room a new look is by switching up the lighting scheme. Lamps are well known in the designing world for their ability to breathe new life into a space, so demand for different looks in lighting has been on the rise for some time. Thankfully, lighting designers are stepping up to the challenge with multiple releases every year of the newest and best in lighting.

Here are our favorite picks that don’t break the budget this fall:

Simple Designs Glass Diamond Shaped Table Lamp
Elegant with a hint of retro style, the Simple Designs Glass Diamond Shaped Table Lamp is available in six different colors ranging from White to Aqua, allowing you to choose between a pop of color and a simple splash of style. Read more

We’re Ready for Fall… Are You?

Fall ColorsStacks and Stacks is ready for fall living, with great guides and ideas for everything from decorating with fall-colors to winterizing the home, or simply getting cozy.

Here’s What We Love About Fall:

Cider – Whether you make it yourself or buy it from the store, nothing says autumn like a nice hot mug of cider with a cinnamon stick stirrer, (and the occasional splash of brandy for the grownups.) Read more

In the Mood for Fall Decor?

It is fall, not January, that marks the beginning of a new year for many of us. Often it is this time of year that we are inspired to do something new in our homes, whether it be to start an organizing project we have been putting off or simply freshen up our decor.

Here are five beautiful fall-inspired home accents to give any room an updated look:

Trio Collection Rug
The Trio Collection Rug is a crowd favorite collection, thanks its affordable and high quality attitude. The Full Leaf Design Trio Collection Rug features creams, beiges and rusty reds to mimic autumn’s natural hues. Read more

Up your Decor Game in the Game Room

With football season officially underway and youth soccer in full swing, my house has that feeling of a sports bar mixed with a locker room (somewhat exciting and at the same time unfortunate). In other words, we’ve got sports coming out of our ears! If you’re not particularly interested in football (or baseball, or hockey, or basketball…) like me, that is all the more reason to create a sanctuary for your sports-loving family members. Call it a man-cave if you want, but I prefer to think of it as the “sports zone” of the house. Here are some fun ways to decorate and even include a bar with no plumbing required.

Football Helmet Neon Sculpture
Nothin’ says sports bar like a Football Helmet Neon Sculpture! This fun, bright decor piece is available in favorite team colors. Read more

Decorate Your Home with our Labor Day Furniture Deals!

There are great deals to be found this weekend, especially if you’re shopping for home furnishings. Whether you’ve been looking for that special piece to complete a look in your living room or are ready for a complete room makeover, we’ve got something for you!

Bento Club Chair
Perfect for the retro or modern styled home, the Bento Club Chair is comfortable and chic. Use it in the living room, study or even as a reading chair in the bedroom. Read more